5 Practical Tips to Make an Impact Quickly in a New Position

You’re talented, driven and ready to tackle your new job. Regardless of how qualified you are for the position, you still have to face your new coworkers and figure out how you fit into the culture at your new company. Here are some ways to make the transition easier and start affecting positive changes in the company right away.

1. Ask Questions and Remember the Answers

This practice not only shows you’re willing and eager to learn but also that you respect and value others. If the question you ask requires a more complex answer, take notes so you don’t waste time asking the same question multiple times.

2. Always Use Positive Words and Body Language

Learning the responsibilities of a new role and trying to form relationships with your coworkers simultaneously can be very stressful. Make a conscious effort to keep everything about your demeanor and communication upbeat to help put people at ease and enable you to relax.

3. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

When you demonstrate an excitement to participate in activities and contribute to the company, your new boss will appreciate it. Because most people learn better through hands-on tasks, it can also be a way to get ahead of the game.

4. Play Dress Up

It is almost always better to be overdressed when you start a new job. Taking the time to look clean, stylish and professional can make a positive statement about your enthusiasm and demonstrate your personality.

5. Arrive Early

It can help to pull up about half an hour early and spend some time in your car to mentally prepare for the day. Then you can go in about ten minutes early so you’re ready to work at your scheduled start time.

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