Adam Beach

Adam Beach: Biography, Family, Movies, Net Worth, Spouse & Facts

We’ve seen how Marlon Brando refused to take the Oscar because there was a negligible representation of Native American people in Hollywood. Proper inclusivity of different cultures in a melting pot like the US & Canada is yet to happen. Actors like Adam Beach belong to a minority community but deserve and believe that every growing kid has to get fair opportunities. He worked for decades in film and television and tried his best to make space for other Indian artists.

From this article, we will learn about what an incredible personality Adam Beach has and everything he does to be an ideal.

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Who is Adam Beach?

Adam Reuben Beach also known as Adam Beach(Born on 11 November 1972) is an actor, an outspoken advocate, and a motivational speaker. He is one of the best actors in the Saulteaux nation. Adam and his brothers were raised in the Dog Creek Reserve near Manitoba until their parents died when Adam is just 8 years old. His parents are Sally and Dennis Beach. His childhood was observed by tragedy.  

However, in 1990, he made his small debut in the TV movie “Lost in the Barrens”. At the American film festival, Adam Beach won the best actor award for his drama “Dance Me Outside” in 1994. Being a well-known American actor he gains a huge of fan followers. Similarly, he is also a good motivational speaker and an unrestrained advocate too. ei point ta intro er pore add korte hobe r adam beach er pic dite hoeb.


Name –  Adam Ruebin Beach

Born –  November 11, 1972 (age 48)

Nationality –  Canadian

Birthplace –  Ashern, Manitoba, Canada

Occupation –  Actor, producer, political activist

Years active –  1990-present

Spouse –  Meredith Porter (1999-2000)

Tara Mason (2003-2007)

Summer Tiger (m. 2015)

Children –  Noah, Luke, Phoenix

Parents –  Dennis Beach

Sally Beach

Relatives –  Chris Beach

Height –  5′ 11½” (1.82 m)

Age –  48

Ethnicity – multiracial

Eye color –  dark brown


Adam Beach is a Saulteaux Indian, was born in Ashern, Manitoba in Canada. He is of the Anishinabe tribe and known to have certain Icelandic roots through his great-grandmother. Adam spent his early life with his two younger brothers and his parents in Dog Creek First Nation Reserve at Lake Manitoba.

Adam lost his parents at a young age which affected him for life with abandonment issues. His mother Sally Beach was pregnant when she got killed in an accident by a drunk driver. Eight weeks later Dennis Beach also found dead in a drowning incident.

After living with his grandmother for a while, adam beach and his brothers moved to live with their paternal relatives: Chris and Agnes Beach in Winnipeg. Adam supposedly is very close to his uncle and calls him ‘dad’.


Adam Beach went to Gordon Bell High School to attend theatre classes. He began performing in various roles in local theatre. Eventually, he dropped out of school to be a full-time lead at Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

A career in Films:

Adam debuted in an independent film called Smoke Signals which was co-produced and directed by Chris Eyre, it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2001 he starred in the hit film Joe Dirt for the character of Kickin’ Wing who’s a native American fireworks salesman. After this, in 2002 he was casting in the film Windtalker. It was about two Navajo codetalkers working with the US Marine during World War II. Beach spend six months learning the Navajo language to make his character more believable.

Flags of Our Fathers directed by Clint Eastwood released in 2006 where he played the role of Ira Hayes. While filming this movie Beach’s grandmother and his best friend died.

Beach did a film called Windtalkers, a war genre film directed and produced by John Woo which grossed more than $77.6 million.

As for recommendations, Adam Beach movies consist of Squanto: A warriors tale, Hostiles ( character of Black Hawk ), Johnny Tootall, The Art of Woo so on & forth.

A career in Television:

At the young age of 18, Adam Beach got a small role in the miniseries Lost in the Barrens based on a Farley Mcgill Mowat. Adam Beach whilst performing in films also appeared in numerous small-scale tv series. Such as in JAG, Third Watch, The Dead Zone as a native shaman, etc.

In the ninth season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Chester Lake, Beach appeared as a guest. In 2009 he was seen in a small role on the HBO series Big Love. Beach had to return to Canada as he was hired to act in Arctic Air, a tv series that was released in 2012.

Adam Beach acted in a lot of tv series which comprises Skinwalkers: The Navajo Mysteries, Big Love, Comanche Moon, The Rez, etc.

Adam Beach Net Worth:

After acting for decades in films as well as television, Adam Beach net worth is approximately $2 Million dollars. Beach earned most of his wealth from the 97 films and television shows he appeared in.

Adam Beach’s Relationship:

After Adam’s parents passed away, he developed abandonment issues which reflected on his romantic relationships. Adam married Meredith Porter in 1999 and had two sons (Noah and Luke). They filed for divorce around 2002 but are co-parenting wonderfully.

Secondly, Adam Beach spouse Tara and he did not have any children together as this only lasted for three years.

Adam has been dating Summer Tiger for eight years and they finally got married in 2015. Adam and summer has a daughter together called Phoenix and are all living happily.

Unknown Facts:

  • Adam Beach is a member of the Ojibwa Nation (Canadian First Nations).
  • Received an award for acting at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January of 2007.
  • Adam was reported for buying a house in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada to close with his sons.
  • Adam being a political activist spends a lot of time all over North America in advocating equal rights for Native Americans with First Nation Youth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the three things that make Adam Beach happy?

– Acting brings him immense happiness and in a way completes his life. In an interview, Beach says that his children Luke, Noah, and Phoenix give him joy like no other.

Q. A movie that makes Adam Beach cry?

– ‘Bridges of Madison County’ & ‘Running on Empty’ makes him emotional as River Phoenix’s incredible acting blows his mind.

Q. What is the hometown of Adam Beach?

– Adam Beach was born in Ashern, Manitoba in Canada. Adam with his brother shifted to Winnipeg to his paternal uncles’ house.

Q. Who is Adam Beach’s current girlfriend?

Adam Beach after his divorce with Tara Mason was dating Summer Tiger for eight years. He got married to Summer Tiger in 2015.

Q. Is Adam Beach a native American?

– Yes, Adam Beach is a Native American. Adam is a Saulteaux Indian from Manitoba, Canada.

Q. Where does Adam Beach live?

– Adam Beach lives in Kemptville which is a small town located in the municipality of Greenville in Eastern Ontario in Canada.

Q. Famous quote of actor Adam Beach?

– Adam has always been known for being a spokesperson of his culture. Amongst all his quotes, this stands out the most “ I feel I will always have that spirit bear with me, so I will always feel protected.”

Q. Is Adam Beach an orphan?

-Technically he is an orphan as his parents passed away at the ripe age of 8. Although Adam and his brothers were raised healthily in their paternal uncle’s house.