pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2: How to Fix the Error Code in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best workplaces which offers the professionals to work their professional life as well as personal in a well-organized fashion. That’s why most of us prefer Microsoft Outlook as their official worksite over Gmail. Usually, most people believe that Microsoft Outlook is only used for email conversations but it provides a lot of effective facilities such as managing appointments, maintaining tasks, meeting setups, and so on. Whenever it comes to staying connected and developing communications with the world, Microsoft Outlook is the best software.  Mainly people use this application for their official purpose and the new generation of Microsoft Outlook is too organized which handles more emails.

At present, there is no other software for Windows PC that can compete with Microsoft as it supports every user to configure various emails and also serves all kinds of email services. But there is a problem, recently some outlook users are dealing with pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 such error problems at the time of using Microsoft outlook. If you are reading this article probably you also faced this type of error. In this context I want to tell you one thing that there is no error that will not be solved, maybe it takes some time or is quite difficult but not impossible. You can easily solve the pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2

errors by taking information from this article and will be able to take all the benefits such as search folder, personal data, contacts, short emails, tasks, and calendar appointment.

# What is pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 error?

The error [pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2] is one of the faults of Microsoft Outlook which occurs in MS office where people manage their emails. This type of fault can seem in various ways for the reason of several intrusions from your other emails accounts or during your installation procedure. You can get this error when you send more emails or receive a huge number of emails. However, the error must be solved as soon as possible to ensure apposite working on MS outlook.

Most of the users don’t even know why they are facing this error and how to get rid of it. That’s why in this article we briefly discuss the reasons for their solution.

# What are the reasons for the error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2

There are several kinds of reasons for this error so let’s check:

1. Installation issues:

The most common reason for having this error is improper installation. When you are unable to install the software properly the security software and the settings have some issues and thus occurs this error.

2. Improper settings of security software:

When you are using improper security software then it may cause this error and not allow you to receive and send emails.

3. Unidentifiable user:

Sometimes this error can occur with an unidentifiable reason. If you are facing this error and you don’t know the reason, simply contact Microsoft teams so that they can find the reason and also provide you with the solution.

4. Having another e-mail operating software:

If you are using another e-mail operating software on your Windows PC or Laptop with Microsoft Outlook, may this error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 occur as there can be a discrepancy between both apps?

5. Sprint Antivirus:

Sprint antivirus is one of the main reasons for facing this error. You can simply refresh it, then read your network and make sure you don’t have any single warning in the system. After completing all the scans, restart the system.

6. Using old perception version:

If you are using a broken and old perception version of Microsoft Outlook or your outlook version is unable to match with that function you have.

7. Having an extra MS outlook account:

One common reason behind this error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 code is having an extra MS outlook account in the same system at the time of login with a different profile in the same app.

8. Having too much caches:

When you have too many caches in the system might you face this error.

9. Having virus:

If your system has a virus then this error may occur on the outlook.

# Best methods to resolve the error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 :

Whatever the reason is, you have to find the resolution and resolve the problem to continue your work on Outlook. You can easily resolve the problem with some simple steps that we are discussing in the below section.

1. Remove security software:

The firewall and antivirus that you have been using in your system may be outdated and this is the major issue for Microsoft outlook. You not only face this error but there are also many other errors that occur such as having issues receiving and sending emails. For this, you just have to disable your security software.

You can simply disable the antivirus or firewall by following the steps:

Network control panel →Network Switch → Network Collection (right-click) → Properties→ turn off Firewall from Security tab

Moreover, if your security software program isn’t always as much as the date, then replace it. The uncertainty you aren’t wishing to replace the same, take away it. It is higher to cast off the junk in case you aren’t the usage of it. The expired variations of firewall and antivirus cause deep issues and it will be demanding if it occurs from time to time.

2. Clear all the caches & cookies:

You can also face this error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 when you have too many caches & cookies in your system and also use an old version of Microsoft outlook. This also creates lots of problems in the system such as loading slowly, being unable to update the software, and so on.

Follow the below steps for clearing all the caches & cookies on your system so that you are leftward with clear and relevant data:

Click on the → File click on Options → clear all the caches & cookies

After clearing the caches, you have to restart your system and if you are still getting this error then follow the below steps:

  1. If you have more than one email account in your system then close all the accounts as it is so important.
  2. Open your MS outlooks then close do this for a few times.
  3. Always seeking for updates, if you see that there is the new version launched go for it and upgrade your application.

3. Remove every possible threat:

As we are talking about the removal of old security software, it’s best to run any exhaustive scan of the system before installing Microsoft outlook. First of all, you have to update your antivirus and then run an exhaustive scan in your system. remove every possible threat in the way of malevolent files from your system. When your system will get rid of all possible threats, you can install the application with an appropriate configuration.

4. Update your MS outlook:

One of the common reasons for facing this error is still using an old and broken version of MS outlook as there are lots of features added in the new version and your system needs that too. So, if you are aware of using the old version, update your MS Outlook as soon as possible. In most cases, Microsoft applications are updated inevitably but some systems are unable to do this. In that case, you should have some awareness when the update is available.  

5. Choose any auto repairing tool:

Sometimes, after upgrading the corrupt or old version to the new and latest version, still you are incapable of solving the problem and still facing the error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 you can try this step. By using an auto repairing tool you can surely resolve the problem you just have to follow the steps.

  1. Select features & programs from the control panel or you can search directly features & programs from the search box in your system’s windows tab.  
  2. Click on any of your Microsoft applicable applications.
  3. Select edit from the features & program and then click on repair option, then continue the ensuing instructions.
  4. In the end, the auto reparation system will start and this unbelievable tool will resolve the error code issue within seconds. To check if there is any problem or not you can check by opening your MS outlook and check whether there is an error code or not.

6. Remove other email operating application:

When you are using more than one e-mail application, it can affect your workings on MS outlook and you will face this error code. The conflict between your email applications creates such issues when an individual user uses it. For this, you have to remove all third-party apps or untrusted sources from your system to cater for smoother working. Once done, you can recheck by opening MS Outlook to check whether the problem is solved or not.

7. Stable outlook:

Sending and receiving emails are also considered a challenging task that’s why you must have some specific knowledge to fix the problem. First of all, you have to remove all unsought emails from the inbox as well as from the sent box and also clear your waste emails or trash. A stable outlook not only saves lots of time but also improves activity.

8. Update your virus protection software:

If your virus protection software is not properly working on the project, there might be a chance of having this error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 code. To fix this problem, you have to improve your virus protection program as well as run any scanning operation.

9. Run antivirus:

When your system has some virus, your system will be showing this type of error. So, I must run a secure antivirus to get rid of this problem.

10. Reinstall outlook:

One of the easiest ways to resolve the problem is to uninstall the MS outlook and after some time reinstall the outlook. For this, you get the new version of outlook with lots of new features. But before uninstalling the application you have to follow the below steps:

  • Go to control panel
  • Searching for programming & apps
  • Select Microsoft office 365 button.
  • Follow instructions from the pop-up screen displayed.

Now you can uninstall the outlook that you used and reinstall the latest version of Outlook on your system.  

11. Login with same account:

Usually, this error happens due to a different profile in MS outlook. The uncertainty you have many accounts, choosing any single account for login also confirms that you must log in from that same account. It is very effective for getting rid of the operational error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2

12. Trouble shoot:

All kinds of PC or laptops have troubleshooting features for saving the system from every kind of fault. If you are facing the error code even after clearing all the caches & cookies, try this technique. This troubleshooting center hunts all the Pii errors and then resolves the problem automatically. To activate the troubleshooting center, follow the steps:

  • Click on “start” from windows
  • Select “settings”
  • From system settings choose “update & security”
  • Click on “troubleshoot”

This method will help you to fix the error.

13. Old version:

The new version of windows that means Windows 10 are showing this type of error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2. In case you are using it, I will suggest you use Windows 7 or 8 for using MS outlook.

14. Sign up and sign in:

Sometimes you can face this error for some simple reason or for some network issues. For this, you can simply log out from Microsoft Outlook and after some time log in. This method works best especially when you have multiple outlook accounts in a single system.

15. Contact with Microsoft support:

If not, a single method works, you should contact the support team of Microsoft. It is the last path to solve the error code. You can search “Microsoft Support” or “Microsoft Customer Care” on your browser and track each and every instruction specified by them. They will surely help you to get rid of this problem.


However, Microsoft Outlook gives a lot of features compared to any other email-generating application. But sometimes it shows this type of error when you frequently use email applications. Equally, if you accurately follow the above-mentioned techniques, then you can easily resolve the error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 code.