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What is perfect: SIM Only or Pay Monthly?

Selecting the latest phone agreement can feel ever so complex. It is difficult to choose between pay-as-you-go and SIM only. There are a lot of choices regarding SIM plans and packages. But it is hard to make the right choice because a wrong decision can result to pay an extra amount for services you don’t need. But don’t be anxious; we are here to help you search the ideal package for you through the various choices. Virgin Mobile brings the best SIM packages for their customers. They also provide virgin mobile UAE promo code to select the perfect plan or deal for you. In order to get this code, visit and grab the latest promo codes, promotions, and discounts at a single click. Here we talk about the best SIM plans:

What is SIM-only?

In a SIM-only contract, you give a monthly total and obtain the benefits of an unending deal like call time and data. In this deal, you get a fixed amount of calls and texts, so it depends on you how much you can utilize the phone. As the name depicts, you won’t get a phone with this plan, this will only fit you if you are contented with your accessible mobile phone. The SIM-only contract can be the best way to save money. This deal is ideal for those who don’t want a long term package.


As the name shows, you only pay for the calls, data, and texts you utilize. There is no restriction in this contract and you can unsubscribe at any time you want. Some telecom companies provide great value packages of calls, texts, and data if you recharge a definite amount of cash each month. Pay-as-you-go is approximately like a deal. These packages are best for someone who is happy with their mobile, and infrequently uses their phone for calls and texts. If you want a great deal at a lower price then catch the new virgin mobile UAE promo code in assistance with

Monthly Contract:

Choosing a monthly contract can be a good option because it contains a set amount of internet, call time, and texts. A monthly contract is far better than SIM-only and pay-as-you-go because in this package you probably get a new phone (though you have to pay a little extra amount for a new handset). Some companies divide the amount of handset and package you are paying. This type of plan is ideal for anyone who does a lot of texts and calls, and who desires for the latest mobile. However, there are hundreds of different plans and contracts that last from twelve to twenty-four months and even more.

Find out more exciting packages offered by virgin mobile where you can evaluate different packages such as SIM-only, pay-as-you-go, and monthly plans. Search online and use the virgin mobile UAE promo code which offers hundreds of affordable call, data, and text packages to their loyal customers. will help you to find the best deals.