Top 5 WordPress Plugins any Webmaster Should Know About

Ever thought that your website might not be the best out there in the vast universe of the internet? Ever felt inferior to visiting some websites that showcase some cranky themes and some awesome plugins? Maybe WordPress just made you a little bit closer to the reality and made everything possible and that too for free. The glorious reason as to why WordPress stands out winning always is because of the thousands of free templates to choose from.

The themes are customizable such as changing colors, background and creating sliders or even wavy scrolling actions. WordPress is written using standard compliant high-quality code and produces semantic markup which makes your site very attractive to search engines.

Now let us fix our eyes upon something that the WordPress Community has to offer that is as beautiful as useful:

1. Visual Composer (Drag and Drop Page Builder):

This is the most crucial plugin that just made WordPress one of the easiest content management systems on the market. This plugin saves your time of thinking as to how your website’s front-end and backend page is going to look. Without using any programming language you are just going to roam the internet by your website and build out any layout you can possibly imagine.

Construct your site with the solace of your mouse. Essentially intuitive substance components around the page to outline your format. A site can be made prepared in seconds with pre planned responsive formats for presentation pages, portfolios and so on.

You can also make your website stand out with a beautiful and dynamic animation and Visual Composer Website Builder intelligent system will make your website responsive immediately. This feature will make a Mobile-Friendly Website ensuring that your website never lets you go backwards.

2. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin:

Ever wanted to make the viewer feel some liberty? Well, the Slider Revolution has made it possible in a lot of ways. The primitive of clicking the screen to view some of the next pictures or pages are now endangered and in place comes the Sliders which help you tell your story in no time.

The Slider Revolution looks great and has a wide viewing platform such as Notebooks, Android and Desktops. The slides can be customized for different devices to provide some better graphics viewing.

You get tons of navigation styles of bullets, arrows, tabs & thumbnails with Revolution Slider. To add to the robustness and generous nature of Slider Revolution it just doesn’t look good but also loads pretty fast.

3. WooCommerce for Store Owners:

If you are in for stargazing and definitely want your products to reach out to the stars you can surely rely upon WooCommerce as it is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. An effective deal begins some time before somebody clicks “purchase.” Create a store as one of a kind as your image and make an exceptional affair for exploring your items, substance and site.

WooCommerce comes bundled with PayPal and cash on delivery options and for further increment in the options for the payment gateway you can visit their extensions. And all those taxes you need to worry about are not going to be a fuss in your business anymore as the shipping tax gets calculated on real-time basis. Because of having complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.

4. WMPL Plugin (Multi-Language WordPress Plugin):

Ever felt the need of being in your own city to speak out your mother tongue when you are in a distant new place? Maybe the same is felt by the people who might not understand the language of the website you are presenting them and this might not leave a good impression on your website. Well, your website just got its savior out in the real world.

With the help of Multi-Language WordPress Plugin, it is easy to run a multilingual website. It comes with over 40 languages with a Language editor feature that allows you to add your own language variant.
WPML lets you build and run a multilingual eCommerce site with WooCommerce and enjoy all the services of the WooCommerce. WMPL shows you which text needs translation and builds the complete translated store for you. Even if you need help with the translation, WMPL connects you with the leading translation services and they appear on your website via WMPL’s Translation Dashboard ready for publishing.

5. Contact Form 7:

Multiple contact forms can be handled very easily and we can also manipulate and customize the form and mail contents with a simple markup.
All these plugins might just make your life a lot easier and just help you move on with the exponential increase in the vastness of creativity in today’s websites.