WhatsApp’s Data and Message Transfer to a New Phone without any Loss Soon..!!

WhatsApp messenger is a free software, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application and cross platform for smartphones. It provides messaging service over internet alternative for traditional messaging service. There have been many apps created with the similar features. However, they can’t be reached the position obtained by the WhatsApp. At present nearly has a billion users over the world. The app is used to chat with friends, family, and co-workers.

Even business people create groups in the app to contact with their clients. If we use the old outdated WhatsApp and the app stop functioning. It may lead us to lose our data in the phones. In such scenario, it is necessary to restore all the chats and media files. There may chance to often lose our data from the phone. One of the most dangerous causes to lose the WhatsApp chats is a virus attack of the smartphones and malfunctioning smartphone which might lead to loss of all data.

Transfer data from our old phone to new phone

Few method available to restore our data while transfer to the new mobile. It is based on the resource and capacity to the deportation of the message. The WhatsApp urges to use the new phone with the advanced running operating system to protect users and also the device. But then, we are using old smartphones how do we shift the old conversation in that phone?

The following steps are to transfer the data from the old phone to new phone using memory cards.

  • Open the WhatsApp in our old phone and go to settings. In settings, choose the chats and calls option. Click on backup chats.
  • This will begin the backup process. After the completion of the backup process, go to the setting option of the smartphone and choose the eject card option.
  • Install WhatsApp on the new phone and insert the SD card along with the WhatsApp in the new phone. Enter the old phone number in the new phone to setup the WhatsApp.
  • We will receive a restore option after the set up process, to restore the data in the new phone.

The following steps to transfer data using internal memory

  • Take backups of data of WhatsApp by the above methods. Choose the option to backup to Google Drive.
  • In the new phone, install the WhatsApp but wait before verifying the phone number.
  • Use the email address used in the old phone to log in to the Google in the new smartphone.
  • Using the same number from the old phone to the new phone, verify WhatsApp. Once get the option to restore, choose Google Drive option. Make sure to use the same Google account as in the old phone.
  • After the deportation process complete, tap on next to complete the initialization process.
  • After the restoring the chats, the WhatsApp will begin to restore the media files.

Those procedures have to done for the transfer of the data from the old phone to new phone. There are chances to losing some WhatsApp message while trying to switching to the new mobile.

WhatsApp fixing the issue, put efforts to bring a solution. It will soon allow the users to share their live location with others instead of sharing the location pin option in the app’s beta version of Android and iOS. In the twitter, @WABetaInfo has posted several photos of just how the live location broadcasting features look like in the beta version of the app on both iOS and Android.

The change of the number feature which is currently live on beta versions of the app on its Windows phone mobile platform. In this features, it allows the user to select who can see their number change. Several reports from the beta version claim that this feature will be disabled by default, so the users have to access the app settings to turn it on.

Beta testing of live location share

People use the WhatsApp location to find out others in the public spot or let them know where they are. Both the iOS and beta version works similarly in the beta version. To share the location we can click on the clipper icon on the right hand side. It available on Android 2.17.151, there is a feature called set duration. This feature allows everyone to know how long we will be in that particular location. If anyone likes to meet you or contact you in person in the specified time period.

When we share the live location, the default message ‘This is my live location’ but there is a cursor after the text, so we can edit the text in our own way. Though WhatsApp features are similar to the Facebook with the usefulness of this particular addition, it may not back fires as the new status message did. Rather than simply sharing the location without any text this feature allows others to know where we are, with the text comment. This feature is available on WhatsApp iOS beta version 2.17.11. Once we click it to share the live location, a set your duration window will appear, we choose the duration as well. When the duration ends, it will send a message that live location has ended. The live location sharing also have the privacy and security issues like other unique features. When using the WhatsApp live location sharing, we need to specify when, where and with whom it is being shared. Some specific features may roll out later for the convenience of the user to share their live location with some privacy. It should be rolled out for the different region users.

Unsent message

Much rumored feature that allows the user to revoke the message sent unintentionally, going to introduce soon. We can get the feature with the guidance of the reports but not officially released by the company. This new feature is called as ‘unsent messages’ for now. Actually, it removes the messages from the recipient’s phone within the five minutes, since the message sent. This feature can definitely avoid many awkward situations, didn’t allow the receiver to get a chance to read the message.


WhatsApp helps current generation to keep in contact with long distance friends and family members. It wipes our feeling that we are not in a function and officially support the many business events. Hence we can call it as home bred app. It has a billion of users in the world and also waiting for its new feature of live location sharing and unsent messages. Both features are on the iOS platform for the beta testing and we may also expect for the Android platform.

It also provides an easy way to transfer their data from the old phone to the new phone without missing of any chat messages especially in the group chat. WhatsApp already provide many features such as share the phone contacts, images, videos, files sharing and also provides free voice calls, video calls through the internet connection. Hence we can make a call to the person with whom we like to speak or see anywhere in the world. It supports human beings to maintain their relationship with others. By adding new features it becomes very strong to compete for the other messaging app.