TheOneSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

Whether you want to catch your cheating husband or wife, or need to ensure the safety of your teens all the time, or aim to boost the productivity of your employees keeping an eye on them, all you need to have a monitoring software that is reliable and user friendly. Here comes one of the finest cell phone spy application flaunting more than 250 thrilling features developed by an Australian-based company. The best thing about this application is that it works under complete secrecy and does not give any clue to the target. Here we have reviewed this monitoring application with an aim to give you a clear insight on all its positive and negative features.


TheOneSpy app has introduced an exciting feature of Bugging that let you capture photos, record short videos and sounds heard around your targeted device. You can capture photos using the front and back camera of the targeted phone to know where that phone exactly locates at the moment. That’s not all; you can record videos extending from 15 seconds to one minute with the help of Spyvidcam feature, whereas the Mic Bug feature let you record sounds surrounding the targeted device.

Listen and record live calls

TheOneSpy app does not only allow you to listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls of your target but also to intercept them. These calls can also be recorded on an online control panel and can be accessed anytime. As well as recording calls, you can also get the information including contact numberand name of the person who has made the call or to whom call is made.

Read Text Messages

Next on the list are text messages that are accessible through TheOneSpy app. You can read complete thread conversations, and get information about the receiver and sender of the messages. As well as text messages, the MMS, iMessages, and BBM Chat messages can also be tracked with the help of spy on messages feature.

Track Locations

TheOneSpy app can track location of the target’s phone using the GPS. This feature is useful for the parents concerned about their children. Be it school, college, playground or some other place, you can easily locate your kid and ensure that he/she is safe. Using the Track GPS location feature, you can get weekly GPS location history and can also bookmark safe and restricted areas.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has robust influence on our lives; and no one can deny from this. While it connects us with the rest of the world, it also nourishes the vulnerabilities like cyber bullying, radicalization and narcissism. All these things make it compelling for the parents to monitor the social media habits of their children. TheOneSpy monitoring software allows you to spy the social media activities of your kids by tracking their Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, SnapChat, Instagram and numerous social media accounts. You can read their chat, check out the friend list and newly added, blocked and deleted friends, and much more.

Discover photos and videos

TheOneSpy app let you discover all the photos, videos and voice recordings on your target’s phone. Whether captured from the phones, downloaded from the internet or received via MMS or email, all the multimedia files stored on the hard drives can be tracked with this app.

Monitor Internet Activities

Want to know what your kid or spouse searching for on the internet? TheOneSpy app let you monitor the internet activities of your target by giving you an insight of your target’s browsing history. You can see how many times a site is opened as well as the time and date of visiting that site.

Monitor and remotely control Phone Activities

The user can keep an eye on the contact list of the targeted device as well as the contact number and the email address of each contact. You can also monitor the reminders and appointments set on the target device.As well as monitoring, you can remotely control the target’s device including:

o Start and pause applications
o Block and unblock applications
o Uninstall apps
o Lock and unlock device
o Block internet or texting while driving
o Block incoming calls from unknown numbers

Set monitoring preferences

Another amazing thing about this surveillance software is that you can set your monitoring preferences. If you want to track the messages and calls of the target and not the appointments and social media activities, you can set the app as per your convenience by switching on or off certain features.

Track emails

TheOneSpy app notifies the user of the emails sent or received by the target phone through the Gmail application. You can also read the content of the email and get detail of the recipient or the sender of emails.

SIM change notification

The monitoring software enables its userto be notified each time a SIM is changed in the target’s phone.Changing a SIM card could mean that the user is no longer using his/her phone or he/she has lost it somewhere. But the best thing about this app is that you can monitor the target’s phone even if the SIM has been changed.


TheOneSpy app offers keystroke logging letting the user learn about every email on the target’s email ID and every message on the messenger. Through keylogger feature, the user can track all the keystrokes applied on the target’s device including the email keystrokes, password keystrokes, messenger and SMS keystrokes.

Cons of TheOneSpy Application

While there are more than 250 exciting features to monitor teens, spouse and employees, there are some limitations of this spy app.

  • Firstly, it works only on a rooted/jailbroken device.
  • Secondly, there are monthly or annual subscriptions charged automatically, and cancelling your subscription is not hassle free.
  • You can claim for the refund within 3 days after the purchase, and if you have not installed this app
    during this time period, you will not be able to get the refund.


With a nominal subscription, TheOneSpy undoubtedly has much to offer to its user. With employee monitoring to teen and spouse monitoring, it help employers, parents and couples to put their all worries to rest.

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