María Grever

María Grever: Know About the First Female Mexican Composer

Maria Grever, the name always shrank in our minds. She was the first female Mexican composer who not only got international awards but also is an inspiration for today’s youth. In her career, she composed more than 800 songs that captured the hearts of people throughout the world. She was also a kind-hearted person who also organized an association for blind people in 1942.

In today’s generation, women are as successful as men in every field. Even there are many women who have more success compared to men. And when it comes to the music industry there are lots of women’s names coming out. But in the twentieth century in the music industry, a lot of talented women were not getting that much popularity. Maria Grever is one of them and was the first female Mexican composer as well as a singer. She also got too many international acclamations for her career. However, “what a difference a day makes” was one of her popular songs. 

In this article, we will discuss the best Mexican composer Maria Grever and her lifestyle, career, and her success.

Who is Maria Grever?

Maria Grever was the first female Mexican music composer and singer who was born on 14th September in 1885 in Guanajuato. The famous composer received much international recognition and acclaim for her extremely ordinary works. And those works went on for being covered by some of the hit musicians of that time.

Everyone knows what a difference a day makes, one of the most popular María Grever Songs which is translated from the original song Cuando vuelva a tu lado. The song which is sung by Dinah Washington also won the Grammy in the year of 1959. Maria was not the one-hit-wonder as her many musical successes exhibited.

Maria Grever’s early life:

Real name of Maria Grever is María Joaquina de la Portilla Torres who was born on 14th September in 1885 in Guanajuato. Her father, Francisco de la Portilla is Spanish and Julia Torres, her mother is Mexican. For the primary 6 years of existence, Maria lived in Mexico City, transferring to her father’s biological city, Sevilla, during the time of 1891. She deliberately tunes in France, by Claude Debussy plus Franz Lenhard amongst her teachers.

However, In 1900 Maria Grever returned to Mexico and endured her musical research next to her aunt’s college school. Then In 1907, 22-year-vintage de Los Angeles Portilla wedded Leo A. Grever, who was a famous American oil corporation executive, plus in 1916 have become a U.S. citizen plus moved to NY City, in which she lived for the relaxation of her existence

Personal life:

22 years old Maria Grever wedded Leo A. Grever, a famous American oil corporation executive. Then she moved to NY City and was established herself within the region for the relaxation of her existence. In 1916 Maria Grever became a United States citizen. As a result, America became her 2nd home. She had two children and they are Charles Grever and Carmen Livingston. There isn’t much info about Grever’s youngsters. But they’re the working example of the terrific legacy she left.

María Grever Songs and career:

Living in NY, Grever endured composing, as well as started out running for Paramount movies and twentieth Century Fox, writing heritage tunes for the film. However, it became Grever’s fascinating different works combining conventional people’s rhythms, bolero, and tango patterns that endeared Maria’s to audiences now no longer most effective within the US however additionally across Europe and world Latin America.

Maria Grever wrote more than 800 songs and became rumored to have an ideal pitch. Grever has become famous within the tune enterprise due to hearing lots of songs. Within her life span, she wrote more than one thousand songs and lots of them have been boleros. They are a style of songs so as to originate commencing the location of Japanese Cuba. After that, this fashion of tune became well-known via the means of Grever. 

Maria Grever’s songs detained the hearts of humans residing in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. The target market who listened to Maria Grever making a song became mesmerized by the means of her ideal pitch. As well, she wrote a maximum of her songs in a single unmarried key. Maria composed this while she became simply 4. This suggests her melodious genius. However, she composed full-fledged music while she became 18. The name of the music became “A Una Ola” which means “To a Wave. This music bought 3 million copies.

Compose music for US famous productions:

In 1920, Maria Grever started to compose music for famous production houses such as 20th Century Fox studios and Paramount pictures. After that, she joined the famous ASCAP in 1935. Also, some of Maria Grever‘s songs were collaborated by Irving Caesar and Stanley Adams. 

“Júrame ” was her 1st international hit song. The meaning of the song is promising me. However, it was habanera bolero executed by José Mojica. Her other hit music is “Volveré” which means “I Will Return, “Cuando vuelva a tu lado” which means” When I Return to Your Side,” Te Quiero dijiste” which means you said I love you, and more. Grever also wrote songs for many films such as Bathing Beauty in 1944.

Maria’s thoughts: 

When Grever became at the peak of her profession she communicated that she needed to go away from her birthplace. Furthermore, I settled in NY. She stated that she favored American songs inclusive of Jazz and Modern Rhythms. But she mainly longed to symbolize Mexican songs within the US. She desired the American humans to recognize approximately the cultural wealth of Mexican songs. It has a combination of indigenous and Hispanic origins.

As a result, it became Grever’s desire to expose the song of Mexico beginning the actual attitude because the American’s did now no longer recognize a lot about it at the specific time. But Maria Grever stands for Mexican songs in a manner that appealed to a regularly occurring audience. It is the pleasantness that distinguishes her from the opposite singers.

Know for:

Maria also known for her international hits and Júrame is one of the Maria Grever songs which means promise or love. Her other hits were habanera-bolero, Volveré, Te quiero, Cuando vuelva a tu lado Alma Mía, Todo Mi Ser, Chamaca Mía, Despedida, Así , Un Beso, Una Rosa, Dame Tu Amor, Mi Secreto, Eso Es Mentira, Qué Dirías de Mi, Tú y Tú, Tú, Para Qué Recordar, and Tipitipitin.

Success and posthumous tributes:

Maria Grever was also known for her many posthumous tributes as she got massive success such as:

  • In 1953 Latin American celebrity and argentine actress-singer Libertad Lamarque portrayed Maria in the song Cuando me vaya which is a biopic directed by the famous director Tito Davison. 
  • Maria Grever also got the Grammy in 1959. 
  • Alfredo Kraus, the operatic tenor, recorded the song “Júrame” on the album “Siboney.”
  • Google celebrated Maria with the Google Doodle to honor Maria’s talent and great life on 11th February in 2021.
  • Ailyn Perez, operatic soprano achieved “Júrame” live in favor of WFMT in Chicago in 2018.

The unexpected death of María Grever:

After an extended eye ailment and sickness, Maria Grever misplaced her existence in 1951 in NY. She wanted to move to Mexico City or her birthplace. Thus it became carried out in line with her desire. The extraordinary talented lady passed away at the age of 66 years.

Other interesting facts:

  • Maria Grever is the 1st lady music composer who became successful in her music career in the United States.
  • After Maria’s death, she got the name “Woman of the Americas” 
  • Grever hosted the occasion for the Spanish American Association on behalf of the Blind people in NY City in 1942.
  • Maria Grever songs are obtainable in NY exhibitions
  • There are many singers such as Frank Sinatra who popularized Maria’s song throughout the world.


Maria Grever is a lady composer who confirmed the sector that ladies also can ruin obstacles within the musical industry. This is the reason why many composers and singers nowadays recollect her seeing their inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Who is Maria Grever?

Ans: Maria was a very talented music composer and singer of the twenty century. 

Q. Why is she famous?

Ans: Maria Grever was the first female Mexican music composer who wrote more than 800 songs and received many international awards.

Q. What happened to Grever?

Ans: In 1951 Grever died after a prolonged illness.

Q. How many songs did Grever write?

Ans: Grever wrote more than 800 songs in her career.

Q. Who was Maria’s husband?

Ans: Leo A. Grever was the husband of Maria.