Codeigniter: The ideal Framework for websites

Technology is advancing with each and every passing day. There are two major factors behind this rapid growth that is – the computers and the internet. But they cannot develop on its own. It is the responsibility of humans to make the computers clever than ever before. This is where programmers come into play. The coders outperform themselves each and every to keep the growth of technology upfront and running.

Nowadays there is a wide range of software available to the coders for use. The main objective of this software is to facilitate the coders and reduce the burden on them as much as possible. This software also varies on the basis of the language the programmer wishes to work with.

Almost all of us have heard of PHP. It is basically a programming language that allows the users to develop massive web applications. It is very popular among the users. PHP’s popularity can be mainly attributed to the fact that it provides a lot of ease to the developers.

A PHP codeigniter development framework is what the developers use. By using this PHP framework, one can save a lot of time as it prevents writing of repetitive statements. There is a huge number of PHP frameworks available in the market, and it is very important to choose one wisely, suitable for the purpose. Not every framework offers the same facility to the users. Some of the major factors to be kept in mind while choosing the framework are-

  • Database support
  • Community support
  • Documentation support
  • Model view controller architecture

Database support is of utmost importance to the developers. Depending on which database one chooses for the project, a suitable framework is to be decided. Als the frameworks should have a large number of active and helpful community members. The number of members though doesn’t matter a lot, because even if the framework consists of a small number of helpful members, the purpose gets served. Another thing to look upon closely is the complexity of interaction that occurs. Thus one should make sure that the chosen frameworks have an easy and up to date user guide. This makes working relatively easier.

In spite of all these people do make a lot of mistakes in choosing the suitable framework. One must make sure that it comprises of a good number of helpful people before starting on with their work in a particular framework. Also until and unless if the person is very experienced in PHP, he should take into consideration the ease that a framework tends to provide to its users.

Across this vast array of the framework, the one that stands out form all of its peers is Codeigniter. It has been on the market for some time and is currently grasping a wide number of users. It tends to offer a lot of advantages to its users. It is one of the trusted PHP frameworks out there in the market responsible for the creation of a wide number of innovative websites and web applications. It has a very powerful set of libraries within it that user can call up at any point of time while writing the code. Some of the fields where Codeigniter outperforms its peers available in the market are

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Easy error handling
  • MVC Architecture
  • Active community support

In terms of simplicity, one cannot beat the CodeIgniter for sure. It can be learned by anyone at any age. The developers can establish a firm grab over the vast array of libraries easily and implement it within its code. Thus the work of the coders gets reduced to a certain extent. Also, the users are provided with a rich content of documentation, tutorials to facilitate the users and help the users in their project. Modifying a framework cannot get any simpler. One can easily alter and modify the framework according to the need and requirements of the clients.

Security is an essential part. In this age of the internet, it is of utmost importance. With a large amount of critical data available over the internet, privacy and security are very important. People are very serious when it comes to security, especially in the field of business. For any online business to occur, high security is to be employed in order to mask all the important data being transferred over the internet. Codeigniter solves this problem related to security. One of the main features of the Codeigniter, that is the cookie encryption and decryption feature enable the users to increase security over the network.

There are a lot of complexities that the users tend to face while developing any sort of multifunctional e-commerce websites. Codeigniter eradicates all the complexities. It gives the developers the freedom to follow their own convention while coding.

Codeigniter amazingly, in spite of being such an extensive software does not require any sort of installation. Other frameworks do not offer this facility. Also in Codeigniter one does not have to go through the extensive configuration process. It removes this hassle as users only need to put the models in the folder named “model”.

Error, an inevitable companion of coders. Errors will always be there when writing a code. But it is the work of the software to understand the error and help the user rectify it. Codeigniter has made this error handling relatively easier, as it provides a lot of error handling techniques to its users. Error detection is simpler over this platform. As a result, these errors get to be resolved very quickly and accurately.

Enough stress cannot be given on the requirement of an active community support over any framework. Unlike any other framework, Codeigniter comprises of a large number of users who are of very helpful in nature and more often than not come forward to help other members of the community.

With these amazing set of features and functions, Codeigniter is one of the ideal choice. Thus one should hire PHP developers and help them pave the way for a greater development.