Use of advanced technology in the society

Human lives are roaming around technology and we cannot even think to take the breath without it. Technology is the result of modernized and transformed world. If we look back in the past era, life was simple and people were enjoying their time by contributing their effort at every step of their lives. Technology is also updating itself according to the time and the requirement of its customers.

It is actually bringing into play to make the life of a man easier than it was before. These are considered as the problem-solving device which is made to make everything simple. Now technologies are present in every field of life but education is the top most priority of its manufacturers which makes the education convenient for every child.

Firstly, the field of education is increasing so fast and it has the involvement of technology now. Technology helps to come up with the new and innovative ideas in the field of education. Social media is one of the major usesof teachers and students to share the study related data. Online learning is one of the latest ways to get the abroad degree from their homes. According to students, it is the suitable method to get the education from their home without being tired. They feel comfortable by following this learning process.

Technology is not only famous in the field of education but in every field. In past, communication was not possible for the people who live in abroad or far away from their homes. It has solved this problem and now by the use of internet anyone can connect with their relatives and friends easily.

Now because of technology, we all have the waterproof mobile phone but before some time it was not possible to send the photos when a person is a sea. Another technology by the Apple recently launched in the market. It is now feasible for the iPhone users to capture their underwater selfie when they go for snorkeling .They can share these photos on WhatsApp when they are in the sea.

This is for the users of iphone6 to an onwards model of iPhone. This mobile phone requires a LENZO which will capture the photo around the 100-meter depth of the sea. The price of this lens is $295 and iPhone users can easily afford it. It is also giving a protection cover which will make easy to connect with the friends and family by sharing the photos.

It is not possible to have a business or a work place without any connection to the technology. Technology will help to connect with the customers, deals and their employees. At the same time, it will update about the certain condition of the work place to the workers and the company holder. Without technology, the inventory and the accounts department of the office will get disturbed. Other than that, the production of the goods also happened due to it.

Now technology is used in every aspect of life. The use of technology to balance the shape of the body is the latest trend among people. People are following gym these days to maintain their body. The new advanced types of equipment are helping a lot to the people to eliminate the amount of fat from their body. Before some time it was only followed by the celebrities and the rich people but now people are concern about their fitness and follow these technologies.

Use of CCTV cameras is now become the need of every market, hospital, and institute and even in houses also. Due to the uncertain conditions of the city CCTV becomes the basic requirement in human life. It is used for the security purposes or to stop any kind of criminal activity. It also reduces the number of crimes like robbery, snatching, and molestation from the society.

While DJI phantom 4 is the latest advancement of the camera. This is a drone like a device which has the camera fitted in it. It controlled by its remote which has a screen over it to monitor it with no trouble. This makes easier for the filmmakers to shoot the film by its adjustable lens. It can take 14 consecutive shots in one second and also capture the slow motion video. Further, it has a great battery backup for the video shoot.

Additionally, Robots are one of the finest inventions of the modern world. It is designed to provide a work free life to a man. The scientist is planning to use them in the battle to field by training them for a war and for the underwater exploration. This will help to save the human life in this way.

Use of technology in the medical field is enormous which can’t describe in words. It has a long list of medical devices. Now it is not possible to operate or do any kind of treatment to the patient without the use of technology. The use or X-ray, ultra sound, MRI, CT scan and etc are the basic need of every hospital. These are machinery will help to detect the disease and sickness in the patient’s body. Even, the ventilator is the most fundamental use of hospitals to give a new life to their patients. In under developing countries hospitals are empty and it does not even have any X-ray machine in it. This kind of negligence by the government officials are the main reason for the loss of human lives.

Moreover, some engineers are working over to invent the flying car in future. They are planning to test this car with a dummy driver and it will be on the safe side. After its launch in the market, it will be the greatest achievement in the field of technology.

In the end, technology is the basic use of human life and the lifestyle of humans is use to of it. It is impossible to do any job with its influence in the market. Today it is considered as the most expensive obsession of the society.