Reviews of New Wireless Earbuds Funcl!

The smartphone industries and their associates are keeping launching their latest products in the market. All their latest inventions are better than their previous one. It is because, with each new invention, they are adding more advanced features and techniques.

Now coming to the actual point for which this article belongs. Using the 3.5mm wired cable of earphones is an old trend. Now, the world is demanding more than that.  Therefore the associate industries of smartphones are keeping launching wireless earbuds. There are many options available in the market for wireless Funcl W1 review.

Some of them have succeeded in satisfying their user, and some failed. But still, the research is continuing for the best one. When it comes to purchasing the best pair of wireless earbuds, then the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is that they have to spend a lot of money to own the superior earbuds.

But what if you will get the best one at an affordable price? Yes, the well known Funcl brand has introduced its latest wireless earbuds recently. The base thought of the Funcl industry to launch these earbuds is to avail a superior product at a cheap cost. Therefore they have set the price by almost 50% less than other similar products. The affordability is not enough to consider a product as the best one; it also depends on its quality. Therefore we are going to share Funcl W1 review.


Now, when you unbox the set of best wireless earbuds, you will get the below-listed contents.

One pair of Funcl W1 earbuds

  1. Two different sized Silicone ear tips
  2. One Charging case
  3. One Micro USB cable
  4. user manual guide

Just after unboxing, you will get surprised by watching the superior build quality of the contents. You will surely think that the build quality is best as compared with its price and other similar products.  The charging case is made of smooth plastic, and it is small and glossy, which is easy to keep in your pocket.  You can open it quickly, and the magnet holder will help to pack it again immediately.

There is a Micro USB port available to charge it at the bottom part of the case and an indicator light to alert for full charging or out of battery. Now time to open the case. Just after you opened it, you will see its waterproofing IPX5 rating, which ensures you do not worry about the sweat while gyming.

Now take out the earbuds and place them in your ears. You will get that the earbuds have placed firmly and didn’t require adjusting it again and again. The best thing is that you do not have to worry about falling because the ear tips can fit in your ears perfectly.

Now, let’s talk about something about earbuds. You will get a touch button on each piece to control the music and to answer or reject the calls. There is also a charging pin on the inner side, which will connect with the case to charge it. The unboxing Funcl W1 review is over and now moves forward to its connectivity and more features.

  1. Connectivity:

The connectivity process is similar to other similar wireless earbuds. You have to turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and have to press and hold the pairing button of it. Now the Bluetooth menu will show the name of the earbuds on screen. Now pair it from the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone. Apart from this, Funcl is developing its App to make the connectivity process more feasible.

Now step forward to controlling the process. You can play or pause the music by tapping the touch button of the right earbud. Tap twice for forwarding and Triple tap for backward. To answer or reject calls, tap on the touch button of the left earbud. See how simple it is to control it. Now the Funcl W1 review for connection and managing is finished and move forward to sound quality.

  1. Sound quality:

When you have played a song after connecting the earbuds pair, you will get more than your expectations. The stereo and power bass sound quality will make you a happy listener. Well, the W1 didn’t support the high-end aptX codec sound, but still, the performance is superb. If you want the High-end sound quality, then you can purchase Funcl W1 earbuds, which support aptX codec.

Now make a call and have a conversation through W1 earbuds. You will get surprised that the external noises are not disturbing you while you have a phone call. It is because it can cancel 90% of external noises. It is the best thing that everyone wants. Funcl W1 Review for sound quality can prove it as the best earbuds ever at this much affordable price.

  1. Battery:

The Funcl W1 manufacturer has claimed 18 hours of standby time with fully charged and 4 to 5 hours battery life for listening to music continues. But when we made a cross-check, then the battery lasted a bit less than the company’s claimed battery life. The Funcl W1 earbuds pair can run for more than 3 hours when you will use it continuously on a high volume level. Therefore it is better to keep an eye on the battery alerts.

Once the battery gets drained, you will have to put it back in the case to charge it again for later use.


As per the Funcl W1 wireless headphones reviews, the superior build quality, 3 hours battery life, 18 hours standby time, superb sound quality, and its other contents are worth purchasing by spending only $29 (2075 rupees). You will not have to worry about sweat or rain after seeing the waterproof resistant ratings of it.  If the Funcl W1 review is not enough to force you to own it, then we have other information which will surely ensure you about its extraordinary qualities. Only within 8 hours of launching the well-known Indiegogo platform had started selling it because of its superior features and conditions. Indiegogo has also begun to worldwide shipping for this amazing Funcl W1 earbuds.  So, now do not think anymore, go to the E-stores, and crack the best deal. All the e-stores have started selling Funcl W1 earbuds.