Acronis backup: The ultimate backup solution for your business

Fed up with the orthodox backup service for your cloud platform? Switch to Acronis backup service for the reliable and secure backup solution for your business. Whether you’re running a small business or large one, it really doesn’t matter because Acronis backup allows you to take a backup of all your data at an affordable price and that too in a secure and reliable way. It allows you to take a backup of your data with centralized web-based management. That means your data is located in the centralized place so that any time you want all your data, you can take the same in a short period of time with a few clicks. It is the world’s easiest and fastest cloud backup India solution which protects everything on your Windows servers.

The Acronis backup service allows you the active protection and for that, you can protect your server from ransomware with a technology that actively detects, blocks, and reverts back suspicious changes to data, backup files, etc.

The general features of Acronis backup are as follows:

  • Fast: You can easily achieve RTO’s of 15 seconds or less i.e. 2x faster than the closest competitor.
  • Easy: You can take backup locally and to the cloud within a few clicks.
  • Complete: You can easily protect all your data from several platforms such as physical, virtual cloud, endpoint, and mobile.
  • Safe: It is the safest way to take backup of your data just by choosing any one of the encryption standards.
  • Modern: It is the trending backup solution trusted by more than 500,000 small businesses.

Now the key features of Acronis backup are as follows:

  • Cloud and local web console
  • Physical, Virtual, Cloud, Applications, Mobile, etc.
  • Fast Results
  • Microsoft business application protection
  • Acronis Universal Restore
  • Acronis cloud storage
  • Safe solution
  • Encrypted storage
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Acronis Instant Restore

Basic system requirements to install Acronis backup solution:

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, OS X, iOS, Android.
  • Hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere ESXi, RHEV, Linux KVM, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM Server.
  • Cloud Workloads: Microsoft Azure, Amazon, EC2.

MilesWeb Acronis Data Backup Plans:

MilesWeb also offers the scalable Acronis data backup plans which starts at Rs. 650/month that includes, 100 GB backup space, Office 365 Backup, Unlimited Mobile Devices, Unlimited Desktops, Any Servers, Any Virtual Machines, Upgrade Options Available.

The architecture of the Acronis Hybrid Cloud is as follows:

The architecture is totally self-explanatory which depicts all the features and services of the Acronis backup

ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) recently confirmed that Acronis backup not only provides the data backup, but also it enables full system recovery, virtual and physical machines to bare-metal recovery, migration capabilities, cloud-based disaster recovery, etc.

Acronis backup is one of the best data backup solutions that you can have with two editions:

  • Acronis Backup Standard
  • Acronis Backup Advanced

There are various web hosting companies out there in the market which provides you the Acronis backup solution for your business. You need to figure it out, which is the best provider according to your business needs or website requirements.

MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting providers that offers Acronis backup service on a hybrid cloud server hosting solution that protects all your online systems, mobile, and handheld devices anytime, anywhere. The leading web hosting company offers a cost-effective data backup solution that is highly customizable, depending on all your requirements. One of the most important features of the mentioned data backup service is to protect Office 365 emails, contacts, calendar, and attachments. The Acronis data backup solution offers the best service in a web hosting environment, including the cloud hosting platform.

There are 3 ways from which you can easily recover your data in a disaster recovery plan such as:

1. Backup first:
This is the first step and you need to ensure your data safety to have a reliable backup in place.

2. Continuity:
At any disaster moment, if you lose your data or the hardware fails for some reason, then you can easily operate remotely through the cloud while fixing or replacing your hardware failure and your business continues as usual.

3. Restore:
You can easily restore your lost data directly from the cloud to replace hardware within a few seconds.

The web hosting company provides you with the ultimate data backup solution through which you can easily focus on your business and enjoy the work knowing that your data is protected.