Google Home Max White
Google Home Max White Speaker Review

Google Home Max White Speaker Review

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a smart speaker that can change tunes and turn up the volume with just your voice. Even though the microphones have trouble picking up your speech while music is being played at a loud intensity, the google home max white speaker is still stunning. 

The greatest technology available is the Google Home Max White, which is also reasonably priced. This speaker can be operated via voice commands and is capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks, including playing music, setting alarms, managing smart home appliances, providing weather and news updates, and responding to inquiries. 

However, one of the best Google Home products will be discussed in this article today: the Google Home Max White Speaker. 

Google Home Max White Speaker:

Google Home Max White, a creative speaker. It offers a clean, straightforward appearance and superior audio quality. But because of its white appearance, the speaker adds style to any room in your home. 

In this article, we’ll go over the features and capabilities of the Google Home Max White Speaker in further depth. 


Speaker Name Google Home Max
Price $218.90 
Speaker Type Tweeter 
Connectivity Technology & Special Feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless
Voice Assistance Google Voice Assistance
Weight 5.30 Kg 
Dimensions 19.00 Cm × 33.60 Cm × 15.40 Cm
Warranty 1 Year
Light White Led
Color White 
Manufacturer Google 
Number Of Speakers 4
Power Source Plug-In
Battery Backup No 
Indoor Or Outdoor Use Indoor
Operating System Compatibility Android, Apple Ios


If you look at the google home max white Speaker’s specifications, you’ll see that it resembles the Google Home Mini Blue quite a bit. When you hold it in your hand and simply examine the speaker from different angles, you’ll notice that it’s just a larger version of the Google Home Mini. 

The front-facing drivers of this speaker, however, are covered in a fake grey material. The rest of its body, meanwhile, is constructed from tough, resilient plastic. 

Four blue LED lights can also be found inside the front-facing fabric drives when the gadget is turned on. These lights serve as indicators for battery life and additional connectivity-related data. 


The audio quality of the Google Max White Speaker is one of its most notable qualities. Two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers and two 0.7-inch tweeters on the speaker produce a loud, echoing sound that fills the space. 

Furthermore, the google home max white Speaker’s slender and understated style is one of its best features. You can play and pause music and adjust the volume on the speaker’s touch-sensitive surface with just a quick tap.  

However, it also features a built-in Chromecast, allowing you to stream music, podcasts, and other audio content from your phone, tablet, or laptop to the speaker. You may thus use the Google Home Max White speaker to listen to your preferred music and podcasts without the use of any additional cables or cords. 

Performance Review:

The Google Home Max can recognize a variety of voices. As a result, even if you are standing at the opposite end of the room, it can still hear your voice. Nevertheless, after moving five meters, I needed to speak a little louder for it to be heard.

The speaker itself has two distinct built-in speakers that are each 4.5″ woofers with tweeters supporting them from behind. I loved the overall sound production of this speaker after turning it up to its maximum volume.

The speakers provide outstanding sound quality, especially given their small size. The audio output was strong and incredibly clear. I was surprised by each instrument’s output clarity, especially the drums and bass guitar, given that I primarily listen to rock and heavy metal music.


  • It has good sound.
  • Internal microphones could change their settings based on their environment.
  • It can be used as a single speaker, a stereo pair, or a part of an entire home audio system.
  • It has a lovely layout.
  • Google’s help is constantly getting better. 


  • Bass is too much for audio purists.
  • Better options for lossless audio would be excellent.
  • Microphones claim that loud music makes it hard to hear voices. 
  • High price

Play Apple Music On Google Home Max White Speaker:

  • You must link your Apple Music account to the Google Home app in order to play Apple Music on a Google Home Max speaker. 
  • After you’ve connected your accounts, you may ask your speaker to play a certain song or artist by saying “Hey Google, play [song or artist] on Apple Music.”
  • It depends on your needs if you’re seeking the greatest Google Home gadgets. 
  • The Google Nest Mini is a portable and reasonably priced alternative for basic voice control, while the Google Nest Audio is a fantastic option for its loud sound. 
  • With its larger screen and camera, the Google Nest Hub Max is ideal for video calls and smart home control. The optimal gadget for you will ultimately depend on your unique needs. 

Does It Spy On You?

The word “spying” is so strong. In other words, google home max white isn’t secretly recording your talks and sending them to a foreign government. However, it is constantly listening. Before you place this item in your bedroom, you should be aware of a few privacy concerns.

One reason is that in the past, some Google Home recordings were released due to contractors who had access to the recordings. Basically, Google saves the audio clip when the Google Home is unable to recognize a specific command and uses it to analyze it in an effort to improve how the speaker recognizes everyday speech.

Can You Use A Soundbar With A Google Home Max?

Technically, the answer is yes, but we don’t advise it. As long as your TV has a 3.5mm output, you can use the google home max because it includes a 3.5mm input on the rear. The audio on your TV will undoubtedly be louder if you connect it in this way, but it doesn’t guarantee a better watching experience.

Not only does a decent soundbar sound good, but it also improves your experience. The google home max white is a fantastic speaker, but it was made to enhance the sound of your music, not movies. 

Final Words:

This might be both a wonderful and a bad decision if you intend to get the google home max white smart speaker in 2023. It will be a superb pick because of the excellent sound quality, low latency, and simple connectivity with most devices.

It will be a bad decision, though, as Google has stopped supporting the series and has stopped providing updates for the Home Max. This implies that your speaker’s firmware won’t change at all.