How to hire a good web developer:

Asp web net developer

The web developer is the most critical hire that one can make, especially because he or she designs the entire face of the company. That usually makes the virtual environment of the company and helps one to interact with customers online. The web developer will be producing the entire look of the company, making it a difficult choice often, as to whom to hire. It is very crucial that one hires the fresh talent, right away, or it might cause a lot of losses further down the lane. If choice made is false, then down the lane, there might be huge amount of monetary losses, along with the hassle of re-hiring the web developer professional. An asp web net developer needs to have certain qualities imbibed into his or her genes, and you need to look out for the same. Below listed are certain criteria that you need to keep in mind while hiring a web developer:

1. Hire inherent talented web developers:

Look for experience and resume later. The first criteria that you should be looking for is someone who is energetic, enthusiastic, have the willingness and the determination to learn, is adaptable, has important qualities like determination, perseverance, and curiosity as their main positive qualities? If it is such a developer, then he is of the most efficient category. If you are more relaxed about the time schedule, then you might want a slacker person accordingly. Whatever your requirement, make sure that you hire a web developer who fits in well.

There might be huge differences in a scenario. A person who has worked for a multinational company has been brilliant at his work, he might not as well work well with a startup organization. A startup will have different traits for its requirement, like adaptability, risk-taking capabilities, which are less relevant for a large company.

There needs to be a fine list of the company’s requirements that you need to fix, and then hire accordingly. Moreover, be aware of the people who fake it through the interviews.

2. Try some developer with a comparatively small project:

When you hire, you might be of the conception that you have hired the best developer for your company. But just to make sure that you have played the right hand at gamble, give him or her a comparatively smaller project on asp web net developing, and check if he or she does that project well. You can observe this person throughout the period of the project, and check if this person is compatible with your requirements. This will help you with advanced information about the person, other than the personal interview.

You can assess the efficiency, and the intelligence of the web developer, and try and figure out how many errors are present in the final product. This will give you an overall idea of the work pace and the work efficiency of the candidate. You could check the creativity of the candidate, the communication skills, the teamwork and the team play of the candidate.

3. Hire a developer with aptitude and not a skill set:

There needs to be a general aptitude of the asp web net developer. He can’t have only a particular skill set only, because versatility is key here. In the technological space, skills of a particular kind become obsolete too quickly. Once the skill set is lost, the person or the resource is no longer of any use. This is what we do not want when the developer will be handling the face of the company. It is way better to hire someone who will know a specific technology now but can also easily adapt himself when there will be another technology tomorrow or day after.

The simplest technique to detect whether or not someone is adept to adapting quickly would be asking questions like what programming languages have they learned recently, and what are the websites that they visit for learning quick techniques and tricks, and what are their favorite technology conferences, and more.

4. Asking trivia or general knowledge based questions don’t help at all:

If you want to test the general knowledge of the top asp net web developer, it would not help you at all. You need to test the concept of the person and not the rapid-fire knowledge base of the candidate. Asking questions like who is the primary creator of Java, or in which year PHP has been released, or how is programming done in Python aren’t of any help. People who can memorise well will get through this brainstorming session and they won’t even be much help to you.

Questions that can be found on the internet, aren’t the questions that should be asked. Open-ended questions with smart answers are the ones to look for. Candidates with passion are to be hunt down, and not mere people who repeat exercises and memorize events. There needs to be communication, passion, and extraordinary work outputs, and only then you can move with the hiring procedure.

5. Follow the golden rule of hiring slowly and firing quickly:

When you are making the choice, make a proper informed decision. There needs to be an excellent way to grade the candidates accordingly. But if you start noting that the asp web net developer is slowly becoming slack and losing interest, waste no time to fire him out immediately. Someone who is ineffective will start hampering the entire progress and will bog down the growth. Better to hire someone efficient and start work afresh, from scratch. A properly motivated candidate, with the right amount of incentives and work load will last for a very long time, without the need of firing. The quick firing rule may land you up in an unfavorable position, with less of associations, but that will boost the company position once the website has been set and designed. All set and done, efficiency and work outputs are the primary crux of hiring, when it comes to hiring asp web net developer.

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