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An Action Fantasy Manhwa based on a web novel is called Murim RPG Simulation. Did you want to know about murim RPG simulation wiki? This is a really distinctive way to cultivate manhwa. It’s enjoyable, and the MC is strong and intelligent without overpowering. This is a good fit for the art.

The main character of this action, fantasy, and drama manga, Seolhwi, wants to head the Demon Cult and develop into one of its most powerful members.

In Murim RPG Simulation, the main character either dies or wishes to become stronger, similar to Quest Supremacy. Finally, they are given another chance by a video game status window that shows up in front of them. Anyway, without further ado let’s get into the details.

Summary Of Murim Rpg Simulation:

See what you can find out on the murim RPG simulation wiki. Look out for the infamous Seolhwi Demon Cult. On a routine patrol with his team, he once came across a terrifying leader of the Demon Cult’s most formidable adversaries, the Mount Hua Sect.

Without warning, the leader of the Mount Hua Cult massacres the entire squad. As he lies dying, lamenting his years of cult dedication without much to show for it, Seolhwi finds a video game status box that asks him if he wants to resume his life.

Seolhwi makes the commitment to persevere, advance, and lead the Demon Cult if given a chance to start over and make a different decision. The Seolhwi story, therefore, gained pace.

Murim Rpg Simulation Wiki:

Alternate Names Cultivation Of Heaven, Havenly Demon Cultivation Simulation 
Genre Action, Fantasy, Drama 
Status Ongoing 
Author Hyung Geun Cho 
Illustrator Kwang Hwi 
Characters Seol Hwi, So Ryeong, Heuk Bi, Sima Gui, Chik San, Juk Myung, Bu Ii Gi, Yo Rim
Content Rating Webtoon Intended For Readers 12 And Over 
Administrator Naver 
English Administrator Line Webtoon 
Chapters 43+
Original Run October 6, 2021


The murim RPG simulation wiki is a gem that is not widely popular. It took me a while to get into it after finishing the five chapters a few months ago. I’m not particularly excited about it. I’m sorry to say it, but this manhwa is slow and not what I was expecting. 

After returning to it and reading chapter 50, though, it is worthwhile. This tale, however, is not wholly unique. To make sure that the character decisions were not influencing it, it was read carefully and slowly. The character’s growth in this instance is ongoing. 

Each step that works in his favor could possibly work against him. The first chapter is, in fact, very good. It is built on the same framework as all manga. It’s not a duplicate, though. It contains a unique plot and a character that grows gradually rather than abruptly becoming evil. 

And even if it seems like he made the right decision, everything he does needs to be thoroughly thought out because the results could be devastating for him. In addition, unlike another manhwa that is after a few chapters, this one’s method is challenging to learn. 

The MC might possess magical system knowledge. There are some life points available, though. And rather than death, it can be used as compensation. This is not the same as a suicide hunter or suicidal informant, who might keep reviving without worrying about wasting time.

The Narrative: 

A webcomic that demonstrates the author’s talent (as I said earlier). The main character, who at first has a limited lifespan, considers a wide range of options, and finally rejects them when he dies. The data that separate the opponent from the main character’s history and stamina are uneven, erratic, and useless because of the other protagonists’ superior strength.

Each element is foreign at first, but then it starts to feel comfortable. Nevertheless, their importance decreases as the tale progresses and the protagonist’s erratic evolution continues.

The Art:

The painting, darn Art Sincerity, and the color panel is stunning. There is something wonderful about the way these panels can be combined. The beautiful colors of the Manhwa give it a distinctive look. A recent connection panel that I really enjoy is seen here. There are also some really good battle panels, like this one with Broli, a Super Saiyan.


This is the ultimate reference of the murim RPG simulation wiki. Last but not least, if you enjoy Manhwa, you should read this. The artwork is outstanding and deserving of your attention.

But even though the plot is familiar to other Manhwa, the artwork is unique, thus it is still worthwhile to read the Manhwa. We hope this wiki is useful to you. If so, please share your opinions regarding the Murim RPG Simulation Wiki.

Please let us know in the comment section below if there is anything we’ve missed or if you have something to add.