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Monoprice 110010 Review | Almost Perfect Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The best budget headphones with excellent sound quality are Monoprice 110010. It sets itself apart from other headsets with its noise-canceling capability.

Active noise cancellation headphones are made with the goal of minimizing background noise. This can be useful in a variety of settings, including an airline or a crowded office. Active noise-cancellation headphones can be divided into two categories: earbuds and earcups models. 

Headphones with ear cups are becoming more and more common. Because of its excellent noise-reduction qualities as well as its sleek and simple design. People enjoy donning headsets to match their personal attire, which makes them appear more sophisticated.

Ear cup headphones function by sealing off the ear, which reduces outside noise. Additionally, they have sound-producing drivers that block out low-frequency disturbances. Similar functionality is provided by earbud headphones, which are worn in the ear canal.

Although most types of headphones have the potential to effectively block out background noise, earcup headphones are often more expensive. Active noise-cancellation headphones are available with just a USB charging wire or as battery-operated models.


A wonderful approach to lessen outside noise and enhance your music listening with the Monoprice 110010 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone. Put on the headphones, then use the slide here on the left ear cup to fine-tune the noise cancellation to your preference. 

Additionally, a 3.5mm audio cord is included with the headphones allowing you to use them without batteries.

Introducing noise-canceling headphones:

The 110010 Active Noise Cancellation Headphone from Monoprice is a fantastic solution for blocking out background noise.

The headsets use microphones to pick up sounds in the environment and then produce a sound wave that drowns them out. As a result, whether it’s your songs, your movies, or just quiet, you simply hear what you desire to hear. 

You may use the headphones for an extensive duration without feeling tired because they are lightweight and comfy to use. Additionally, you will not be concerned about tangled connections because they are wireless.

The Monoprice 110010 Headphones are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a terrific way to eliminate noise.

What are the benefits of noise-canceling headphones?

1. It improves your ability to focus:

Unknown to you, noise has a significantly greater negative impact on your productivity and contentment than it does on your ability to focus and produce.

Researchers have long believed that noise, particularly loud intermittent noise, impairs human cognitive function.

2. You get superior audio entertainment as a result:

While using noise-canceling headphones, the noise disappears, whether you’re in a car or on a construction site, leaving you with only the amazing audio experience.

3. Better enjoy your conversations:

You can virtually eliminate all background noise using noise-canceling headphones, which eliminates the need to leave busy coffee shops merely to answer a call.

What are the drawbacks of noise-canceling headphones?

1. They are pricey:

You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and noise-canceling headphones are no exception given their hefty price tag.

2. You become unconscious of your surroundings as a result:

When driving, it’s not a good idea to use noise-canceling headphones because they can make you less aware of your surroundings and block out sounds like cars, train horns, and sirens.

3. Limited battery life:

Because of the work they perform, noise-canceling headphones typically use a lot of power. For the majority of them, even if your device is in perfect working order, you just get about 20 hours of use before your battery runs out. This can be a problem if you find yourself in one of the many remote areas of the world where power outages can last for many hours at a time.

So when your battery runs out, all that’s left are regular headphones without noise-canceling features.

What is the difference between active and passive noise cancelation?

Passive noise cancellation uses well-designed ear cups to filter out unwanted noise. Both over-the-ear headphones fall under this category, and the headphones themselves will muffle outside noise. Active Noise Cancellation uses speakers and microphones to reduce background noise.

How do I choose a pair of active noise-canceling headphones?

It’s critical to choose between an all-purpose headphone with ANC and a headphone for noise reduction if you are buying your first set of active noise-canceling headphones.

The two are different in that the former is made to reduce noise as much as possible, and the latter prioritizes sound quality, comfort, as well as user experience, with ANC as an additional.

Why choose Monoprice 110010?


Due to the unrivaled sound quality of the Monoprice 110010, you won’t ever regret your purchase. The greatest noise cancellation technology available will prevent any unwelcome outside sounds from entering your ear.

You can’t compare its sound quality to the greatest earphones now accessible from stores, and even if it lacks the best noise cancellation technology, you will still get the best sound quality that is distortion-free. The Monoprice 110010 also supports the AAC and SBC codecs.

These headphones are not comparable to those that have high-caliber audio levels, but you will still receive something deserving in the most reasonable price range.

They are not particularly portable, making it difficult to transport them while traveling, and they are not particularly capable of canceling out noise in the noisiest surroundings.

Monoprice 110010 is still one of the less expensive headphones with a wide range of functions and excellent sound quality that you won’t find in other models in this price range.


The Monoprice 110010‘s design is similar to those of earphones that cost $100 or more, which makes them the cheapest earbuds available compared to more expensive models.

Many headphones lack quality buttons, are cumbersome to transport while traveling, and are ineffective in blocking out noise in busy environments. You will receive a lot of features and great value for your money.

The Monoprice 110010 has the finest noise cancellation feature and superb sound quality. The leather headband that comes with earphones is composed of metal.

Level of Comfort:

This headphone is among the best comfort earbuds, so if you’ve picked out the best budget headphones, give them a try and buy them right away.

They’re so enjoyable and easy to use that you can utilize them for several hours without experiencing ear pain or discomfort. They are no different from other products you might purchase in that they each have benefits and drawbacks.

We still advise avoiding buying any other headphones in this price bracket or with these features, even though noise cancellation somehow doesn’t work well in really crowded places if you get excellent music quality.

Besides the Monoprice 110010 headphones, you will also receive reasonably priced, adjustable, and comfortable headbands.

Noise reduction:

If you’re genuinely seeking affordable headphones with noise-canceling capabilities, just get these headphones.

You won’t ever regret making the purchase. The headphones are at the top. You won’t even hear intrusive background noise thanks to the noise cancellation functions.

With their velvety ear cushions and extendable bands, these headphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Although the headphones’ noise cancellation is excellent, one would make a comparison with premium headsets because they include different functions.

The inexpensive Monoprice 110010 cannot provide the same level of audio system and noise cancellation as more expensive headphones. These headphones however provide one of the best active noise cancellations under $100.


In conclusion, the Monoprice 110010 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are an excellent choice if you’re searching for a great pair of noise-canceling headphones that won’t break the bank. 

Most significantly, they are quite good at effectively canceling out background noise. They are easy to wear and have outstanding sound quality. 

Therefore, they are unquestionably worth looking into if you’re searching for a noise-canceling headphone choice that is within your price range. You can depend on them as they will offer you the best sound quality possible.


Q. What are noise-canceling headphones?

Active noise control is used by noise-canceling headphones to decrease undesired background noise.

Q. How do noise-canceling headphones function?

The active noise-cancellation (ANC) technology works by picking up low-frequency noise with microphones and canceling it out before it reaches the ear.

Q. What advantages do noise-canceling headphones offer?

By enabling the user to sleep more easily on airlines and/or minimize ear fatigue brought on by prolonged exposure to noise on trains, planes, and other forms of transportation, they can assist mitigate tiredness and/or travel fatigue.

Q. Are the Monoprice 110010?

The Monoprice 110010 is definitely worth it as they provide premium build quality and noise cancellation at not a premium price.

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