Funcl W1 wireless headphones

Full Specification of Funcl W1 Wireless Headphones!

As technology is developing, people will not accept old or out of air trendy specifications as a new product. It is because a new product or technology needs to be more advanced than the previous one.

The well known Smartphone associate Funcl has launched two new products in the series of true wireless headphones recently. This series has gained popularity in very less time because of its advanced features and specifications. The best thing about Funcl W1 wireless headphones is that it is efficient to provide absolute hands-free comfort at a very affordable price.

The reason behind its popularity is finding more than their expectations. They can’t even imagine that any manufacturer can provide this much superb features at just $19. You will also get surprised after getting the full specifications of this new actual wireless earbuds. If you are also finding the best option as your wireless headphones, then keep reading this article. Hope your research journey will get its destination.

A brief look at Funcl W1 wireless headphones specifications!

  1. Hi-Fi stereo bass sound:

The new Funcl W1 is featured with the latest Bluetooth version and advanced components to provide Hi-Fi stereo sound. One can feel an environment like discos or pubs through its rich, dynamic bass sounds. The actual wireless earbuds are capable of balancing baritone and provide a crisp, clear treble sound.

  1. Noise cancellation:

The all-new W1 earbuds are capable of canceling 90% of the external noise. So, one can have a comfortable conversation while driving their motorbike or wandering at busy markets.

  1. Advanced touch control:

The smart touch buttons of both earbuds require a light tap for managing calls and music. A single light tap on the right earbud will allow you to play or pause music. Tap twice to forward the song and three taps for backward. To answer or reject a call, tap on the left earbud. Apart from this, one can also activate the source device’s smart assistant by double-tapping on the left one.

  1. Different sized ear tips:

One can get three separate sized ear tips with a new purchase. These three separate sized ear tips of amazing Funcl W1 earbuds are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit in your ears and no worry to fall even during the active lifestyle activities. Apart from this, the ear tips are made of soft silicon fabric to reduce irritation in your ears.

  1. Bluetooth 5.0 version:

The new product of the Funcl audio industry is featured with the latest version of Bluetooth, which is Bluetooth 5.0. This latest version of Bluetooth will provide its user lag-free connection and range pair up to 10 mts distance. Therefore it becomes very feasible to listen to music or attend calls without any interruption.

  1. Water-resistant:

The Funcl W1 wireless headphones are absolutely water and sweatproof. One can check the waterproof rating on its charging case. It can be an excellent get for gym-goers because of its IPX5 water-resistant ratings. The funcl wireless earbuds are the only best option for such active tasks like yoga, jogging, hiking, gyming, and traveling, etc.

  1. Convenient to pair:

The one-step pairing is the most demanding feature. The user will have to pair it with their Smartphone once. After that, whenever they turn it on, it automatically gets paired with a source device. It will automatically disconnect after putting it back into the charging case. Thus the user can connect it by just one step.

  1. 18 hours playtime with mic:

The battery life is quite impressive as If you have to answer or reject calls, then you can use Funcl W1 for a minimum of 18 hours without any interruption of dead battery alerts. Apart from this, it can last for a minimum of 5 hours when you will listen to music continuously.

  1. Classy look:

Apple earbuds inspire the right wireless earbuds design. If we talk about looks, then it is capable of improving even your personality. Not only the earbuds but is even the charging case also made of shiny and reliable plastic. The look of it is enough to make you think that you have invested your money in the right place.

The above-discussed features and specifications are the best Funcl W1 review. Now step forward to give answers to some common questions related to it.

FAQ section:

  1. Is it compatible with Apple smartphones?

As it connects with Bluetooth, therefore it is compatible with all devices which are supporting Bluetooth whether it is Android, IOS, or laptops.

  1. Can I receive phone calls with both earbuds?

Absolutely yes, both earbuds are capable of receiving voice during a call. If you are using a single earbud, then tap on the touch button to answer or reject calls. If you are using both at the same time, then tap on the left earbud for this.

  1. In which conditions the Funcl W1 wireless headphones will lose connection?

As we said earlier, it is featured with the Bluetooth 5.0 version which is capable of staying connected even against the wall. But when the distance of source device and earbuds get more than 10 to 15 meters, it might be a loose connection.

  1. How long will the charging case take to get fully charged?

You will have to charge the case for at least 70 minutes to get fully charged.

  1. How long will the earbuds take to get fully charged with its charging case?

It will take around 50 minutes to get fully charged in its charging case.

Bottom lines!

Here are the full specifications of fabulous funcl W1 wireless headphones. We are sure that you also get surprised like the other readers that you will get these superb features at a much cheaper cost. One can get more details about this headphone series at the FCC official website. If you have decided to own one after reading this article, then it is highly recommended to purchase it from a reputed E-store.