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Miniature Market: Features, Reviews, App, Coupon & News

The miniature market makes up for the majority of gaming of board games, collectible miniatures,table-top games, role-playing games etc. In 2004 in Buffalo Newyork, the miniature Market originally began. However, they initially began with a contracted supply of only 500 products. 

Even so, he soon moved to St Louis in Missouri accompanied by a great desire to expand this company within the bigger seller of amusement in the US. However, their initial retail shop spread out in South St. Louis County on Watson Road. As well, their record for games has now increased to above 18,000 products. 

At the miniature market, they have something in store for every game fanatic. This could potentially be a dream come true for people interested in indoor gaming. 

The team at Miniature Market believes that their extraordinary customer service is the backbone behind their company’s success. In addition, miniature markets’ ultimate priority is to take into consideration what appeals to their customers. Be it, building a website with a suitable user interface, giving product alerts once it’s restocked, customer orders, and even quick product support. 

They also provide consumers with customer service for up to five days ( Monday-Friday ) via phone call or email. Queries regarding products, product details, shipping, and transactions made simple by the team at the market. 

What Is the Miniature Market?

The miniature market covers most facets of gaming from board games, table-top games, collectible miniatures, role-playing games and so much more. Miniature Market originally started around 2004 in Buffalo, New York. They initially started with a constricted supply of 500 products only. 

But he soon shifted to St Louis in Missouri with great hopes of expanding this company into the largest seller of games in the US. Their very first retail shop opened on Watson Road in South St. Louis County. Their inventory for games has now extended to over 18,000 products. 

In 2015, this market had launched a Review Corner. In that section, they started reviewing multimedia games and more. However, after this, the market introduced a really responsive website which boosted their inventory to 50,000 items. This is why they expanded customer service hours from Monday through Friday (8 am – 5 pm). 

Does the Miniature Market Have Any App?

Miniature Market does have an application for you to shop from the comfort of your homes. All the products that are available in the retail stores can very well be found on their app such as Dungeon Games, Rackham Confrontation, Chessex Dice, Vallejo Paint, etc. 

They have premium packaging on any order, leaving much less to worry about your game’s condition. Also, that miniature market shipping delivers products really fast as compared to international shipping standards on other sites. If you’re subscribed to their newsletter you will receive all the latest details regarding discounts, sales, and other offers. 



In this category, each product that you’re going to find is discounted. Almost 747 gaming items are available under deals. Deals have been divided into subcategories like Clearance, Just Reduced, Last Chance & On Sale. The products are from reputable manufacturers such as Alderac Entertainment Group, Arcane Wonders Games, Asmodee, etc. 

Accessories –

Under this feature, you will find everything that will help you play a board game, card game, or role-playing game. Accessories are also divided amongst board game supplies, gaming gear, F-Stop Camera Gear, new releases, model paints, and so on & forth. The miniature market has about 5285 items in their gaming accessories. The customer can filter in between playing times, genre, mechanics, suggested age, etc. 

Rewards –

This is the most attractive feature when shopping from this market. Yes, the customer can acquire rewards but the process is different in the app and retail store. If you’re buying from the app then you must be logged in to the account to redeem these vouchers. If the customer is buying from their retail store, he/she will need to give their email id at the checkout. 

Buy Back – 

This is another unique feature that the market provides, any consumer can sell used gaming products to them. Someone has to add the items they wish to sell to their Buy Back cart. Contact details and other related comments describing the product should be submitted for approval. One can receive due payment after their product has arrived and been verified at the miniature markets facility center. 

Miniature Market Review: 

Miniature Markets for most game connoisseurs is a store/website that consists of over 75,000 gaming items. People are intrigued by the quality control of the products they’re acquiring and the attention to detail some say is exquisite. They are also known to ship overseas with cheap shipping charges. This makes this market reach customers around the world. 

In a miniature market review, it says that they have excellent speedy delivery especially if an individual is ordering outside America. In addition, this Market very often gives exclusive offers on their products. 

Miniature Market Coupon Offer:

Miniature Market supports the coupon or gift card only in the USA, starting from $5 to $250. Every gift coupon is different and generated the next day by their Customer Support Staff. At the checkout, please enter ‘Discount codes and Gift Certificates’ and then apply it as you like. Customers should keep in mind that the gift cards are valid only till 2 years after they have been issued. 

Miniature Market Shipping Services:

Their warehouse is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and however, the items dispatch for delivery from there and take different transit times based on the location. Miniature Market uses UPS as its transit carrier. In the case of international tracking orders, it can take up to three days for the information to load in the customer accounts. 

Orders above $99 are free of cost which applies only to orders within the USA. 

Latest News:

This particular category is very useful in terms of customer experience. In the Daily Updates section of their website, one can get notified regarding the restocking of certain products, discounts, deals on games, preorders, and clearance items. This means you don’t have to call customer service for every other query.   

Frequent question answers:

Q. When Does the Miniature Market Restock?

If one subscribed to their newsletter then you’ll receive an email for the product to restock. The Miniature Markets regularly restocks items in large quantities. 

Q. Who Owns the Miniature Market?

Steven Lucinski is the owner of Miniature Market which is an LLC retail shop for numerous gaming products located in Missouri, USA.

Q. How Long Does the Miniature Market Take To Ship?

It takes considerably less time to deliver within the States but it generally takes 1 to 2 days to process and ship a product overseas. 

Q. What Is the Miniature Market Deal of the Day?

Currently Miniature Market is offering a deal revolving around Halloween, the R.I.P sale which has discounted products up to 85% off.

Q. Is the Miniature Market Legit?

Yes, it is, Miniature Market is a trusted brand when looking for games & gaming products. They have an incredibly diverse but affordable range of items.