How Online TV Streaming Sites are Killing TV

We are living in the modern era where internet is taking over everything and replacing them for better. One of these things is our Traditional Cable TV that is being replaced by Online streaming sites. According to (Stats dalo)
Day by day more and more peoples are quitting TV and going online to stream their favorite TV shows and movies.
According to Statista during the survey(in the USA alone), 54 percent of respondents aged 18-29 stated that they use streaming more than traditional TV.
These numbers are pretty big and there is no sign nearby that they are going decrease in near future. So the threat for cable TV is increasing day by day, but the point is why is that happening?
Maybe because peoples are more attracted towards online services or maybe online services offer better. Many peoples around me are guessing like same, but today I will show you the exact reason why Tv is falling behind the Online Streaming Services such an Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Traditional Cable TV:

Traditional cable Tv is around with us for a while now, invented by John Logie Baird, it has marked a revolution in the field of entertainment. It has replaced the books and became the main source of indoor entertainment in the 19th century.
However, these days these TVs are becoming limited and limited as very few peoples are using them, they have become a monitor for Video Gaming and watching Movies.
But why is it so?

Lack of Freedom:

Users are bound to sit in one place and watch the whole show for hours as hours on TV, this is both boring and unhealthy as you can’t even take breaks when you need one.
Who has that much time in our generation to sit in one place for hours and hours?
Not only this but also can’t decide when you want to pause the show or even can’t skip something, you have to be on time to not to miss the episode, which no one knows when will repeat. All these things make traditional cable TVs outdated and less efficient to use.


We never decide what we want to watch or when we want to watch in cable TVs, we have to wait for them to show us Shows or Movies, we have to wait for them give us an ad break, we have to be on time or else we will miss the show.
By what means is this a fair deal? We should be the one who controls what we want to watch when we want that how too.


As I have told these TVs to have less content as compare to Online streaming services. You have to pay more if you want more channels which then again show things according to themselves.
While these are pretty much major drawbacks, however, Traditional Cable TVs have their own set of advantages too, such as:


While Internet sometimes betrays us and become unstable that results in lack of quality in streaming, this is not the case with cable TVs as they always remain as they are even when the internet is not working.


Yes, here come the more dramatic one but true in its own self, traditional TVs allow us more time to spend with our loved ones. Remember sitting for hours in a room watching all together while watching your favorite show with family and friends?

Online Streaming Services:

Here come the modern day cable TV that is more efficient, affordable, easy to use and much more. These services really stands out from the crowd and provide their customers with features no one thought will ever come.
What are these features?


As we have talked earlier we don’t have a physical freedom in cable TVs but with online streaming services, we can stream on our Mobiles and Laptops that can be brought with us almost anywhere. You can enjoy your favorite show or movie while traveling, or in the mountains, hah! that feeling of watching Game of Thrones in mountains…


You decide what to watch and when to watch here on these services, you don’t have to wait for them to telecast your favorite episode neither you are gonna miss it as it’s available there every time.
These services serve the episodes on their servers and so they can be accessed anytime, one thing that is really insane is that you decide when to stop the video and when to start again, in short, you take your own breaks accordingly.


The content library is really huge in these online services, apart from the TV shows and movies they even have their own original shows that add little more fun in all of this.
With an increase in web series, the content on these online streaming services is rising more and more every day.
It’s all look great and it is actually but still we have found few drawbacks of online streaming services, they really don’t matter a lot but still, we are going to consider them:

Unstable (Sometimes):

Sometimes when your internet betrays you, these services go on the side of the internet. While not a big case but if you lice in an area where internet is not suitable, online streaming services won’t be your choice as they required a stable connection.


While everything seems to be good on the side of online streaming services they sometimes take away the qulity time we spend with our loved ones while watching TVs, the freedom these services gives us costs us those time that are really valuable for some of us.

So we have seen both of these things clearly and now we know why Online streaming services are taking over the Cable TVs.

I too recommend switching to online services as they offer a lot more flexibility, but also there are some serious problems there too, one of that problem is the Piracy, we often get attracted to pirated sites that look good on surface but actually are not, According to Everything Tuner, these pirated services are neither safe nor legit. So avoid using them.

In the end, all I will say is that the change is the only constant thing and we should accept it…
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