How to lift your online reputation

Reputation is defined as the overall trait or character seen and judged by people. Your reputation is one that will be persistent with what your potential customers and audience presume to be true about you and your brand. Reputations are formed in the minds of people with whom you interact – online and in-person.

Your reputation is verbalized as a faith about who you are, what you value the most and what are you offering to your customers. Latest researches indicate that businesses miss more than 20% of their opportunities when their potential customers and audience find negative feedback about them on search engines.

For example, a person who publicly states that he is passionate about helping the underprivileged communities and donates his time, money and resources to provide them a house is quite trusted because he is going along with what he proclaims.

If you have some negative content about your brand, then you should check the questionable content and even keep an eye on what people are talking about your brand. If you are facing posers with optimizing your online reputation, you can hire online reputation management in India (or anywhere).

Spring cleaning:

This is the first step for optimizing your online reputation but make sure that you evaluate yourself (as a business unit or an individual entrepreneur) and find out what is showing up when searched about you or your brand on search engines. Do this with all the best search engines. Review your Facebook and Twitter history for any damaging information and clean those up. Once cleaned, start with new posts.

Social Account and Personal domain:

This strategy is slightly specific to business rather than individual reputation building. Once you have cleaned up, buy a domain with your brand name or appropriate keywords. This will make certain that when your audience searches for your brand, they find exactly what you want them to find.
Social accounts are also important and great means to influence your audience, follow the same strategy for your brand’s social accounts and optimize your profile for maximum SEO.

Use Posting Planner:

In order to maintain your reputation as an individual or a brand, it is very important to remain active on social media. Hence create a planner for posting content regularly. Update your social account regularly with relevant information that will be helpful for your viewers. Think about what people like about you and/or your brand and post accordingly to increase their interest.

Use of Tools for monitoring your brand:

Tools can be used for monitoring personal reputation and your brand’s reputation. They are low-cost or some are even free; they can help you to get to know what opinions and reviews people are writing about you. You can try tools like:

Google Alerts: This can be a better option for personal reputation management and you can add alerts by following some simple steps. It will pull relevant information for search terms provided by you; you can also choose the type of results, where to show and when to show.

Naymz: This tool can help you to track and manage your online reputation. The higher is your influence, the better will be your reputation. Repscore is a program in Naymz which will rate your online reputation.

Hootsuite: This is a social media management tool to help you maintain all your social networks at one place. You can connect three social profiles, schedule messages and receive basic reports of analysis for free.

Complain search box: Complain Search box is a website which does a Google search for over 40 complaint sites. It is an easy way to find out what negative feedback customers are writing about your brand.

Authenticate Google Listing:

Nameless Google listing is not good and you can miss lot of opportunities to offer valuable information to your customers and readers. Check and update the contact information (if needed) for your business before the edits appear across Google’s search.

Govern your Online Reviews and incite Positive Feedback:

If you have a business with not even a single review, chances are that you will be rated as 1-star. Hence, it’s high time that you encourage your customers to review you and provide their valuable feedbacks on your website. You can also create attractive offers to boost your sales.

Take Away:

Online reputation management helps you to govern what to show up when people search for you online. Negative reviews, risky posts can give a negative impact about you and/or your brand and thus, damage your reputation. But service providers for online reputation management in India (or anywhere else) can help you manage a positive reputation not only on your website but also on social media.

Apart from this you can also avail services of a digital marketing agency in India (or anywhere else) to boost your sales, build a reputation and optimize your SEO services.