The Essential Questions to Ask a Client When Offering Video Animation Services

Just like popular technical services, video animation is becoming increasingly common for brands. A large number of video animation services have emerged in the modern days. However, these animation services should understand the fact that animation is sophisticated by nature, and customers can often oppose the final animation. Therefore, we have created this article to explain everything that you should ask a client before signing for any animation service.

After reading this article, you will be able to serve your clients in a better way, avoiding any post-delivery conflicts. Read along to discover these questions:

Past Hiring & Animated Content

As a video animation agency, you should know your client and ask them if had any experience in the past with a video animation service. It will allow you to compare quality, and deliver a better and quality-rich animation services that satisfy them to the fullest. In case, a client accepts to receive video animation service in past, then you should enquirer if they were satisfied with the past service or not. In addition, you should inquire if they are fine with the processing and behavior of animation companies in past.

Moreover, you must ask a client about the reason that they are not ready to take services from previous animation agency. Were they satisfied with the previous animator? Do they want to switch for just the sake of change? According to a client, what was the possible mistake that the animators made that put them off from choosing them again. In this way, you will be able to identify the instance where you need to be careful with that client.

Identify What a Client Actually Wants

To create a remarkable animation video, you should discover what a client is actually looking for. You should ask a client about their core business, what products they sell, what service they aim to provide to the end-customers. Afterward, you should discover about clients’ consumers and their products. You should know more about their audience. It will allow you to create an animated video that hits the audience’s emotions at just the right moment.

In addition, you will discover the type of humor that a specific audience wants to experience. Apart from this, it will help you a lot in creating the type of visuals that a client wants. Through discovering more about the competitors, you can seek inspiration and check if they might have included an animated video on their website. It can provide you with direction, however, you should in no manner replicate their idea, but add a unique, yet interesting aspect to the video. In addition, you will come across an idea about an animated video that goes beyond audience’s expectations.

Considering the fact that there is a broad range of animation services, you should ask your client if they require any particular animation service. A fantastic video can help a client in their digital marketing journey. Clients often do not know about the technical names of animation services. Therefore, you should provide them with samples of various animation types, allowing them to have a clear idea about their differences.

Resources for an Animated Video

You should ask a client if they want to provide you with any specific script for a video. A client can wish for you to write a story for their product. Many clients want whiteboard services, while others want 3D animation. Thus, you should always begin by asking a client about what they actually want. In addition, it is essential to discover if a client wants you to follow particular instructions for a video. You can take note of all the additional instructions that a client tells you.

The instructions can be precise and unique or common. You need to discuss possibilities with them, making them realize that each requirement cannot be fulfilled and some require amendments. Many animation companies offering explainer videos Australia inquire customers about if their brand has a special story so that they add a unique aspect in their video.

You can present a client with the specific features that will be feasible and reasonable to include in the video, agreeing to avoid any unwanted elements in a video.

Discuss Project Deadline

Most importantly, you should discuss with the client about the deadline for video. In essence, the date should be realistic, and make sure that you agree on a deadline that is achievable. In addition, you should ask for extension in deadline if you think that you will not be able to make a seamless video within the agreed time frame.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the questions that you should ask a client when deciding to provide video animation services. If you know about more such questions, then feel free to mention and add value to this article.