Pumpkin Pie Cookie's Cookie Run

Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s Cookie Run

Toppings matter a lot whether it’s a pizza or a cookie. We all want toppings that are just amazing. But there is an endless number of options we have that can be the best topping. But that’s not very easy to decide different factors affect a certain type of topping. For example, if our cookie is made up of soft stuff so to hold it tight we need a topping that can hold it like almonds. In this article, you will get to know everything about the pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie run. How does it select its best toppings? What are the criteria that one should look at before making such a choice? What are the options that are available for you to opt for the best toppings for your cookies? 

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom:

Different things can be used as toppings for pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie run toppings that are built in the cookie run kingdom. 

  • So the first one is the X5 toppings of searing raspberries. Their toppings are with DMG resist sub-stats. (This is fully built with ATK with resist sub-stats and more DGM). 
  • This topping is with CD or ATK Sub Stats. (With this topping the pumpkin pie will last longer, it is a full tank built, and pompon).
  • This is an amalgamate of these two toppings X3 solid almond toppings, and X2 Searing raspberry. 
  • The fourth one is again an amalgamate of two toppings but in a different proportion. X2 Almond toppings and X3Searing Raspberry toppings. 

The pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie run pompon that is mentioned above acts as a tank in the team when it is summoned by the pumpkin pie cookie. But the most important thing to know is that the pumpkin pie cookie is very fragile in itself. 

And that needs to be sorted so it is recommended to build pumpkin pie cookies with almond toppings as they are solid and the cookie will not remain fragile anymore. Also, this solid almond topping will improve the chances of survival for both the pumpkin pie cookie and the pompon. So this almond topping is going to be miraculous. 

Now to go for the almond topping you have three options that you can opt from. One is purely almond topping and the other two options are an amalgamate of both but each has a different proportion of almond and raspberry. So you can decide accordingly. As each of these toppings has a specific quality. You need to be very clear about what you are looking for and then decide accordingly. 

All About Pumpkin Pie:

Even though the pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie run already has good DMG, if you want it to inflict more DMG then instead of going for the almond topping you need to go for a topping that is completely made up of X5 searing raspberry toppings. Again if you want a balance of ATK/DMG then you should go for a topping of both 2X almond and 3X searing raspberry toppings. Some players prefer to use X3 solid almond and X2 swift choco toppings. 

The interesting fact about pumpkin pie is that it is a new cookie character in the entire cookie-run kingdom. It was very recently introduced on October 26th, 2021. The cookie was released at a Halloween event. The topping build was updated only after testing and getting those toppings on the pumpkin pie cookie. 

Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Info

The pumpkin pie cookie has a pompon and it can grow to a very giant size causing DMG to a large area. Having a giant pompon is beneficial as it can inflict X3 enemies. But it also applies a stackable debuff which it decreases the amount of healing that enemies receive. 

Giant pompon also has other things to do such as it performs the first attack by being resistant to the interrupting effects. Pompon is resistant to many other interrupting effects. 

Cookie the Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie Toppings: Story

So far you have been reading about this very interesting cookie character that is the pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie run time to know its story. As it already been told that this character was introduced at the time of Halloween. Halloween is considered to be the best time for all the ghosts and cookies. 

Even though the pumpkin pie doesn’t have much to do, it stands watching everyone who is already dressed in their costumes. This cookie doesn’t seem very appealing but it always has a smile on its face. People most of the time try to escape the presence of this cookie. 

Despite her uncanny appearance the way she blinks her eyes is very appealing. She also carries a doll which is quite old and tattered again a lot of people just can’t refuse to go with her. All she needs to do is drag them by hand and boom and they are ready to go and play with her. To enjoy all the festivities of Halloween. 

This is a record that nobody has ever said no to her. Nobody knows how it happens. Like people wonder what’s so appealing to her. If not her appearance then what? The way she blinks her eyes or the doll that she holds in her hand. Whatever it may be but pumpkin pie has become everybody’s best partner to play with in all festivals. 


Initially, after reading a bit of the blog post, you must be wondering oh what’s this article all about now as you have read it here. We are pretty sure that a lot of things have now become clear to you. Almost everything about pumpkin pie cookie, what kind of a character it is, when it was introduced, how it behaves, and what’s so appealing in it. 

Every important detail about it. But one thing that you must have noticed is about toppings and that is something you should be very careful of. Toppings play a very important in deciding how strong or weak pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie runis going to be. 

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