Electronic Devices

Buying Recycled Electronic Devices for A Better Future

No doubt flashing the latest model of electronic devices feels good. However, would you rather feel good or would you like to feel smart and have done a bit for a better future. Buying recycled electronic devices ensures that there are fewer toxins and chemicals in landfills along with the fresh chemicals and toxins not consumed to make a new one. It is also much easier on the wallet. Refurbished computers, for example, cost around thirty to fifty percent less than a new one of the same types.

What is a Recycled/Refurbished Computer?

A recycled / refurbished computer generally signifies that the device was either returned by a customer, failed a quality test and had to be rebuilt, or is part of a canceled order. A pre-owned device, on the other hand, signifies that the device was sold by the user and is secondhand. Pre-owned devices are also refurbished/recycled by companies and sold at a discounted price. Ryan Morrel from CJD E-Cycling says that you can get good quality laptops and desktops for $100 or less when you shop at a recycled electronics store. The devices sold usually carry a guarantee. However, the period of guarantee would differ at different stores.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Depending on your use, you need to find a device with the required specifications. While people who are into computer gaming would require a device with larger memory and higher processing speed, those who use the device mostly for word processing and surfing could settle for an older model without too many high-end specifications. It can be very tempting to buy a high-end machine so you need to steel your resolve before going into the store.

Where to Buy

It makes sense to go to a retailer who is qualified to refurbish computers. If you happen to be hardware savvy, you could buy the device in parts and put it together on your own. Computer manufacturers also sell recycled/refurbished models. Remember to compare the specifications of the refurbished device with a new one of the same product. If there is a mismatch or if some components are missing, look for another machine. Online purchasing is also an option. However, this comes with the risk of getting a device that may not be up to the mark.

Research before You Decide

While it may be tempting to purchase a super discounted device, you need to find out if the device is worth the price you are going to pay. Search the internet for the price of the same device if sold as a new piece. This should indicate if the refurbished price is worth it.

Check the Warranty Offered

Recycled/refurbished computers are sold with warranties. However, the warranty is limited in terms of time and other features. It is very important to read the fine print before you part with your money. Most warranties should cover a minimum of three months. Some manufacturers selling recycled/refurbished devices offer a warranty for one year. It is important to understand what aspects are covered under these warranties.

Become a Smart Shopper

Check and then re-check all parameters before you finalize on the device that you wish to purchase. Proper research will help you find a good deal at a great price, while you would also be doing your bit to help the environment.