15 Tools to Accelerate your Productivity

Technology makes your work so much easier than before. The work which was supposed to be finished in two hours (if done manually), gets completed in just five to ten minutes! Isn’t that amazing?

Technology offers Tools for every task

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to use the right tool for the relevant job. Only then, one can achieve success in the truest of the sense. Today, we will provide you with a list of tools which you can use easily:

The 15 Tools

1. Google Keep: This app will help you in keeping notes and synchronize them with your email. You can even color code the notes.

2. Trello: If you want to perform team tasks online, then this is a handy tool. You can delegate tasks, provide deadlines, create groups and plan ahead.

3. Pocket: This app keeps your favorite articles saved, so that you can read them later. It helps you stay updated with your readings.

4. Asana: It provides to-do lists to the user. These lists can contain minor tasks too. You can also synchronize other people with these lists.

5. Evernote: This software helps you to find relevant information and create notes on it. Furthermore, it helps you in organizing those notes as well.

6. Fantastical: This application is a calendar based timeline platform. It keeps all your reminders in one place and provides you with updates on your schedule.

7. Rescue Time: It is like a watch dog on your browsing. It helps you to stop wasting time and tells you how much time you spent on different websites like Facebook or YouTube etc.

8. Slack: Time management can lead a person towards success easily. This app is all about time and enhancing one’s efficiency at work.

9. Buffer: This particular software is designed to keep you totally active on all your social networking profiles. With just one click, you can update your posts right from one place.

10. Site Block: This application helps you to block a particular site which you think you are wasting time on. For instance, websites like twitter, YouTube, Facebooketc. can be blocked. So, no matter how many times you try to access any such designated webpage – it will not open.

11. 1Password: This 1password app is really effective in remembering all of your passwords for you. Whenever you forget any password, it will automatically help you to sign into the specific account.

12. Write Room: It provides you the virtual environment to complete your writing tasks without causing distraction.

13. Sleepyti.me:It helps you to manage your sleeping time well. Furthermore, it will provide you information on when you should sleep and for how long.

14. Forest App: It manages progress on your task through visual display of a plant. The plant grows more and more when you continue to work on your project successfully.

15. IFTTT: It helps you synchronize your tasks with your needs. For instance, it will email you updates on anything you like.

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