Funcl W1 earbuds

Are the Funcl W1 Earbuds Beneficial?

A common mantra “money is everything”. Yes, it is right as each struggle too much to earn money for living and other necessary expenses. Therefore it is widespread though, and it is also essential to research a particular product before investing money in it.

It is perfect to know that the product you are going to purchase will value your money or not. If one didn’t do it, then maybe It will waste money. Thus, a little effort will help you to invest your precious money in the right place.

Headphones are one of those accessories which become a basic need for everyone. It is a universal truth that people are demanding more and more comfort. Therefore the audio industries have discovered true wireless headphones to enjoy an entire hand-free experience for operating smartphones.

Today, we are going to discuss actual wireless Funcl W1 earbuds.  The well known Funcl manufacturer has launched two models in this series, W1 and A1. Just after 8 hours of starting these earbuds have succeeded to take place in the Indiegogo market. It is such a significant achievement; therefore, wireless headphones have become very popular in the last few months.

People who want to purchase it are doing a lot of research about it to know if the product is beneficial or not. If you are here for th purpose, then we assure you that your research is going to be completed after reading this entire article. To know whether the product will value your money or not, you will have to do a study on its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the significant benefits of Funcl W1 earbuds?

  1. Easy to carry case:

The charging case of Funcl W1 is made of durable plastic, and the size is tiny. The unique vinyl weighs very less. Hence the vinyl weighs less, but it doesn’t mean it can break easily. Now talk about the advantages of a small charging case. It is tough to find electric power everywhere, especially when you are travelling. Therefore the charging case will help you to charge your earbuds anywhere and anytime. It is because it weighs low and small in size. Thus one can quickly put it in their pocket.

  1. True hands-free experience:

If you are spending a particular amount for owning a truly wireless headphone and even then you have to put out your Smartphone to manage calls and music, then you have wasted your money. The Funcl W1 earbuds are capable of providing a right hands-free environment. It is because both earbuds have touch buttons to answer or reject calls and to manage music. iThe left earbud allows you to control music and the right one for handling requests. Apart from this, one can easily access Google voice assistant and Amazon Alexa through speaking in ints mice.

  1. Water-resistant:

This part is the major one because many people are addicted to listening to music while gaming. Apart from this if you have received a call while gaming or driving, and then it is very irritating to pause your activity and answer the call. Therefore water-resistant wireless headphones only can help you. The Funcl W1 wireless headphones are certified with IPX5 water-resistant test. Consequently, you don’t worry about too much sweat; you can continue gyming and easily manage phone calls or music.

  1. Sound quality higher than expected:

If we talk about the sound quality of it, then the level is beyond your expectation. It can provide stereo bass sounds while listening to music. Not only for listening to music, because as we said earlier, but people are also demanding more and more comfort. You are getting interrupted while having a conversation through expensive wireless headphones because of external noise. Then your headphones are not worth valuing your money. If we talk about W1, then it can cancel 90% of external noise while talking on a phone call. One can read more about its sound quality at Funcl W1 reviews.

  1. Battery life:

The most common field for judging a wireless headphone is battery back-up. As per the company claim, the battery of W1 can last for 5 to 6 hours. As per the user’s reviews, it lasted for a minimum of 5 hours of continuous listening to music. The standby time is 18 hours of Funcl W1 earbuds.  It is really huge and quite impressive. One can carry the small case with themselves always to charge earbuds whenever it gets dead.

  1. Affordable price:

The last but important one is its purchasing cost. After reading the advantages, you will get surprised that you can own it by only spending $19 (2075/- Indian rupees). One cannot even imagine that they can find these superb features at this much cheapest cost. Therefore we can consider the price tag as the significant advantages of this actual wireless earbuds.


  1. High-end sound quality:

Hence the sound quality is beyond its price but still if one desire for High-end APX sound then they have to invest more money for the A1 model. It is because Funcl W1 earbuds didn’t support high-end sound quality.

  1. Easy to pair:

Sometimes, users can find difficulty pairing it with their smartphones. Therefore the manufacturer is going to launch Funcl App for easy pairing. Through its official app, the paring task will become more convenient.


The Smartphone industries and its associates are continuing to develop advanced features and techniques to make their use more comfortable. If you desire for a wireless headphone which can perform neatly and can provide you with a right hands-free atmosphere than Funcl W1 earbuds are the best choice. The water-resistant, impressive battery life and average sound quality are enough to make a wireless headphone as the best option at this much affordable cost. The shipping is starting on IndieGoGo, and also the other E-stores have begun selling this true wireless earbud. So, visit these platforms to invest your money at the absolute right place.