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Gpo Map | The Grand Piece Online Map Locations 

This post was revised concerning gpo map also comprehended as the Grand Piece Online Map. it is an online seafaring Roblox game inspired by the one-piece anime and manga serious. Players are given free power to analyze a wonder-filled water world that should be very knowledgeable to those who follow the adventures of Luffy and his ragtag crew. 

Definitely, sailing the high seas is a lot more fun when you know where you are going. We are not aware of the gpo map. Everyone has appreciated recreating Roblox’s grand piece online game. 

The favor of the contest can be estimated by its users. With an additional 1 million players, it is one of the best prevalent Roblox games ever. To play the game, a new modernize has been launched in GPO, which also retains gpo map update 4, which has added many new things, GPO regulations, and maps. 

This article is for you if you are looking for a GPO map and do not have any idea about it. After reading this article, you’ll get the details of the grand piece online map GPO and GPO codes. 

Gpo Grand Piece Online Map:

The overworld of GPO is divided into two main areas including the first sea also known as the sea of Phoeyu and the second sea or the new world. However, the maps for both regions are given below. There you will find the full list of their islands and the suggested level you should be at when seeing them, and what things you can see there. 

Gpo First Sea Map:

In the GPO first sea map, you can discover Marinefort G-1, Gravito’s Fort, Coco Island, Fishman Cave, Arlong Park, Trade Island, Elo Island, Roca Island, Battle, Orange Town, Beginners’ Town, Kroi Island. 

name of islandavailable items for purchase suggested level droppable items 
orange town 50+buggy cape(10%)
Fishman colosseum any 
barite black leg 40+
land of the skykenbunshoku haki,potions 105+
marine fortf-1any 
coco islandgeppo trainer, disable jambeany
Fishman island Fishman karate 190+
beginnings’ town den den mushi, caravel. wooden, plank, cannon balls, shovel, rowboat, wooden, shotgun, rifle, pistol any eye patch(50%)
Sandora 10+bazooka(25%)
gravity’s fort 160+gravity blade(5%), hoverboard(1%), gravito’s cape(5%)
sea serpent(rough waters)200+slayer’s armor set(1%), sea beast katana(5%), slayer’s mask(1%), sea serpent’s core(1%)
along park 70+kiribachi(5%)
roca island one-sword-style, katanaany
sphinx island 65+gorilla king crown(5%)
reverse mountain eternal pose 345+
island of zoumink combat(electric fighting style)30+carrot(50%)

??? shrine —
325+word scroll
colosseum any 
ryu’s palace 210+ryu’s blade(5%), shark necklace(5%)
marine base g-1240+captain Zhen’s cape(5%), marine captain’s cape(5%), bisento(1%)
neptune’s throne230+neptune’s crown(5%), neptune’s trident(1%)
shell’s town barrels, potions, galleon, hammer20+metal jaw(25%)

Gpo Second Sea Map:

In gpo second sea map, there you can discover a desert kingdom, rough waters, a winter wonderland, Sashi island, and spirit island. 

Gpo Map Location:

Gpo Map Second Sea Place Of Availability:

  1. The Desert Kingdom>level-325-purchaseables>> Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo Food-Drops>Kingdom Guard Costume, Crab Cutlass, Cho’s Crown, Golden Hool, Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape. 
  1. Rough waters>level 325-325-drops>>sea serpent Kraken.
  1. Winter-Wonderland> level-350 (level350)purchaseables>>everlasting post falls> gift of shield and costume or Santa’s costume, and the blessing of a tall hat or the gift of Honors, and the gift from Rudolph’s hat of beard, gift of Scarfor pepper-mint, the scarf for the season, the blessing of the tree, and celebration lancer. 
  1. Sashi island>any level-purchasables> 2 sword style drops> Musashi’s Rose Katana and Musashi’s hat, Musashi’s Karuta, and Musashi’s Crimson Katana.
  1. Spirit Island(level-325) – purchaseables>> Busoshoku V2.  

Gpo Land Of The Sky Map Locations:

  1. Sky town-district 1> any level- corruptible> potions and drops none
  2. Sky town-district 2> level 100- corruptible> no drops none none
  3. Sky town-district 3> level135- corruptible>no drops none none
  4. Sky colosseum> any level- corruptible> brews drops none
  5. The tree> level 120 to 125- corruptible> burn- 5 5/cent and Bruno bazooka less than skype glide capacity drop
  6. Sea castle> level 111- corruptible> no drops- Skyblue katana(5/cent), head guardian head guard’s helmet(5 5/cent)
  7. Heaven’s gate- any level- corruptible> no drops
  8. Golden city- 155.0 level- corruptible> Kenbunshoku Haki drops more than Enel, golden staff(5 5%))

GPO codes:

One of the most exciting features of GPO is its private server codes, which allow players to create their servers and customize the gameplay experience to their liking. These GPO private server codes allow players to host events or invite friends to play together. In addition to accessing private servers, there are also certain codes that players can use to redeem items, such as fruit resets and race rerolls.

Here you can see that we have listed the considerable draft performing gpo map Roblox online codes below. Redeem-free stat resets, fruit resets, and race rerolls, and the notifications can be used by them. They can support you to adjust your game. Also, they can assist you to find out the most creative and powerful devil fruits. 

Since the codes can lapse after a certain moment, it is important to make sure that you utilize them as shortly as probable. 

However, there are no recent codes as of 16 May 2022. But there is an update that was disclosed in Discord. However, you can predict some additional details and codes to be removed momentarily. 

New GPO codes:

The new update of gpo map is here—-

  1. Redeem code for race rerolls– 470K14XRACEREROLLS
  2. Redeem code for a 2x drop rate boost– FREE1HOUR2XDROPRATE
  3. Redeem code for a free stat reset– 440KLIKESSPRESET
  4. Redeem code for a devil fruit reset– FREEDFRESET
  5. Redeem code for a race rerolls– 435K8XRACERELLOS


Hope you like our gpo map(Grand Piece Online Map) post. We represent the information about GPO maps as we can. If you are interested in this type of post, then comment on us your topic. We definitely try to cover your topic.  

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