Trending Sunglasses

What are Trending Sunglasses of The Season?

Recently, I visited an eyewear store to buy sunglasses. I had lost a pair of my sunglasses which I had used for years. You can call it to be one of the age-old sunglasses, which was a bit outdated and had a lot of scratches on the lenses. After researching online, I went to this newly opened eyewear store at Bury called Specscart.

Since I do not have much knowledge of the sunglasses, I happened to enquire about the trending sunglasses of the season. The storekeeper/ salesman was very helpful and he shared a lot of details with me, which I would like to state here as well. Similar to me, I believe there are many people who do not have much information or knowledge of the sunglasses, their types, and the advanced protection coating. Let me bring out all the necessary details.

To talk about the trending sunglasses, the storekeeper told me about the following eye-pieces which are highly demanded and holds a significant share in the market:

1. Aviator Sunglasses

Honestly, who does not know about the Aviator Sunglasses? These sunglasses are the most talked about eyewear that provides protection from the sun along with a high degree of style. Initially, these sun protection glasses were crafted exclusively for the aviation industry. To be specific, Pilots were the one who first wore these sunglasses because of the high beam of sunlight that used to disturb them while flying aircraft. Later on, the Aviator Sunglasses reached the masses and became the talk of the town. Wherein celebrities, public figures, politicians, and other people of high repute used to wear these sunglasses. Further, they were made widely available among every class of society. And today, these sunglasses come not only in classic metallic frames with black lenses. They have been modified to suit everybody’s requirement. The metallic frame is also available in acetate and other materials. Besides, the shape and size of the lenses has changed from small, medium to oversized. In fact, the colour of lenses can be a blue, grey, brown, gradient, red, green, pink etc. depending upon the taste of the customer.

2. Round Sunglasses

The geek round sunglasses, are not only classic but also reflect a bold statement and attitude of the user. The round or circle glasses are also available in full rim, half rim, or rimless style at Specscart with a variety of colours, patterns and designs on the frame for both men and women. No wonder, there is ample choice of colours of frames as well as the lenses.

3. Cat -Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses are a hot favourite among women. They are the almond-shaped sunglasses that resemble the shape of cat’s eyes literally. Hence, they are known as cat-eye sunglasses. Not only women, but even a small segment of men also love this shape. Usually, these sunglasses have extended temples on the top. With little detailing on the upper part of the frame and the end pieces or the upper side of the frame is little extended. They are either circular or angled from the top but the bottom part is generally curved.

4. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses are one of the choicest sunglasses for people who are sports enthusiasts. Be it climbers, skiers, divers, golf players etc. many of the sportsmen use Wayfarer sunglasses as their protection cover for eyes. These trending sunglasses are generally square-shaped sunglasses, wherein the upper part of the sunglasses is wider than the lower portion of the frames. They are easily distinguishable from square or rectangle due to the so-called diagonal structure.

5. Polarised sunglasses

The Polarised Sunglasses are advanced version sunglasses and provide higher protection than normal sunglasses shades. These sunglasses have the capability to block not only the harsh sunshine but also the bright glasses of water, snow, road, etc. which are blinding to the eyes. For example, drivers can wear polarised sunglasses, since they drive on the highway which reflects sunlight that is as strong as it appears piercing to the eyes. Where normal sunglasses fail, polarised sunglasses provide extra protection from light and glares.

6. Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses are the trending sunglasses of the season, wherein irrespective of the shapes and size of the frame, the lenses of the sunglasses have a mirrored effect. This means that they reflect the image of objects that are opposite to them and completely hide the eyes behind the opaque shiny surface of the glasses mirror of the lens. Whoever stands in front of the mirrored sunglasses can see his image clearly.

7. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

The tortoiseshell sunglasses are a pattern that is observed on the frame that resembles that of the shell of the tortoise. Not only men but also women highly like these sunglasses patterns to enhance their beauty. They are generally available in green and brown colours. With the frames being a little thick and wide to showcase the pattern clearly.

8. Wrap-around Sunglasses

Wraparound Sunglasses are also one of the commonly used sunglasses frame used by sports persons. The unique part about these sunglasses is the shape of the lenses and the frame. If you look at the wrap-around sunglasses, they are curved from the sides towards the temples and ears. Besides, they are usually broad and wide, covering most of the eye area and sometimes eyebrows too. This is to provide extreme protection to the users like drivers, bikers, skiers, etc. who are potentially prone to face the harsh sunlight. Thus, Wraparound Sunglasses covers the maximum area surrounding the eyes.

With all this information, I carried not one but two pairs of sunglasses from the attractive range at Specscart. One cat eyes sunglasses with the tortoiseshell pattern for regular use while I travel to and fro to work. Along with my favourite Aviator Sunglasses that have polarised lenses in them for those relaxing days at the beach.