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Twisted Fate Aram Build – Guides, Spells, Runes & More

Twisted fate is such an impressive mage to play especially since players are in twisted fate Aram. Players can build twisted fate as a hybrid. Twisted Fate Aram players may desire to stick to one or the other as there is no real advantage to building as a hybrid regarding twisted fate. 

Twisted Fate is a shady skinner and mountebank. He has risked and influenced his way across much of the known world. He earns the hostility and affection of the rich and foolish alike. However, he infrequently takes things thoughtfully. He welcomes each day with a mocking smile and an insouciant swagger. Twisted Fate always has an ace up his strap in every possible way.

Twisted Fate Aram Guide 

As because all of your partners are attempting to kill minions at the same time, there the Twisted Fate’s passive Loaded Dice are more challenging to use on ARAM on minion kills. It is more manageable to achieve Loaded Dice gold on enemy champions you control than stimulus wasted Fate’s 3rd, Stacked Deck to achieve gold on each successful hit on the enemy defeater. 

It’s difficult to ignore when using 1st Wild Cards. Because enemies are always grouped up in ARAM. If you have your Rapid Firecannon, then the 2nd, Pick a Card can be too useful in ARAM. Gold Carded enemies are generally a convinced kill. Through your Red Card, you can deal with a lot of AoE damage. So that you will never be out of mana by operating the Blue Card. 

However, Twisted Fate’s ultimate, Destiny is pretty worthless in ARAM. so we prefer that use the ultimate Destiny to catch if enemies are obscuring in scrubs to the fight fast once your restart.

How To Play Twisted Fate Aram 

Twisted Fate is a mage. He is a mid-lane champion. In order to crowd control, wave clear, and burst the enemies, the twisted fate’s ability is used. With his Yellow Card from Pick a Card, he stands on single-target damage. He uses his other spells to deal with a lot of impairment.

It is best to safely play twisted fate before you hit level 5, this is when you unlock Destiny. You can use the semi-global Twisted Fate’s Ultimate across the whole map. This semi-global ultimate allows you to fast broadcast to the side lanes for getting your team an advantage.


There are three spells including–

  1. First, make sure you kill on ganks with Ignite. Use this spell if you are assured against your enemy in the mid-lane. 
  2. Reserve your Flash spell for escaping as the twisted fate aram is a standing champion. 
  3. Use Barrier that is faced against unjust lakers damage champions like Fizz or Zed. 

Twisted Fate Aram Build

Here are the Item Build recommendations for working on this champion which is the best build for twisted fate aram in this patch. 

Royal Flush:

We peasants the standard twisted fate aram build for the twisted fate which focuses on making him a burst damage dealer. 

  • Rod of Ages: Here look at this item, it provides good stat bonuses which boost over time. This is a great item for beginners as it gives a significant HP upgrade to improve your edge on the blunder with playing Twisted Fate. 
  • Ionian Boots Of Lucidity: Ionian Boots Of Lucidity provides cooldown lowering to enhance your spam rate. Upgrade with the Quicksilver Enchant to vary gatherings and control weighty groups or boost with the stasis charm to deal with burst crack combos.
  • Lich Bane: Adds an on-hit effect that grants bonus magic damage after activating a spell. It stacks well with 2nd, Picks a Card, to deal massive burst damage.
  • Rabandon’s Deathcap: It has the highest possible AP stat growth. getting this item will provide you with a huge power spike. If you have this item you will be able to destroy most non-tank champions with one combo.
  • Rapid Firecannon: Provides bonus damage and bonus range on attacks with max dynamized heaps. The Fire cannon Barrel passive collaborates well with your 2nd, Pick a Card as it expands the scope with which you can anchor yours amazes.
  • Void Staff: Crush tank champions with high magic defy with this item which provides the most increased potential magic penetration reproduction.

Rapid Deal:

Here is the DPS build for twisted fate Aram. It deals with a good stake in hybrid DPS. It is a possible build for the dragon lane or the mid lane. The benefit of this build is that it deals both physical and magic damage. Enemy tanks have to build both types of safety items to trade with you practically. 

  • Blade of the ruined king: It deals a portion of HP damage per attack. Thanks to the high spell rate bonus from 3rd, Stacked Deck. Twisted Fate is able to procure multiple models of this result in a short amount of time.
  • Boots of speed: Contributions the most raised quantity of bonus activity speed. As an auto-attack, you’ll require more activity and swiftness to soar enemies. Continue to build it also into a broadcast stasis charm to achieve profitability.  
  • Rapid fire cannon: This will help the player to earn extra range over their competitors and swiftly end their affliction without getting their robes filthy. Also, it will provide you with an advantage when you want to avoid the competition.
  • Stormrazor’s: New enthusiast gives it the capacity to make you invincible. Build this item if you want to trade huge blasts of damage at the time when clearing your lanes.
  • Statikk shiv: This is the one good item against ranged killers and exploded damage.
  • Infinity edge: It is unbeaten in the fight of crit damage and will help you one-shot all the mushy champions of your opponent’s team.

Runes For Twisted Fate Aram:

  1. Royal Flush
  • Electrocute: Electrocute adds additional damage on combos to burst down enemies.  
  • Brutal: Brutal adds flat extra impairment and piercing. 
  • Spirit Walker: Spirit walker adds additional HP and adaptive resistance. 
  • Sweet Tooth: It grants additional HP regeneration and bonus gold when eating honey fruits. 
  1. Rapid Deal
  • Conqueror: It expands your damage for each spell, you anchor. 
  • Gathering Storm: It delivers extra AP or As as time passes over. 
  • Loyalty: While playing in the dragon Lane, Loyalty raises the dual opposition of you and your lane partner. 

Skill Order:

Wondering the skill order of twisted fate Aram, for the 2nd step, “pick a card”, which is leveled up at first to help with the last hitting, and then the 3rd card “Stacked Deck” is picked up so that next you will be able to roll some gold on short trades early on. But, 1st “Wild Cards” is consummate first for the burst damage. so you can get Wild Cards at level two if you are being pushed too hard early on. Get a point in your ultimate whenever possible. 


  • Loaded Dice: Gain 2 to 12 bonus gold upon killing a unit. 
  • Wild Cards: Throws three cards. You have to deal with 60 magic damage. 
  • Pick A Card: The first cast should start crawling twisted fate’s deck. And the second cast must pick a card to assign his next attack. For instance, pick Red Cards and deal 82 magic damage in an area and slow by 35% for three seconds. Pick Blue Cards and deal 92 magic damage and restore 60 mana. Last pick Gold Cards and deal 67 magic damage and amaze for 1.25 seconds. 
  • Stacked Deck: Gain 15% passive attack speed. Every 4th attack trades 60 bonus magic damage. 
  • Destiny: Gain 40 to 55% active attack speed for three seconds. Attacking enemy champions during this time enrollments crowded Dice. 

Abilities Analysis

Innate- Loaded Dice:

Diving champions when the 3rd stacked deck is active, twisted fate gains additional gold from killing enemy units. Therefore, loaded dice help the Twisted Fate to earn a substantial gold charge. And it also supports twisted fate’s playstyle of winning his lane. 

Q – 1st – Wild Cards

Here the wild card is one of the longest-range abilities. It is twisted fate’s stab and the major destructive capacity and damages in a straight line. It doesn’t vanish after the first hit. Also, the damage does not diminish after hitting several enemies. 

Therefore, if you like to clear a minion wave fast, then you have to walk up to the wave and cast wild cards at that time when the minions are walking in a straight line. However, one thing you should know is Wild Cards can damage only an enemy once. 

W – 2nd – Pick A Card

Triggering Pick a Card will activate the animation of three cards crawling on the lid of Twisted Fate. The twisted fate Aram can select which card he will use by changing the capacity. However, the card improves Twisted Fate’s attack and it adds a special effect depending on the color of the card he desires. Here are the three colors of the cards, check them now. 

  • Blue- Blue card deals the most single target crack. And it also reimburses mana. Use the blue card to deal weighty damage and to maintain your mana essentials in the tracking steps. Merged the blue card with the extra damage from 3rd stacked deck to trade even more damage. 
  • Red- Use the red card in combination with your 1st wild cards to quickly clear your lane. This can trade a good portion of AoE crack on grouped-up enemy champions. 
  • Yellow- Yellow card stunts the target you auto-attack. This card makes Twisted Fate a fearsome champion on ganks and team fights. Therefore, if you use the yellow card to hit your enemy that usually means a kill for the team. 

However, the triggering is an auto-attack reset but it is not a dedicated one you want to time your makeover on the color you want to use. Therefore, the first card to occur is aimless. But it always mixes in the same order like blue, red, and gold. 

E – 3rd – Stacked Deck

Learn about a stacked deck. It is your DPS steroid. It makes your every fourth spell deal extra magic damage. This capacity can be triggered your spell speed as well as start your natural stagnant. A stacked deck also gives an extra small passive attack speed. Stacking your attacks before using 2nd Pick a Card can optimize your burst damage. 

Combine 2nd Pick a Card if you want to deal with more cracks and anchor more attacks during the tracking phase. So that you can move on to your passive. Keeps in mind that just to anchor more hits, don’t exceed because you have no getaway agent.  

R – Ultimate: Destiny  

Destiny separates a good twisted fate player from a pro twisted fate player because of the importance of map awareness and a macro sense that you need in order to use this ultimate effectively. 

However, there are some points to keep in mind that–

  • Know the position of the enemy Jungler. 
  • Is the team of the enemy setting up a play?
  • Is he setting up a gank?
  • Know if it is possible that the enemy is really taking the drake? 
  • Know the health levels of the enemy. 

Therefore destiny has two positions where the first cast shows all enemy winners on the map and the second cast permits twisted fate to broadcast to the location of his picking. When the twisted fate Aram casts the capacity in the mid lane, the broadcast has a closest global which amuses almost 90% of the map. 

Twisted Fate Early Game Guide

Twisted fate Aram is a gank-oriented hero. But keep in mind that he is not a winner who you’d hope to beat your lane. Twisted fate is not equipped to do so don’t get caught up in trying to win your lane. Therefore, you will be able to build your items faster than the enemy with the help of your passive, loaded dice. 

However, twisted fate has no protective capacity besides his yellow card. So always keep in mind that do not take a protective location in your lane because if you get ganked and you are more than likely dead, at that time your Jungler is allowing you to kill the enemy mid-laner. 

Always remember that you have to clear your lane first before ganking including 1sr wild cards and a red card is sufficiently clear your lane faster. 

However, when you looking for a lane to gank when using your ultimate Destiny, select a lane that is–

  • At least a little distant from their turret.
  • Your Jungler is around the side of the map so that they can fast get you. 

Twisted Fate Late Game Guide:

Twisted Fate plays a lot like a Marksman in the late game. He is a champion who is particularly powerless without help so do not wander far away from your unit.

When you see that the enemy team is missing, trigger your ultimate Destiny because they may be taking Dragon or setting up a gank. A good activation of Destiny will allow your team to react consequently.

If enemies are alone and you are sure that your partners can follow up on you, only use the broadcasting part of Destiny to bring down an enemy. Because, unless you are deeply provided, you forget to destroy the enemy with a single combo. The enemy has a good opportunity to avenge and get you killed instead.


However, overall twisted fate has a lot of possibilities to walk around and get your team forward. He doesn’t have the best 1 vs 1 possibility. But if you like to wander around and enable your group then he is the go-to winner for you. 

So, thank you for reading our post. If you have any inquiries about twisted fate Aram, feel free to share with us by leaving your statements below the comment box. Our experts are always ready to give you an appropriate answer as possible. 

Faqs About Twisted Fate Aram 

Q. How Good Is Twisted Fate In An Aram? 

Twisted fate is one of the best mid-lane champions in the league of legends. Twisted fate Aram has a 47.75% win rate in Platinum+ on Patch 12.16. It is coming in at position 140 of 161 and graded C- Tier on the LoL Tier list. 

Q. What Kind Of Mage Is Twisted Fate?

There is one of the strongest scaling mages in twisted fate. 

Q. What Lane Is Best For The Twisted Fate?

The capacity tools of this pick allow it to be played in the “Mid Lane” position virtually. 

Q. Does Twisted Fate Do A Lot Of Damage? 

Basically, twisted fate deals with magical damages. And its attack capacity trades a lot of damage, particularly if it is a spell variety.

Q. What Abilities Do You Level Up With Twisted Fate? 

Twisted Fate is a mage and is a mid-lane booster that uses his abilities to wave clear, crowd control, and burst the enemies. 

Q. What Runs Should You When Playing As Twisted Fate? 

The runes you should play as twisted fate include- Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Eyeball Collection, and Treasure Hunter.

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