PMP exam

PMP exam and certification: a new path of online successful career

The PMP right now is the world’s largest leading certification. It is globally acknowledged by all and at the same time it is internationally acknowledged professional designation which is offered by the most of the distinguished project management institutions. This PMP exam is considered as one of the toughest exams to crack and pass out with a good percentage.

If you want to sit for the project management professional exam then you must check the previous year’s PMP sample questions to bring an idea what types of questions come in the examination. However, as we all know the toughness of this examination hence, the preparation should be very strong to answer the questions.

Those students who already appeared for the PMP exam know the fact how hard is the PMP exam to crack it. In the first attempt it is quite impossible to pass the exam. Even after giving two, three or four attempts students cannot pass out the exam as well.

Hence, you can get the idea about the toughness of this exam. In addition, if you once crack the exam with a good percentage of numbers then a bright future awaits you. One will have to do very well preparation regarding PMP prep.

Project Management Phases

There are altogether five phases of this project management. If you want to know about all the phases then   give your all attention in the discussion below.

1. Project Initiation

The project initiation means a project starts. The main motive of this phase is to present the project in front of a board level. Generally this phase starts with a business case. Another important part of this phase is to decide whether the particular project is feasible or not, you should undertake the project or not as well. After that if the project clears the green light then you will have to make the project initiation document where you will have to mention the purpose and requirements of the project as well.

2. Project Planning

The second phase of this project management plays the important role to bring the success. This project planning phase starts with setting a goal and you need to follow two popular setting goals to get the success. One is S.M.A.R.T. goal and another one is C.L.E.A.R.

To bring success for the business you need to follow up these two setting goals attentively.

3. Project Execution

The third phase gives all its focus on development and completeness of the project. While a lot of things are happening in the business through this phase you will have to execute all the important things like reports, development updates, meetings and performance reports as well.

4. Project Performance Or Monitoring

Moving into the fourth phase of project management is monitoring everything related with the business. Through this phase you will have to keep your eyes on the project and will have to notice whether the project is on the right track or not. There are some important key factors which one needs to pay attention to as well. Those key factors are project objectives, project performance, quality deliverables and cost tracking and cost.

5. Project Closure

This is the last phase of project management and represents the whole project as well. Through the project closure you can recognise your flaws that you make one project and will solve those mistakes in upcoming projects as well. Even you can make a project punch list as well where will mention which things are not accomplished during the project and later with the help of the team members one need to complete it.


Hence here we discuss some of the things about project management professionals shortly. Hope this information helps you to know more about the PMP and PMP phases.