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6 Best Alternatives to Insightly for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The world of business and entrepreneurship would be a challenging yet exciting one. This world has brought in many people from various niches and from many different parts of the world. What people today find the most challenging when they are trying to run a business today, is the challenge of optimizing and reaching the maximum number of prospects who are ready to be reached out there on the world wide web. Let us talk about this before we talk about Insightly alternatives.

When we talk about opportunities in the digital world, one would need the bandwidth to reach out to people and engage with them, more than anything else. This is due to the reason that the digital world makes communication easy and multi faceted, thus increasing one’s opportunities by leaps and bounds. Hence, instead of tapping into each prospect and lead manually, it would be better to have an automated system in place so as to generate campaigns based on the information and interactions that you have on your leads and customers. This is where a CRM or customer relationship management system or process would come into play.

CRM is something that has evolved exponentially in the past decade and it has taken on a larger suite of features for better integration on a single platform so as to help you and your team get through your sales pipeline in a better and more efficient manner. Insightly is one of the CRM systems that has taken on massive popularity in recent times. Yet, there are businesses on the lookout for some alternatives to Insightly due to the fact that it is not affordable for many small and medium businesses. It also does not offer too much of support which one would need in order to setup and install the CRM system in the first place.

When you own a small or medium sized business, there is a need to optimize on each and every resource that you own. So, in that sense, your team would have to take on multiple roles without wasting time on the mundane and monotonous which could also stop your business from reaching its logical peak. The alternatives to Insightly as well as Insightly itself would help you do this by organizing and collecting your information so that you can set it to be called up for relevant functions. This would not only save time and make your team members more productive, but it would also help you collaborate in a better manner with all the team members, spread over various locations.

So, if you have a small and medium business that would need a more affordable plan, you should look at the following Insightly alternatives. Here’s a quick list with our top 6 picks:

  1. EngageBay: This is one of the best known CRM and marketing automation platforms that also helps you manage a number of projects at one time. You should also know that this Insightly alternative would help you with a full suite of features that has been favored by over 12000 clients all over the world, which has also helped the platform earn a number of awards. This platform is a good alternative to Insightly because it gives you the flexibility for a number of third party integrations even as you manage to keep costs down thanks to their affordability. Further, you can also tap into the constant support that the platform offers to you and your team so that you can drive home a higher conversion rate!
  1. Cratio CRM: When you are looking to try something with a few features and within an affordable bracket or even a free plan that helps you test it for a while, you can actually turn to an Insightly alternative like Cratio CRM. This platform allows you a number of integrations. Hence, you would have to invest in other platforms for your other marketing automation needs which does not make it the best Insightly alternative. You also get to tap into the world of Mobile CRM that is offered on this platform.
  1. Kapture CRM: This cloud based CRM system would prove to be a good enough resource for your small or medium business, especially if you are looking for a worthy alternative to Insightly. You would be able to tap into a number of features that go from templates to analytics and seamless email marketing as well. This would help you get to the top of your game if you already have a ready database of leads. This platform also allows you to bring in many integrations so that you can organize all your automation needs and goals on a single platform.
  1. Vtiger: CRM systems have evolved tremendously with many functions and features that also allow you to organize data with various integrations for a number of functions. This is true for the Insightly alternative Vtiger, which we are going to discuss next. Vtiger is a well known and upcoming CRM platform that can help you reach out to more and more people even as you plan targeted campaigns to help you covert more customers.
  1. Nimble: Nimble is a CRM platform that has come up in recent times and it is already being touted as a worthy and decent alternative to Insightly. This platform offers you many features, yet you cannot make too many third party integrations, which can turn out to be quite taxing on the small and medium sized businesses with small teams at play.
  1. ActiveCampaign: This is also a well known alternative to Insightly with many functions and features for seamless CRM. It is on the slightly expensive side. Yet, the features can help you plan and execute email based campaigns to the best of your team’s ability so that they can get the benefit of smoother conversions.