How Can Salesforce Help in Security Audits?

When we think of security and audit, we usually do not consider Salesforce. However, as budget cuts make their way back into the business spectrum, Salesforce Dx becomes more and more viable as an option for public company audits. In addition to security, Salesforce holds other analytical and logistical solutions for businesses that can solve bigger business issues.

If you already know how to access certain parts of your business data, you may benefit from the added sandbox environment of the SFDX platform. It will make your company security reviews much easier. You can import data via pre-configured APIs that will schedule reports and send them based on pre-defined logic. You can add elements of Critical Access of SOD to create a multifaceted control process.

What makes traditional Salesforce so attractive for security issues in public sector companies?

Salesforce brings with it, a number of benefits including cost-effectiveness. Here are some of the other salient features that should make you consider SFDX as your security analytics platform –

  • It can analyze all kinds of security conflicts in almost real-time. It is lightning fast, and you can examine the conflicts across permission sets.
  • It supports multiple access points and multiple sign-off for mitigations.
  • It assists in regulation compliance including Salesforce SOX, HIPAA, and FDA. All client information and company information are secure when you choose Salesforce over other security analytics platforms.
  • SFDX supports security analysis across multiple platforms including ERP, XRM, HCM, and CRM.

Salesforce is an excellent tool. Since it can contain both sales and customer information, you can ensure that your information is consistent with all your financial systems. It is also true when you are migrating a particular system onto a new platform or a platform you are currently using. Salesforce Dx provides the necessary consistency between the data input and the application output, which is required for procedures including billing and customer data storage. It makes Salesforce quite the lucrative option for auditing tools.

What happens when you have a lot of data to handle and migrate?

Now, migrating a lot of old data onto a new Salesforce platform will take a lot of hard labor and trepidation. Engineers mitigated this by the introduction of the Salesforce Sandbox. The Sandbox provides you with a copy of your production environment. It includes all your data, customizations and configurations for your development or training purposes. Many companies use the Sandbox environment for testing multiple changes in the production environment.

Software development to security audits, you can employ Salesforce Dx for every task. The readiness of the platform ensures a safe environment for most IT companies who deal with a lot of software development and change-management cycles.