Business health and safety management policies

Now is the Time to Update Your Business Health and Safety Management

Business health and safety management policies are what define a business’ health and safety arrangements and outline important information to the staff. These policies are written in sync with the health and safety guidelines defines by the government for every business sector.

But is it enough to have a health and safety management policy defined and filed in your office locker? When was the last time you updated it to sync with changed government guidelines? For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Engage EHS, any business person worth their salt will have an in-depth knowledge of health and safety policy and practice. This is because health and safety is not only an end in itself, it is a means to an end towards a more efficient business that has an improved bottom line and greater brand loyalty amongst consumers.

When Should A Business Update Health and Safety Policy?

Before we understand how frequently a business should update its health and safety policy, let’s understand why a business should do so.

Government guidelines concerned to work regulations across the world say that business that employs more than 5 employees should have a written health and safety policy statement. Furthermore, if employees of business work in a high-risk environment, that business should compulsorily have a health and safety policy outlined as a legal requirement.

A clear and updated health and safety policy is usually the first document that both customers and employees prefer to look at. This document is also regularly requested by potential clients, stakeholders, insurance companies and investors. When a company can produce it to all the related people and departments, it builds, market value, trust and loyalty.

Updating Timeline

  1. The most crucial factor that calls for an update is a change in government guidelines.
  2. Business Health and Safety Management policies should be updated immediately when a company makes changes in its products and business procedures.
  3. The policy should be updated every time there is a change in technology.
  4. Last but not the least a business needs to update its documents if it decides to outsource or insource certain requirements.

One point that most businesses have missed in their health and safety management document and that has come to fore only because of COVID-19 and that is preparedness against a pandemic. From on businesses will have to step up and gear to protect their employees in dire situations created by an epidemic. So, now is the best time to update your Business Health and Safety Management. This is the time to add some unique points that will result in loyal employees and a brand reputation that will last for decades.

Key Elements of Health and Safety Policy

Every business health and safety management policy should have the following key elements.

  1. A Health and Safety Policy Statement of Intent
  2. The organization of health and safety
  3. Arrangements of health and safety

Post COVID-19 world is going to be the best time when businesses can show case their expertise in health and safety management. Come up with sustainable policies that will safe keep jobs, improve job safety and will keep your business standing in unprecedented times.