Nano Machine 129
Nano Machine 129 - Release Date, Summary

Nano Machine 129 – Release Date, Summary & More

Nano Machine is one of the most famous Korean manhwas of all time. The start of Nano Machine 129 occurs as the conflict between the Crown Prince and Lord Yo Jong intensifies. Crow Prince has experienced a lot in his lifetime. But right now, he must assume command of Nano Machine 129. It will be difficult for him to cope with the Lord on his own after facing the fiercest foe. Yet things will soon change, giving everyone hope that their tribe may be rebuilt.

However, some traitors desire to keep fighting and let Lord obliterate everything. Read on to learn more.

The Crown prince will triumph in the following chapter, leaving Lord drenched in blood. But, Lord will utilize yet another prohibited strategy to carry on the conflict. The worst catastrophe in history will result from it.

Nano Machine Chapter 129 Reddit Spoiler Prediction: 

Mu Jinking, Lady Mu’s grandpa, served as the Wise Clan’s former leader. Over the Demonic Cult’s fifty-year war with the outside world, he performed a number of legendary feats that made him their hero. Beak Oh decided that he had to take a chance and agreed to her proposal.

The might of Yeowun was something that the remaining elders could not overcome. Save for Baek Oh himself, no one under the 3rd Elder could even contemplate challenging him. Having made the decision to murder Yeowun, Baek Oh started to glow in the purple poisonous aura that later filled the air. As the noxious cloud passed through, the sand beneath the practice field became black.

The poison bomb used by Baek Oh was known as Poison Man. As he charged Yeowun, Baek Oh prepared to launch a toxic strike. The poison burnt up black smoke as it shot through, turning the earth completely black. 

Nano Machine 129 Release Date:

Fans of this series are eager to know when nano machine chapter 129 will be released after the premiere of the previous chapter. The nano machine 129 will be available on October 26, 2022.

Spoiler Release Date:

There weren’t any spoilers for Baek nano machine 129. Three to four days before the film’s scheduled premiere, these spoilers usually start to appear online. Online communities such as 4chan and Reddit are where you can find them. Hence, on October 23, 2022, we anticipate this week to be accessible.


The entire Yeowun group was in disbelief and awe. Chun Yeowun approached Baek Oh from behind and took a five-step backward step to evade a defensive formation. It came about as a result of someone moving so quickly that he left a footprint there. It resembled the Great Guardian Marakim’s armor in appearance.

Baek Oh’s staff was made of cold steel, which gave it a very sturdy construction. It also had force qi, and it was powerful enough to break through a strong rock.

Yeowun spun his sword, launching the second formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance. The fifth Destructure Poison Art formation was discharged by Baek Oh after he plunged into the sand.

Yeowun responded to Baek Oh’s attacks as though he had engaged in several battles, Baek Oh noticed. Although his energy seemed to be at a beginner’s level, it was equal to Baek Oh’s in each of his blade attacks.

It was now apparent why his grandson Chun Jongsum was powerless to defeat him. Then, he thought back to Lady Mu’s overnight visit.

Nano Machine Chapter 129– What Will Happen Next

Despite the fact that Crown Prince is successful in attacking Lord, he must remember that Lord is still breathing. Lord lost a lot of blood as a result of the Crown Prince striking him with the back of his sword.

According to the view, Lord appears to have lost the game and is no longer going to survive. But he still receives direction from the voices in his head. He learns that the only way for him to exact revenge for losing his family is to kill the Crown Prince and his supporters.

Yet, Lord will continue to feel anguish and confusion. The speaker suggests once more that he can heal himself via the divine blood reversal gathering method.

Lord will employ that strategy to combat Crown Prince rather than conceding his defeat. Although this method will aid in Lord’s recovery, it will also drive him insane. He won’t be able to decide what’s right any longer and will keep hitting everyone in his path. 

Why Should You Read Nano Machine Manga?

The protagonist of Nano Machine is the orphaned demon cult member Cheon Yeo-Woon. His life is in jeopardy because he is a captive among them. The story tells how his life changes once one of his future ancestors gives him a nanomachine to implant in his body. His journeys after leaving the cult are portrayed in the manga, as is his quest to perfect both nanotechnology and martial arts.

For manga fans looking for an engaging, action-packed novel, Nano machine is a must-read. It is a stunning blending of genres, including fantasy, science fiction, action, and adventure. It has a tech flavoring and is similar to the manga Mercenary Enrollment.

The inspiring story of a hero who overcomes all challenges through hard work never fails to move viewers. It is a fan favorite due to the spectacle-worthy action sequences and relatable character arcs.

What Can You Expect From This Manga?

Manga lovers who enjoy intense action and suspense will enjoy Nano Machine. Focusing on Cheon Yeo-trials Woon’s victories is the nano machine.

Nano machine is bound to hold readers’ attention from the very first page to the very last due to the abundance of interesting and likable characters as well as the unheard-of action. A well-liked character who makes reading the manga fun is Cheon Yeo-Woon.


So, this is all about the nano machine chapter 129 release date, Crown Prince Cheon, and the heavenly Damon. You can read nano machine 129 on Webtoon. Finally, Lord Yo Jong is set to pass away. But, his inner spirit alerts him to a Blood Reversal Method that can be of use to him. The next episode of Nano Machine will, however, start to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Blood Reversal Method.