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6 Effective Hacks to Get Featured on TikTok For You Page

TikTok has brought an enormous change in its features within a few months of its launch. Its initial purpose was entertainment, but later it evolved through its features. Now it is helping many small businesses to grow and reach their target audience. 

Some well-known brands have already started using TikTok to establish their social media presence. In that way, without limitations, every business can have a TikTok account and use it effectively to improve its audience.

What is Meant by TikTok For You Page?

TikTok For You page is a personalized page where you get non-stoppable feeds in a scrolling format. When users open the app, this is the first page on which they will land. Users get videos from the people whom they are not following too. To bring change in your followers, start using Trollishly and improve your brand’s presnce among the audience.

And these videos will be selected by the TikTok algorithm based on various factors. They are:

  • Hashtags
  • Audios you have used
  • Captions
  • Number of likes and comments

Using these things, you can trick the algorithm and get your video featured on other users’ pages. It was designed primarily to keep users from using the app for a long time.

Why is it Important to Get Featured on TikTok For Your Page?

All budding businesses must get featured on the TikTok For You page because it helps increase your brand awareness and popularity among the audience. But, unfortunately, only people spend most of their time on this page interacting with others. 

So if your video doesn’t surf on this page, you will miss a large audience group for your brand. Because there are rare chances for people who need to learn about your account to search for your video and interact with it. Only after seeing your other content will people start to follow your page.

1. Go With the Trend

Algorithms consistently rank the trending videos first, and that videos will be shown to many users. To get indexed by the algorithm, you need to use trending audio and filters in your video, and that increases your visibility rate.

Sometimes you may need clarifications about which audio is trending. In that case, you can spend some time searching for the trending through scrolling you’re For You page. Clicking on the audio will take you to the audio tab. There you can see the static numbers of how often the audio is used. Brands are innovatively creating videos for trending audio to gain audience attention.

2. Usage of Effective Hashtags

Like audio, hashtags also help in ranking by the algorithm. By adding hashtags, you can reach the people who aren’t in your following list and make them your audience. To do this, you must use hashtags relevant to your post and the niche in which you post content. Increasing content discoverability is also equally important. For that, you can buy tiktok likes and thrive your account visibility. You can add all the three categories of hashtags like

  • Strong
  • Medium and
  • Weak 

To gain an equal amount of traffic to your post. Also, add some seven to ten appropriate hashtags to get viewed by many people. Use keywords related to your content as hashtags to reach a new audience.

3. Consistent and Right Time Posting

Being consistent is key to reaching success on this social media platform. To get on the TikTok For You page, consistently post content on your account. Your first video will only get popular among a small audience. It takes some time, and you should post unique content to get more followers. 

In the name of posting content daily, caring less about the timing of posting content will not significantly impact people’s minds. So always consider when your target audience will spend time on social media and utilize that time and post content.

4. Quality of the Content Matters

People always expect high-quality, unique content. Also, they don’t like to read content that they already know. Despite that, always try to give good quality content which attracts an audience. If people want your content, then there is a big chance for your content to get featured on other users’ TikTok For You page.

And also give equal importance to your content’s audio and video quality. Try not to imitate your competitors; instead, take inspiration from them and create videos to stand out from the crowd. Experiment with new stickers and filters that add charm to your content and maintain its quality.

5. Produce Engaging Videos

TikTok is all about engaging people with your interesting content, and that makes them watch your video for hours together. Most of the brand’s goal is to feature their video on the TikTok For You page for the users who aren’t following them. 

Regarding engagement, people always prefer short videos rather than long-form videos. So it is always necessary for you to look after the video length even though you have engaging content. The main aim of posting video content should be to increase likes and comments on your post. To accomplish this, try Trollishly and increase the organic traffic of your account. 

6. Know About TikTok Algorithm

You need to be aware of the features of the TikTok algorithm to feature your video on the TikTok For You page. The three main factors which the TikTok algorithm takes into account are. 

  • Interactions by the audience (like, comment, share, etc.)
  • Information you give in your video
  • Some general settings (language, country, etc.)

Algorithms consider these facts to recommend content to the audience. While other factors, like followers count and content performance history, will not be considered. Getting into For You triggers you to produce more content regularly.

Final Takeaway

In day-to-day life, you come across many tricks and techniques on the internet to get featured on the TikTok For You page. You can follow the best technique that works better for your audience. There is no particular formula to land directly on the TikTok For You page. Instead, you need to experiment with various techniques with your followers and find the needs of your audience.

In Social media marketing, using TikTok has more potential to boost your followers count. So as an owner of a brand, start to use TikTok marketing for your business and get featured on the TikTok For You page.