5 tips to combine print marketing and digital marketing

5 tips to combine print marketing and digital marketing

According to Banana Print, there is a wide range of techniques that allows digital and print marketing strategies to work together and boost positive results that will be greater than just relying on one of either marketing strategy. Though digital marketing has become the norm that does not mean the traditional print marketing method must be ignored because they are still effective. There are some statistics that show that print marketing is still relevant. In 2015, more than 2.5 billion printed coupons were redeemed by customers, and almost 11 million printed catalogs were mailed within the United States alone in 2015.

Here are some ideas and tips to make digital and print marketing methods work hand in hand to achieve greater marketing results.

#1: Make use of digital opt-ins for your direct mailings

When it comes to digital media, there seem to be lots of back and forth issues when using digital media for direct mailings. You need to learn how to maximize such interchanges, in order to increase profits and results from both ends. In the case of catalogs, for instance, people like getting catalogs on their mailboxes, but the information on such catalogs may not be available online. Turning colorful pages in fashion magazines make more meaning to most people but catalog printing may not be affordable sometimes, hence you need to get customers to opt-in to receive direct catalogs online, into their mailboxes. Make sure the quality of online catalog is the same as printed copies to achieve the same desired result but at the same time save money. The use of opt-in in combining digital with printed marketing strategies will help you personalize your campaign to achieve better results. You can read more on this by visiting banana print.

#2: Make use of QR codes along with personalized URLs

Aside from the use of Letterhead printing, and some other printable marketing contents, you can also make use of QR codes with personalized URLs. QR codes were very promising when they were newly introduced, but they have not lived up to expectations. While QR may not produce excellent results on their own, they can offer some complementary features when combined with personalized URLs, to achieve certain campaign goals. With the merger of QR codes with personalized URLs, you will be able to gain more insights into who your customers are and where they are coming from. You will also gain information on where your customers are engaging with printable materials. This combination helps you cover the gap between your online and offline campaigns because the merger will encourage your offline customers to visit your social media pages, landing pages, and your website.

#3: combine your in-store displays with social media campaigns

In-person displays are always good for physical businesses. While you are holding an event in your physical store, you can distribute some printable materials such as Letterhead Printing materials, brochures, and pamphlet, and also indulge in some personal conversations with potential customers and at the same time, you must identify the opportunities that can help you bring some offline customers online- one of these is to combine in-store displays with social media engagements.

If you have a booth at a fundraiser or any other event, for instance, you can install a touch screen kiosk where visitors are encouraged to follow you on social media and check out what you have to offer and even win great prizes, especially on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By encouraging them to sign up right at that event, you will likely build a stronger connection between them and your brand and you will gain more insights into who will drive activities to your brand.

#4: Make use of call to action to drive traffic from print to digital

Most printed materials are designed to basically to spread information about products and services, or simply raise brand awareness. You can utilize call-to-action on this print materials in order to encourage your audience to visit your social media pages. These printed materials must also be available on your website and social media pages, in order to drive people from such pages to your physical stores. Printed materials can provide a two-way marketing opportunity. Print materials can work in two ways; to drive traffic from online (when posted on social media pages), to offline stores and from offline to online stores.

#5 Make sure you constantly seek out feedback on both digital and print marketing campaigns.

One of the benefits of crossing over from print to digital and combining the two is that you will be able to have meaningful insights on steps taken by your customers when they come in contact with such digital or print materials. Seeking out feedback means you are ready to dangle some attractive discounts before your customers before they leave your social media pages or while they are reading your Letterhead printing or any other campaign material.

In conclusion, experts are of the opinion that combining both digital and print marketing campaign can increase ROI (Return on Investment) by more than 60 %, hence there is every chance it will work for you too.