Top 10 Tips for Saving Money While Shopping Online

A research says that 3 out of 5 people prefer shopping online these days due to the ease and the quality of services that they get when they are shopping online. Well if you are also one of those three people then here is something for you.

Here are Top 10 tips for saving money while shopping online in detail so that you can also save a lot of money as others are saving.

1. Patience –

You should always be patient while buying things online and spend some time there looking at the details of the product that you want to buy.

There are a lot of things that are related to online purchases like offers and discounts and then cash backs as well which you need to redeem and that happens only when you have patience to browse through the things to understand them and finally buy them.

2. Comparison –

A person should always have the ability of comparing things while buying online. The rates and offers when you are buying things online can actually never be the same on two websites.
This is why you always need to compare things and then buy things. While doing this never ever compromise on the quality of the products that you buy online. There is something in the exact rate that you want and the quality as well.

3. Add things to Cart and then finally buy –

Adding things to a cart in a website saves the details of the particular items and also helps you to get them back when you search for them even after some days.

The uniqueness of adding things to a cart is that the rates that change along with the time are also updated in the cart so you always get the latest rates for the things that you purchase online.

4. Take suggestions –

It’s not that only you buy things online, there are many of your friends and family members who shop online from different websites. So take suggestions from them while shopping.

It’s not possible for you to keep an eye on all the websites selling things but when you consult people you may come across some really cool stuff that is being sold on other websites at exceptionally good rates.

5. Check multiple websites –

Always make sure that you check out multiple websites before you buy things online. There may be an off season discount going on in a website that you may miss out if you do not check out rates on different websites.
There are special gift vouchers and discounts given on products when you buy them at a certain time so use all these opportunities so that you pay less.

6. Earn shopping points online –

As there is a credit score so are there shopping points as well where you can earn points and once it reaches a level you get a mega discount on your purchases.

Make sure that you do it from genuine sites only as the points that you earn through them will only be counted while shopping with them and not with some random website.

7. Be flexible –

It is not a hard and fast rule that you will buy things only from a particular website. Be flexible while shopping online as there may be a really good offer going on in another website that you may miss out if you are not flexible.

There many shopping websites in India selling a huge range of products from fashion apparels to grocery, electronics to baby products. Stay open to check out the different options provided by them.
The website that you always buy will not stop giving you offers if you purchase things from another online store.

8. Become a fan club member –

There are some clubs where they have a tie-up with a particular websites in all the major cities. Once you become a member of these clubs you can actually get coupons from them and discount codes as well.

There are a lot of privileges given to the fan club members from the company owners so this is one of the very good ways of saving money when you buy things online.

9. Follow the pages that these websites have on social sites –

As social sites are a strong medium of marketing almost all the online stores have their own pages on the social sites.

You just need to follow them in order to know the new arrivals and then once you see that something has come and if you like it, all you need to do is click on the link there and you will be directed to the main website through which you can buy the stuff you need.

10. Shop on the right day –

It may be surprising to you but then the highest discounts are available on Wednesday and not on a Sunday.
The reason behind this is that very less people shop on Wednesdays and the website owners know this very well. Hence they put in the best discounts on Wednesdays so that a lot of people buy on that day as well.


Saving money is not at all a tough thing provided you know when, where and how to spend. When you shop online then there may be more than 1000 things that you will like but then you need to buy things you need.
Always remember that proverb that they use a lot “All that glitters is not Gold” so always make sure that you are actually getting the same thing that you see and order on the online store. Make sure that all your purchases are done from genuine websites only.