Why you need to Convert your HTML Website to WordPress?

With the evolution of various CMSs, building HTML websites has become a thing of past. Speaking of CMS, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and Content Management System that powers more than 25% of the websites today. In fact, WordPress has gained so much popularity that webmasters prefer converting their existing websites to WordPress. And converting HTML to WordPress is no exception.
Converting your HTML sites to fully functional WordPress themes offers a number of benefits. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the top 5 reasons to make the switch.

Dynamic Website

As a matter of fact, HTML sites are static and contain plenty of pages and lines of code where each page has the same lines of code for the same layout and code. This not only makes your website load slower but also makes the code messy and cluttered. On the other hand, WordPress powered websites are easy to create, manage and update. Also, it does not require you to write the same lines of code of different pages. Moreover, it automatically loads your pages without making your website slow.

Get Customizable Design

WordPress provides the freedom of personalizing your website according to your specific needs and requisites. You may find theme customization a bit tricky at first but once you get a hang of it, you’ll realize it is easy to achieve. WordPress can also be used to build sites according to particular business preferences. It allows you to change the look and feel of your website design without even having the write a single line of code.
You can also choose themes that come with powerful and advanced theme options panel to customize the layout, color scheme, typography and so much more in a single click of a mouse.

Easy to Work

There is no denying the fact that WordPress is one of the most extremely easy to use and understand CMSs available out there. As long as you know how to use a computer and the internet, you can easily build a website with WordPress. It has a very low learning curve and comes with enough documentation and support to help a beginner get started within minutes. Moreover, WordPress offers a variety of useful plugins that help you make the job a lot easier.

Huge Community of Developers

Since WordPress is an open source software, WordPress users keep on contributing to help other users. Also, WordPress has a huge community of developers, contributors, and volunteers who help beginners as well as experienced developers to get a solution to their problem in a matter of few hours.


WordPress has been developed to make the lives of webmasters and developers easier and convenient. It also helps you build search engine friendly websites to make them rank higher in the search engine and enhance their credibility. WordPress also comes with a number of SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO Plugin, All in One SEO plugin and so much more to help you improve your SEO efforts and make your website more SEO friendly. Some of these plugins even come with page analysis option to notify you about your content readability score and keyword insertion.