Alternatives to Duolingo: The Best Free Language Learning Apps

There are many languages in this world, and learning one apart from your mother tongue is an uphill task. With that said, the digital age has made it possible to learn a new language in the palm of our hands. Thanks to language learning apps like Duolingo, learning a new language at home effortlessly. 

But are you tired of using Duolingo to learn a language, or do you want to try out apps that are different?

You aren’t alone; a quick search on Duolingo or YouTube will give you dozens of results on Duolingo alternatives

Why look for a Duolingo alternative?

Duolingo is an excellent language learning app as it’s free, and anyone can learn the basics of a new language. Duolingo allows you to learn dozens of languages, including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and more. But as with any app, it has its own limits and can quickly get repetitive. 

If you can resonate with what we are speaking, here are some language-learning apps that will bring in variety to your language-learning process and accelerate your language skills faster. 

Language learning apps like Duolingo that are great for language learning

There is no right solution for everyone- and that’s okay. There are plenty of free language learning apps out there for you to try. So here are our Duolingo alternative suggestions you can try out. 


To learn a European, Asian, Japanese, French, Chinese, or German language, LingoDeer is a great alternative to Duolingo. The app doesn’t just teach you a few travel phrases; it takes you through the grammar of the language.

In short, you can learn a new language with LingoDeer as it trains you to read, speak, and writing skills through 10-minute sessions every day.


Another free language learning app is Memrise which is just as smooth and easy to work with. It also supports offline online courses and supports a massive number of languages. You can start with simple lessons and work through more advanced lessons. 

The unique thing about Memrise is that it teaches new words and phrases from a language. Learners can view multiple images, and you can scroll through images that overlay foreign text with recognizable photos for the more close association. 

Memrise also mixes up translations to learn a few words at once and helps users keep learning them repeatedly in different orders before moving to the next round. Memrise is accessible from iPhone, iPad, Android, and web browsers. 

Rosetta Stone

Another professional-grade service for language learning alternative to Duolingo is Rosetta stone, a free app specifically to help travelers learn basic words and phrases. 

The platform ties images to common phrases that are spoken in a specific language. Learners have to repeat the words back to work with their pronunciation.

The app also has a phrasebook with basic words related to daily life scenarios like getting around, talking to strangers, phrases related to restaurants, and more. 


Compared to Duolingo, Babbel has fewer offerings than other language learning apps that we have on this list. But, it leverages tried and tested language learning techniques that are effective and has the option to download lessons for offline study. 

The app starts with vocabulary building through images and repetition. As the learner’s skills increase, the app directly adapts the classes to complex and difficult examples. 


Named after the Busuu language, about to become extinct, the app offers training in a dozen languages. Learners can also master the Busuu language. The app has a free and premium version and provides a smaller amount of free content. 

The free version comes with interactive exercises and quizzes created as fun exercises.


Most language learning platforms focus on building self-guided lessons, but HelloTalk takes a new approach; instead of offering predetermined lessons, students are connected with native speakers who are experts in a specific language. Learners can then communicate conversationally with tutors using text and voice messages. 

The platform also comes with integrated correction tools where learners can make corrections to each other’s mistakes in real-time. It also comes with a translation tool to use when you are not aware of the right word or phrase where you want to convey what you want to speak. 

With over 10 million users and over 100 native languages, HelloTalk has a functionality that allows learners to create a public post and engage with the entire community of native speakers for their target language. This way, users can get quick answers to language questions or post updates on the progress.

Which is the best Duolingo alternative

Choosing a language-learning app is the best way to learn a language. And now you have plenty of options to choose from. If you are already using Duolingo, consider using other apps along with Duolingo to expand your language learning path. 

Building your own language learning platform

Now, if you are an entrepreneur looking to take advantage of this high demand for online language learning, you can build a language learning platform like Duolingo. 

If you are an experienced language trainer who is offering one-to-one language sessions to learners, building an app like Duolingo is an excellent way to begin your career as a language tutor. To cater to the increasing demand, you can build an online language learning platform for the global learner base.

The best way to create a language learning app like Duolingo is to use a custom self-hosted language learning platform with the personalized features you need. If you are looking for a recommendation, you can choose Pinlearn is, a professional online tutoring software to bring in high-value and scalable language classes. Customize your learning platform according to your unique business needs while offering a seamless learning experience to your students. 


Regardless of what your native language is, learning a new language is a great way to broaden your language skills, either for personal reasons or to expand your career. People who can communicate clearly with their clients in their native language increase your acceptance.