What is The Best Free Word Processing Software? Online or offline?

There are many word processing software tools online and offline to provide ultimate word processing experience and features to the users.


Word processing software is a tool that can be used to create almost any kind of text document you can think of; even the novice computer users can enjoy the word processing software to create e-books, postcards, tables, charts, graphs and academic documents with unmatched quality. It is essential for people to get familiarized with the basics of word processing to survive in the technological world. Let us discuss some of the fantastic word processing tools that make your life easier whether online or offline.

Microsoft Word

MS Word has become a recognized standard worldwide in the list of word processing software. There are several other software in other operating systems like Linux, but the popularity of MS Word is everlasting. Microsoft provides unmatched features and online support to provide a rich word processing and typing experience to kids and adults through MS Office product. It has loads of formatting and layout options with built in formatting options. With MS Word, nothing can go wrong if you are a professional or a student.

Microsoft seems to be moving more towards a subscription based approach which means users will have to pay a monthly fee for using their licensed products. But people can still purchase them one time and use Microsoft word which is worth spending money on.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the most popular and robust word processing software that provides the ability to users to experience the best from the industry leaders. It helps to create a bullet list and eye catching graphics, whether it is a classroom document or a simple office document. Google docs provide essential features for formatting and heading, a “clear all formatting” option to make the copy and pasting from other documents easier. It provides rulers and margins to align your text correctly. It also provides drawing tools like MS Word to enhance your drawing experience.


Wordperfect is a product of Corel that is filled with powerful features for professionals and students to fulfill their needs of word processing. It is just as powerful as MS Word which provides the ability to create professional fax covers, documents, resumes, labels, brochures, and cover sheets easily. It has some awesome editing tools and spelling tools that any good text software provides. It helps students to insert the formatted citations and reference lists. Insert tools make the documents interesting by inserting photos and graphics into the boring text. It saves the file in a format that your friend can open on any computer to suit their needs. The most useful feature of WordPerfect is Help feature to look up for any topic using keywords.

Open Office

Open Office is a product of Apache which is also the oldest open source word processor used over more than twenty years. Millions of users have downloaded Open Office which provides extensive features like word processing, formatting, spreadsheets, inserting images and creating presentations. The six tools come with a single download option in Open Office; people can have access to unlimited features after downloading.

The writers can use Open Office as a tool to enhance their writing experience; it provides import function and also edits PDF files. All the tools for formatting the text are included in MS Word; it provides Multilanguage support to the users. The open source platform Open Office is available for users of various operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The brilliant support of developers makes it one of the most beneficial word processing software on the planet.

Libre Office

Libre Office can also be compared to Open Office tool when it comes to features and design. Libre Office is also packed with six tools built in for enjoying an ultimate experience in word processing. You can impress the teachers with presentations or create worksheets; it is available on all the major operating systems in the world. What makes it an even great tool for word processing is that it comes with a lot of templates that help the writers to get started easily.

It provides additional features like auto complete, dictionary, spellings and grammar, fonts and formatting tools to make it a full fledge word processing software. It can handle various types of word formats like .doc and .docx. Its interface is similar to Microsoft Word that is helpful for those who have an experience of using the word; it is also available for Android via an app.