Best Social Media Widget Tools

Best Social Media Widget Tools For 2020

Social Media, from its insurgence, has been impacting billions of people’s lives. It has not only helped people stay connected with their distant peers but has also leveraged the business of all sizes(small, medium, Big) to reach out to people more than ever before.

With the growth of social media, many plugins and widgets have been designed to use the power of social media on the website.

Almost all the websites are now embedding social media widgets on their website, whether to drive direct traffic to their social media handles, display their social media feeds, or even increase user engagement on their website.

What Is a Social Media Widget?

In simpler words, social media widgets are the display tools used to showcase social media feeds from all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. on the website. 


One can also call it the interface between the social media and website that empowers the website to display the social media feeds and allows the website users to share website content directly on their social media platforms.

In this blog, we have hunted down the best social media widgets tools for your website.

So, let’s move on with our number one social media widget without wasting any further time.

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best User Generated Content Platform; like all the other aggregation tools, it integrates all the social media feeds in one place.

Taggbox widget is the product by Taggbox that allows you to embed social media feeds on your website just by copying and pasting source code directly into your website’s header.

Taggbox widget comes up with special features like:


It allows us to change the color, shape, and size of the feeds. Moreover, it also allows us to change the card style and apply an inbuilt theme on the feeds.


It is one of the most important features provided by the Taggbox widget it restricts the unwanted feeds to show up in our wall there are basically two ways by which one can do moderation


  • Auto-Moderation: It is a high-end AI-powered moderation done by Taggbox. It automatically discards the post that is spammy or not related to our current feeds. It saves a lot of time to remove unwanted posts manually.
  • Custom/Manual Moderation: It allows you to manually discard the unwanted post from the feed.

Auto Update: It automatically updates the feeds displayed in the widgets, thus always keeps your website up to date.

2. AddThis

With more than 200,000 downloads, Add this has become one of the most popular social media widgets.

It allows you to add floating buttons of all the major social media platforms on your web page, empowering the user to share the website content on their personal social media platform.

It has helped the website to get heavy organic traffic from social media platforms.

3. Light Widget

It is an important social media widget primarily used to embed Instagram feeds on the website.

This widget will also allow you to apply custom CSS to your website.

Moreover, it has ample grid and slider themes to choose from that gives a pleasing look to the website.

The social media widget will allow you to schedule the social media post directly from the website on your website.

It is a one-click WordPress installation widget and is an amazing tool when it comes to promoting the website on multiple social media platforms altogether.

4. ProGrid 

The Pro Grid is one of the most preferred social media tools that is being used. This widget can be easily embedded in your website at any part.

The ProGrid widget allows us to change the feeds’ size and shape very easily from its panel itself. Moreover, it also allows you to personalize the shape, size & color of the embedded widget border.

Some of the more features of the photo grid are

Image slider and Image grid: This option allows you to display your Social media feed into two basic forms: the image grid and the other is the slider form.

Image Spacing And Custom Size: It affiliated you to customize your feeds directly from the main panel itself you can easily set the margins, image spacing, and border


Social media widget is helping businesses to create a channel between social media and websites. 

It has empowered websites to drive traffic from social media to websites and vice versa, eventually helping both grow simultaneously.

And last, the presence of social media feeds on the website reduces the bounce rate and builds brand trust, indeed promoting user engagement.

If you have any other names in your mind, then let us know in the comments!