C# development and PHP development

What is the Major Difference in C# Development and PHP Development?

C#, Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, and PHP, if you’ve ever heard these names then, you must be familiar with these programming languages too or have some basic insights about them. These programming languages enable the programmers to give instructions to the computer system in order to process complex swaths of information in an efficient manner. However, each of the languages has its own advantages and disadvantages as compared to the others. Here is the succinct and concise comparison being conducted between PHP and C# (pronounced as C-Sharp).

In the current technological era, both of the web-based applications are used widely; however, there’s a need to evaluate the effectiveness of both programming languages. ASP.net is a paid platform available on Microsoft, whereas, PHP is a free open-source platform for the web developers. Let’s explore a number of categories in which both the programming languages differ:

• Scalability:

The scalability or to be more specific ease of maintenance isn’t a factor to compare the effectiveness of .net platform; however, they can be used to conduct an effective comparison. Both of the PHP and ASP.net using C# are regarded as the scalable languages. The scalability of the language depends upon programming framework, standards, programming practices, and the experience of the programmer. The scalability of the platform is dependent upon the state of your business and the proficiency of the developer. Some of the highly trafficked websites such as Microsoft and Facebook are built using ASP.net and PHP respectively.

• Speed and Performance:

Performance of a language is perceived through the interaction that occurs between server, database, and script. The database used in combination with ASP.net is MSSQL, whereas, the web application development in PHP involves LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) that ensure peak performance. Moreover, the performance is also predominantly impacted by the OS and file system. The Linux OS and ext4 file system in PHP development renders a better Input/output performance as compared to the Windows OS and NTFS file system involved in ASP.net. Conclusively, PHP provides a better speed and performance when associated with the interaction with servers, whereas, ASP.net has no comparison when it comes to the compilation and execution of the code.

• Libraries:

C# is an object-oriented programming language that has a number of inbuilt classes in libraries which are used to provide different functionalities such as displaying the windows or connecting to the internet. The major .NET framework class library consists of interfaces, value types, classes which tend to render access to the system functionality. On the other hand, in PHP, you are required to add the libraries.

• Cost:

As far as the cost is concerned, PHP is a free open-source platform. Moreover, the update can also be downloaded free. There is no additional cost associated with the running of multiple servers and using another server as the backup. On the other hand, ASP.net or C# is typically owned by the Microsoft and a web-hosting fee has to be paid. ASP.net has been designed in a way that works on windows only while buying windows is considered as an expensive thing. The ASP.net development tends to be executed by using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) named Visual Studio whose free version is being offered, whereas, PHP is typically supported by a number of paid and unpaid IDEs.

• Support

PHP is an open-source platform; thus, a number of developers around the globe tend to contribute towards its improvement, update, and providing support to the platform. Moreover, the developer’s community also consistently contributes towards the betterment of the PHP platform. There are many support resources available in PHP. On the other hand, ASP.net has comparatively less number of contributors who could resolve the emerging challenges. Moreover, it has some available number of developers from the platform of Microsoft who could contribute to bringing updates and improvements to the platform.

• Tools and Editors

The PHP developers have an access to a large number of editors. Despite having the ability to implement the full-fledged IDE, these editors tend to use text editors, for example, Notepad++ and VIM. On the other hand, the ASP.net has a variety of IDEs for backup; however, the ASP.net programmers look forward to relying on the Microsoft Visual Studio editor for the development.

Both of the programming languages have their own pros and cons in accordance with a variety of categories. However, the choice of the language depends upon the developer. Learning ASP.net is considered as a difficult task due to the complicated syntax, whereas, PHP is easy-to-learn. Moreover, if you’re encountering difficulties in creating the appealing as well as an informative website using WordPress for yourself, you could avail the assistance of custom WordPress development Services Company. The expert web developers create the bespoke WordPress websites for their prospective clients in order to give a boost to their targeted customers.