Learning about Careers in Technology

Technology has taken over the workforce. It seems that every facet of every industry relies on it. Even those that you would never think can ever see the need for technological advancements, they now make use of all sorts of gadgets to operate every day. The healthcare industry makes use of the latest equipment that can help take care of people. Various news and media publications now have digital platforms to spread their news stories as fast as they can. Even the pet industry have created state-of-the-art toys for various animal friends. Everywhere you look, technology is there to help people out.

Ironically, the technology industry itself is still quite a mystery for many. Although it’s not one to attract loads of new and young professionals, not a lot of people realize that there’s big money to be made here. It’s all in the matter of learning about the careers once can have in the field. And here are some that are noteworthy.

Computer Programmers

If you’re looking to find the most basic and entry-level job in this industry, that will be computer programming. It’s a somewhat easy position but holds a lot of weight, hence a starting salary that’s much higher than a lot of their contemporaries in other fields. All you have to do is to manifest the ideas of developers and engineers into actual programs that your electronics can run on. You just need to learn the universal computer languages and apply it to your many projects.

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Computer Engineers

All the complicated machinery that you see with electronics and gadgets, those are all dealt by computer engineers. These are the ones that either make new products or are tasked to fix them when they’re physically broken. Most of them can, however, work on the software of the gadgets, mostly to see if they’ve already fixed the physical problem at hand or if the still needs to be work done. Despite such an industrialized position, some are able to earn six figures!

Software Developers

Why the physical aspects of technology have computer engineers, the software is largely taken care of by software developers. These are the ones in charge of creating the systems upon which multitudes of programs are run on. And since most, if not all of the technology have their own software to manage, this position has become highly-regarded and in-demand for years. A lot of other industries rely on such developers to help incorporate technology into their own operations as well, making their jobs doubly important.

Web Developers

Ever wondered how the websites you visit while browsing the internet were made? Well, they’re the work of web developers. This entry-level to a high-paying position is one of few that employees get to incorporate their own creativity with their work. The entirety of a website, from the visual style to its overall technical aspects, are all in the hands of the web developer. And since almost all businesses and entities in this world have (or are required to have) websites, this is a job that’s extremely needed beyond the technology industry.

Computer Systems Manager

This managerial position doesn’t necessarily touch upon people themselves, but rather the state upon which a technological project is in. The people in these positions are in charge of laying out the system in order to reach a technology goal and do so effectively and within certain time-frames. They’re also in charge of the personnel and getting to know that state of their work from time to time. With such a heavy responsibility, it’s no wonder this is one of the many high-paying jobs in this list.

Digital Security Analysts

One of the most lethal types of crime happen digitally, and the ones who’re tasked to have their eyes on it are the digital security analysts. With this position, people get to track down all sorts of cyber-criminals, examine the crime they’ve committed or are about to commit, and catch them red-handed. And since a lot of people, almost everybody, around the world have online data, their jobs have become more important and relevant than ever. A lot of them even work for the government.

Graphic Designers

Perhaps the most artistic career in technology is that of a graphic designer. While some might see it as technically not in the technology industry per se, their work is still intrinsic to navigating through all the digital world. They make use of all the programs laid out and protected by other jobs in this list to create stunning imagery for different purposes. This is also an entry level job that’s extremely in-demand nowadays. And whether one is freelance or based in an agency, they’re more or less earning quite a lot.

SEO Specialists

What’s good about a digital platform if it can’t even reach a multitude of people. This is where SEO-specialists come in. This job helps various websites and online programs get better reach through search engine optimization. And the more an entity gets noticed by people online, the higher their values go up. Such is the relevance of these positions. A lot can be programmers or writers, trotting out outputs that can guarantee online success for their clients.

Blockchain Developers

Cryptocurrency is becoming huge in the world of technology and finance, and the gatekeepers of such are called blockchain developers. These people are in charge of creating various new systems for cryptocurrencies, protecting them for cyber-crime, and instilling pathway for better transactions of such between entities. And since cryptocurrencies nowadays are worth millions of dollars, these positions encounter extremely large amounts of money at their fingertips.

Cryptocurrency Project Managers

Transacting cryptocurrencies is no walk in the park. It takes meticulous methods to ensure the safety of everyone’s finances involved in the process. Cryptocurrency project managers are the ones in charge of getting everything done as smooth as can be. They inform owners and entities of the steps they have to take to exchange these types of digital money and to meet certain guidelines and deadlines to go about the process as properly as they can.

A career in technology might sound boring, but positions here hold such weights that they’re not for the faint of heart. And the money one gets to earn with such high stakes jobs is worth every stressful day at work!

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