10 Best Payment Gateways for Your WooCommerce Shop


No matter how compelling your e-commerce website may look and perform, achieving success in the online business majorly depends on how frequently your products are being sold to your targeted customers.
Setting up an online store is not a big deal –all you have to do is to integrate the WooCommerce plugin into your WordPress site. But winning the trust of your potential website’s visitors is one of the toughest tasks.
Obviously, businesses run e-commerce websites with an objective to promote and sell their products online to the web customers. Therefore, it becomes essential to integrate the reliable payment gateway that will allow visitors to process their payments online in a quick and safe way.
In simple terms, a payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that permits payments for the online store, online business and more. They allow visitors to buy their products and services online and automatically process payments via credit cards or debit cards.
In this blog post, we will share the list of top 10 Payment Gateways for your WooCommerce website. Through this, you can pick out the most suitable option with ease that will empower your website’s payment system.

  1. PayPal

    PayPal was developed and launched in 1999.
    It is a leading e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfer through the internet. Certainly, PayPal has emerged as the widely-used payment gateways that accept both the debit and credit card payments.
    It is free for buyers/visitors who buy their merchandise and services, and process payments online.
    Although, e-commerce website owner needs to pay a transaction fees while using PayPal for credit card payments. But the best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t require any setup fees, gateways fees, or monthly fees.
    Available at: paypal.com

  2. Authorize.Net

    Authorize.Net, a killer Payment Gateways founded in 1996.
    It is one of the popular providers of payment gateway services. Over 50,000 online businesses across the nation are using Authorize.Net tool that safely accepts online payments via credit cards and electronic checks. The main purpose of Authorize.Net is to save time, as well as money of small and average scale business organizations.
    In fact, according to some experts, it is an ideal payment gateway for Magento websites and shopping carts.
    Available at: authorize.net

  3. 2Checkout

    2Checkout is also known as “2CO”, founded in 1999.
    It is a reliable payment gateway that empowers online merchants to accept credit card payments from their customers and online buyers. With this, you can elevate your business growth easily as it offers eight payment methods, 15 languages, and 26 different currencies.
    In addition, 2Checkout has a low-cost fee structure and doesn’t require any setup fees or monthly fees. In fact, it is also integrated with numerous leading online shopping carts and invoicing systems.
    Available at: 2checkout.com

  4. WorldPay

    WorldPay is the United Kingdom’s number 1 payment gateway service provider.
    They provide ingenious payment gateways to large, as well as, small-scale businesses, wanting to accept online payments through all major card methods and PayPal.
    Most of the online shop owners are using this payment gateway as it instantly transfers the funds to your account within few days.
    It also includes merchant accounts that will help you trade online, access to different currencies and also offers fraud protection services.
    Available at: worldpay.com

  5. Google Wallet

    Google Wallet
    Google Wallet is a great application, powered by Google that will turn your mobile phone into a wireless credit or debit card wallet.
    Basically, it is a mobile payment system that allows users to store credit and debit cards on their mobile phones. Since, the vast majority of people use smartphones, so they will definitely make a use of this kind of payment system.
    But, remember the mobile phones, having the inbuilt NFC chip will support Google Wallet.
    Available at: google.com/wallet

  6. Skrill

    Skrill is an incredible payment gateway that allows online businesses to accept credit and debit cards. It is a perfect solution for small scale businesses. Skrill is used by more than 12,000 merchant, along with 100 payment options and 40+ currencies.
    With the help of this payment gateway, customers feel safe and secure as they don’t need to give personal payment information to the seller.
    Available at: skrill.com

  7. GoEmerchant Gateway

    GoEmerchant Gateway
    GoEmerchant Gateway for WooCommerce is a great plugin for your WordPress website that enables you to make payments easily and quickly. It offers you the Merchant Accounts, developed to keep your costs low with an objective to boost your profits.
    GoEmerchant Gateway is a perfect solution for those who run small or average scale businesses. It renders a safe, reliable and easy way for you to start up an online business.
    Available at: codecanyon.net

  8. Innovative Payment Gateway

    Innovative Payment GatewayIf you want a fraud-protected Payment Gateway, then Innovative is ideal for you. It is designed to accept online payments via Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, and American Express safely and securely.
    To an addition, it comes with advanced data security that keeps you and your customer’s financial information secured and well protected.
    In fact, Innovative Payment Gateway empowers you to accept payments via WooCommerce store by using the Innovative Merchant Account on your website.
    Available at: codecanyon.net

  9. QuickPay

    QuickPay is a reliable and safe option for online payment transactions. Most of the online businesses are using this payment gateway because it accepts all credit and debit cards, as well as other majorly used payment methods such as Sofort Banking, PayPal, etc.
    QuickPay doesn’t require any sign up fees as you can access all types of payments easily and efficiently.
    Available: quickpay.net

  10. MIGS WooCommerce Pro

    MIGS WooCommerce Pro
    MIGS WooCommerce Pro is one of the prominent payment gateways for WordPress websites. It accepts payments from international customers as well.
    Basically, MIGS is the “Mastercard Internet Gateway Service” gateway that supports Merchant server, External Payment selection and all the popular card systems.
    Available at: codecanyon.net

Wrapping up

Running an online business/ecommerce website becomes easy with the integration of reliable, cost-effective and powerful Payment Gateway.
All the Payment Gateways mentioned in this blog are suitable for high-end online shop or WooCommerce website.