GP practice

Setting up as a GP practice

Setting up any doctor’s surgery can be such a rewarding thing to do. The way a new GP in a new area can make visiting the doctors so much easier for some people is such a great gift to be able to give. Of course, the actual process of setting up a GP can be a long and hard one. From finding IT support to sourcing staff, we are here to help you work out if it’s the right business decision for you. 


Demand for services

Before choosing to set up as a GP practice, you have to look at whether there is a strong demand for your services. You don’t want to get all excited and further into the process without actually knowing if you will be receiving enough customers to keep the GP practice running. 


The financial side of things

The financial side of any business is one not to be taken lightly. There’s so much to do to ensure that your books are balanced, costs are accounted for, and any tax forms are filled incorrectly. This is why hiring an accountant is a top priority. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of working out all the finances of a new GP clinic by doing it yourself and instead hire a pro. 



You must look at how costs will affect you when you startup. This is mainly due to the fact that you will have greater startup costs than continual running costs, especially in terms of doctor’s equipment. You might want to look into whether renting equipment could be a good idea to start with. 


Time constraints

Running a successful GP clinic will leave you little time to yourself and will be a huge project to take on. Work out if the hours will work for you and whether you want to be a full-time or part-time GP as well as what sort of hours you want your GP to be open, bearing in mind that the longer your hours, the most likely you will be to receive clients. 


Hiring staff

Hiring staff will be a big step when it comes to the set-up of the clinic. You will really want to think about what sort of people it is you want to hire as the staff will be what really makes up the personality and style of the clinic. You must make sure they are all qualified and are able to provide a high level of care to your clients. You will also want to look into protecting your business with possible IT staff or with an IT management team who specialize in healthcare



One of the most important pieces of advice for someone who is looking to set up their own GP clinic is you must be committed. Although this may sound obvious, your surgery must take first place, and the well-being of clients and staff must be the most important thing. You must make sure that your main reason for setting up isn’t just about financial gain but instead is about providing a great level of care to anyone who needs it.