How Is AngularJS Different From Jquery

In recent times, JavaScript tools have been gaining much attention. This is primarily because they help to make things effortless and easy while developing application. You may not know that JQuery and Angularjs are one of the well known tools of the twenty first century.

JQuery is mostly a Document Object Based library which helps in minimizing the intricacy from the processes involved in the use of JavaScript on a site. However, it is also good to note that JavaScript plays a great role in ensuring that the website pages look enticing and effective. What JQuery does is that it checks out for the hard code that is required to be able to make AJAX calls. It transforms the same straightforward and smooth strategies which can be contrived through a singular JavaScript line.

With the use of JQuery, you can perform the following functions.

  • alter the contents of a website page easily
  • effects and animation
  • employ more styles to make UI appealing
  • makes DOM traversal easy and effortless
  • very easy to make AJAX calls

AngularJS is a technology product created by Google. This technology is an open based MVC framework. AngularJS is such an amazing technology for the creation of outstanding client-side website apps.

Being a framework, it implies we have to follow some guidelines and a structured method. This is not just a JavaScript library but also a framework that is excellently created and designed.
It’s good to note that AngularJS has these unique features;

  • Form Validation
  • Server Communication
  • Template
  • REST friendly
  • Localization
  • MVC-based Pattern
  • Deep Linking
  • Dependency Injection
  • Two-Way data binding
  • Full Testing Environment

How AngularJS and JQuery are dissimilar

In JQuery, you can easily find alternatives for the manipulation of DOM but this does not exist in AngularJS. On JQuery, event handling isn’t a big deal at all but on AngularJSforEach() Function,this same task is very complex and quite complicated. Additionally, JQuery ensures the smooth compatibility of cross-browser while it’s a hard nut to crack on AngularJS. Using JQuery is quite uncomplicated and facile but using AngularJS required a lot of expertise and professionalism to be handled efficiently.

During webpage application development, both JQuery and AngularJS can be utilized the ensure things works out fine. Nevertheless, you will need to pay close attention to details on the advantages and disadvantage that has to do with both AngularJS and JQuery. JQuery can be utilized in combination with other frameworks but in the case of AngularJS, it’s the complete opposite.

Developer’s opinion

For the sole reason that JQuery is less structured, developers tend to carry on with their responsibility/task the exact way they saw them. It’s good to know that absence of structure can at times lead to a complex code. This is simply because of the reason that JQuery is quite popular for its incomprehensible approach at different stages during its development. While in the other case, AngularJS can easily be considered without having to worry about any of this.

With the use of AngularJS, an organized environment can easily be made to provide for SPA. Hence, the probability of having a compound code can easily be minimized. AngularJS is being set up with some features that enable the developers to set a stringent upper limit on the extent of the code without ruining anything. But when this is put in comparison with JQuery, it somewhat does not inspire using library to a great extent. Developers prefer AngularJS because they have the ability to make use of HTML as a template language.

AngularJS has a lot more feature than JQuery and this is one of the determinants that makes AngularJS more popular than JQuery. It also allows developers to plainly work with form validation, templating, MVC beyond the bounds and also be able to make use of angular directives.

If you need to choose

If you’ll need Javascript to alter the DOM, then you should know that JQuery is a better alternative you’ll have to consider. It’s better for powerful and light outcomes. Moreover, if you require having some special features on your site, JQuery should be the option. The probability of data binding with this method is not possible. Also, it’s very easy to integrate the technology through customization into angular directives. If you need more of flexibility, then it’s recommended you go with AngularJS

AngularJS is outstanding for bilateral data binding. It allows you to closely watch on the requirements and needs of your current and also future customers. With this method, stunning as well as engaging applications can be easily created. It’s also great to note that AngularJS has the capability of eliminating code repetition which always makes sure that scalable outcomes are achieved. Because this is an Open source method, you do not have to worry about customization. Let it be known that, if all you will require is just customized outcomes, then AngularJS should be a better option.

The availability of support

There are quite a good amount of experts all around the globe for both angularJS and JQuery and with these technologies you don’t have to lose sleep over anything. Even though you come across a problem anywhere while developing the compound and complicated web pages and applications, you can easily get the required solutions through several online support sites and forums. A very good feature they have is that they are both in sync with almost all the Operating Systems and browsers.

AngularJS is known to possess fundamental support for queries in AJAX. You do not have to anticipate similar things from JQuery. With AngularJS, client side applications can be written in a more convincing manner without difficulty.

Now you know the benefits and disadvantages that are related with the two methods. You can now easily select the one you prefer as per your requirement. Moreover, it’s good to note that these two technologies are credible and can you can trust them. AngularJS has the ability to provide great results and better extensible applications than JQuery during the development of large scale applications.