Casino games in Japan

Casino games in Japan

1. Online casinos

Land-based casinos are still illegal under Japanese law. Therefore, players usually turn to the official Qyto オンライン カジノ サイト which offers them a wide range of games and features. Now the situation is changing, the government is planning to build several land-based casinos in major Japanese cities to enrich during the 2020 Olympics, but this project has yet to materialise. The bodies answerable for directing betting in the nation are the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which manages lotteries; the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which controls Toto games; and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, which controls the activities of betting during horse racing in the country. Under the new principles, the Casino Regulatory Commission was made in 2019, likewise, under Japan’s betting regulations, individuals under 18 can’t attend any lottery or betting games.

Currently, the Law of Japan does not provide special freedom to players and investors. However, following a change in the law, the situation should soon change dramatically.

2. Internet lottery

Lottery games have been played in Japan since 1600. In 1945, Japanese pottery that is popular as “takara kuji” (meaning “treasure lottery”), increased funds to help rebuild postwar Japan. Unlike other forms of online gambling, lotto sites in Japan are legal, although private operators are not allowed to offer such entertainment. Nevertheless, mostly players use foreign gaming platforms that offer larger jackpot prizes.

3. Online sports betting

Certain types of sports betting – horse racing, boat racing, bicycle racing, and motorbike racing – are free from the gambling prohibition. And also it is derived from the Japanese Penal Code. However, these exciting games can be played or offered online, but only by state institutions. As a result, players use foreign betting sites that give them a huge selection of sports as well as high odds.

4. Daily Fantasy Sports

You can’t regulate DFS websites in Japan because it’s not legal. Though there is an argument about the status of this type of gaming, the legalization of some online sports betting in the country, it is that Daily Fantasy Sports will soon be legal in Japan and players will be able to enjoy online gaming.

5. Online poker in Japan

Online poker sites in Japan are also not legal as of September 2019. Although there are no specific Japanese laws on poker prohibition, the general gambling prohibition under the Japanese Penal Code also applies to poker prohibition. Although online poker is illegal, you will see a lot of players from Japan on the major poker platforms. People find a way to get in – it’s not formally legal. The same goes for online blackjack, online roulette and other popular casino games.

6. Online bingo in Japan

Bingo isn’t very popular in Japan and there aren’t many places to play there. Although there are no specific Japanese bingo laws, the country’s general ban on online gambling does not allow you to play Bingo on Japanese sites. Foreign sites in Japan are the only way Japanese players can enjoy the game.

Finally, it is worth saying that if the Japanese government follows through with its plans and even after the Olympics the gambling market continues to grow, a huge number of tourists and players in Japan will, be able to legally enjoy online gaming without hiding. Although much emphasis is placed on the growth of tourist visitors, according to the forecast, around 60% of casino visitors will be Japanese residents. This is a higher rate than in other countries. Japan could become the second-largest gambling market in the world after Macau. The construction of several land-based state casinos in the country should already be completed before the opening of the Olympic Games. Until then, all that remains is to wait for the situation to change.