Pocket Emo

Pocket Emo | How To Install and Download [2022 Updated Guide]

Pocket Emo! Have you ever heard about it? No? Then don’t worry, this is what you are going to learn about in this article. And after reading this we can assure you that your life will be easier and full of fun. 

Almost all of us get some spare time in the busiest schedules of our lives. And we all want to spend those spare hours doing an activity that is full of fun and is interesting too. This is what Pocket Emo is made for. Gaming culture is increasing day by day and we have a lot of games on the web to play.

Sometimes it becomes confusing to decide which game should we play but if you are someone who only wants to spend time and have fun without using your mind as you are too lazy to do that or maybe you don’t enjoy using it while having fun, Then Pocket Emo can be the best choice for you. 

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What Is Pocket Emo? 

What Is Pocket Emo

No doubt, we have all gone through a phase in our teenage life where anything. And everything seems so frustrating and depressing and all we wanted was to give up on all of those annoying things. Sometimes even our home becomes a premise of depression for us.

In Pocket Emo before you begin with it you will get an Emo which is a teenage character in the game itself. You will have to dress it up as per your preferences. And then you will be asked by the game to name this character and how you like it. This game was established in 2007 and it is a stimulating kind of game.

You will find this Eco character somewhat resembling the talking tom but it is quite more developed in its features which will make you feel like it is a natural human being. Because you can feed it, play with it, make it scribble on its diary, give it a razor, and most importantly you have to make sure that your Emo Pocket is happy. So you have to do all those activities with it that make it happy and avoid doing the ones that make it unhappy. 

You will be like a guardian to Pocket Emo as you will be spending your time with it, playing with it, and taking care of it. And perform all the functions it requires and wants you to Do. The best part about this game is that you can order your customized Pocket Emo stickers as well.

What To Expect From Pocket Emo? 

There are a lot of things that you can expect while playing the game. And that too without using much of your brain. Because Pocket Emo is there just to give you fun and a lot of fun.

1. Mood: 

Pocket Emo gives you a choice to keep track of your character’s mood swings by using the mood feature just beside the heart option. You can get to know how your emo character is feeling whether It is feeling happy, sad, annoyed, depressed, or whatever. 

2. Activities 

The main motive you should be to keep your emo character as happy as possible by doing things that make it happy. And avoid doing things that make it feel sad, depressed, or annoyed. You can feed it, play with it, make it scribble on a diary, and also give it a razor to use. 

3. Dress Up: 

Well, who doesn’t like dressing up, but while playing Pocket Emo, you won’t have to dress up yourself but you’ll be dressing up your Emo Character. You can decide its clothes, look, and hairstyle and can create the character of your dreams The Ideal Emo Character. 

You can even choose the facial expressions of it. If you are someone who wants your character to look funky and cool you can even choose piercing, rimmed glasses, sunglasses belts, wristbands, side bags, etc. Just imagine when a game is giving an option to decide all these minimal details of your character and how much interesting it will be.

4. Action: 

The functions that you can perform with your Emo character are not only limited to dressing up or deciding the mood. As told you earlier that this character is just like a natural human being. But the difference but within the screen. So you will be able to perform a lot more functions with it such as feeding it a burger. Making it play with a ball, the best function that you can perform with it is to make it write in a diary. 

Don’t these things seem intellectual? You must be thinking that there must be some fun actions too that can be performed with it. Don’t worry there are as you can even make it listen to the songs how fun-loving character you Emo is. Last but not least the game also allows you to give a razor to your Emo character. Even though it is least liked by it nonetheless. Your Emo character will accept it and make you take it away.

How To Make Pocket Emo Happy? 

Making Pocket Emo happy is also known as beating Pocket Emo. The only thing that allows you to win the game is increasing the happiness of your Emo Pocket. On the top right of the game’s screen, five hearts allows you to monitor the happiness of your Pocket Emo. It will also help you know whether your happiness is increasing or decreasing. And what is the current mood of your Pocket Emo.

The unhappy emotion is represented by a broken heart. In this case, the heart gets split into half which will make you know that your EMO character is unhappy and when all the five hearts are repaired it means that your EMO character is happy which implies it is pleasing. And there are high chances of you winning the game. So to beat Pocket Emo, you must learn the art of how to make Pocket Emo happy so that all the five hearts are repaired.

Now the question is how to make your pocket EMO happy? You must be thinking that playing with it, making it write. And doing all the stuff with it will make it happier, and giving it a razor might make it unhappy. And it is assured that you will be surprised to know that this is not the case. 

Playing with it making it write or giving it a razor makes it unhappy. The only key to its happiness is to leave it alone and do nothing with it. That’s how you can make your EMO character happy and can beat the game effortlessly by making sure to leave it alone for a good number of hours if you want to beat the game.

Where To Get The Game?

This game can be played on any device such as a mobile, tablet, computer, or laptop. It is an online browser game that you can play online without needing to install it on your device. All you need to have is any web browser and you will be good to go. 

Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed on the device on which you are playing the game. Because you will not be able to play it if it is not installed on the device.

This game can also be found on several gaming websites such as mindistotrtion and others such as arcade cabin, armor games, flasharcadegamessite, etc. The best part is these gaming websites impart a link for you to embed your Emo character on WordPress, Myspace, or even your website. As this will give a personal touch to it for the viewers to scroll through giving you a sense of satisfaction.

Benefits Of Having Pocket Emo?

Now you are ready to rock through your spare time as now you will have your own Emo Character to take care of. It will make you fall in love with it as there are so many things you can enjoy doing with it or for it. You will feel like you have got a friend of your own or maybe a pet of yours. Because from you can play with it, make it eat, write and can even make it use a razor.

Most of the games require you to use your brain which is not liked by many of us. But this is not the case with Pocket Emo as the only thing it wants you to have is fun. You will start remembering your teenage days by seeing the behavior of your Emo Pocket.

In a world full of gamification techniques and stuff, we all want to develop our gaming websites and want a personal touch in whatever we do with the game. This is also possible with Pocket Emo as you can embed your character on WordPress and other websites and can create a good number of fanbases if your character is interesting and engaging enough for the audience scrolling through.

The best part is the only thing that can enable you to beat. And winning the game is increasing the happiness of your Emo and that’s what you need in real-life too. No matter what the situation is all you need to win through the toughest circumstances of life is happiness. 

This also gives a message to a lot of our teenagers to stay happy. And to make your Emo happy you don’t need to engage much with it. And do nothing which is again a good thing. As it won’t make you a screen addict. 


If you are also bored of all the existing games on your device then it’s time for you to switch to Pocket Emo. The most engaging and fun-loving game. The only game that allows you to have all the fun without using much of your brain so that you can feel relaxed after playing it and don’t feel mentally exhausted which happens after playing the other games.

This came will not occupy much of the storage on your device as you don’t need to download it. Because it is a browser game that needs to be played online on any browser of your choice. And any website there is no specific website for it. It is more feasible as you don’t need to have a proper gaming or computer system to play this game. And can play it on any device available to you even on a phone or a tablet.

You will find it more interesting because unlike all the other games. It gives the option of knowing the mood of your character which will make you feel more connected with it. Apart from feeding it, deciding on its clothes, or playing with it the most important thing for you to make sure is that your Emo character is happy and that’s the only thing that enables you to win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q 1. Can we name our Pocket Emo? 

Ans. Yes soon after you have decided its clothes. And their look the next thing you need to do is name your Emo with a name of your choice.

Q 2. Do we need to download it? 

Ans. No, it is not necessary to download it you can play it on any device and any website of your choice. There are so many websites that enable you to play this game.

Q 3. How to win the game? 

Ans. The only thing that enables you to win the game is increasing the happiness of your Pocket Emo. On the top right corner of your gaming screen, there is five heart that will tell you the mood of your Pocket Emo. You have to make sure they are repaired for your character to be happy. Because if they are split or broken that means your character is unhappy, depressed, or annoyed.

Q 4. Can we do fun activities with it?

Ans. Yes, apart from playing and making it scribble on a diary you can also listen to songs with it which will allow you to have maximum fun by adding a pop of music to your game.