Funcl W1

Funcl W1 Review

After the last year Funcl A1s launch, the new W1s are now in the market with a bang. The last year’s A1s were blockbuster truly wireless earbuds which offered stunning features and nice sound quality at a reasonable price. The recent offering by Funcl, W1s are coming at the lower price tag and retains the same sound quality plus a good set of features. The design has become simpler and user-friendly. Overall, you get a great deal for the cost it comes at. But, is it a better deal than Funcl A1s? Why should you consider them? What makes this pair so good? Let’s check it out in the Funcl W1 review below:


The Funcl W1 earbuds come with a very simple design with very light branding logo of “f” from the A1s. The design is very simple and there is nothing to complain about the design. You are not getting anything visually appealing but utter simplicity. You get a white charging case and a charging cable out of the box. The charging case has a USB-C Port on it. The earbuds get into the place via magnetic charging ports and they fit into the slots comfortably. You can easily order this online using Croma Coupon with great deals.

The Funcl W1 earbuds are light and comfortable in ears. The fit seems to be very comfy in the eats and there is no risk of falling out of the ears. The design is just like Apple’s AirPods. Though there is no dental floss stick popping out of the ears which makes it, even more, user-friendly.

The Funcl W1 are only capable of giving four and a half hours of battery life whereas A1s deliver six hours of battery life. The charging case can pack 18 hours of charge which means it can charge the earbuds three times. Only problem lying in the charging scenario is the short USB cable which measures only a couple of inches.


The Funcl W1s comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and also don’t match aptX audio format. Also, aptX audio format was seen in Funcl A1s. Looking at the price tag, the sound quality is very good. The audio came out clear and loud with a good amount of bass and reverb in the punchy songs. In the songs, Funcl W1s manage to give the detailing and you will never miss any nuances in the songs. Trying voice calls with this earbuds sounded thin which makes handset speakers better for audio calls.

The touch controls are responsive and user-friendly. Tapping the right earbud once will play or pause the music. Tap it twice, the song will move forward while taping thrice will skip it back. For picking calls, tap once on the left. Tapping twice on the left earbud can bring up the device’s smart assistant. Pairing this pair of earbuds is very easy- both with iOS devices and Android smartphones.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds biggest problem was to change volume and uncomfortable features. With Funcl’s simple design, it has become a more enjoyable and user-friendly experience. The only thing that raise an issue with this product is the connectivity concern. The W1 connects via the left earbud first and then to the right. Sometimes, it took a little more time to connect both at the same time, a factory reset managed to solve this issue. In terms of performance, various options available in the market and one can buy those using Mobikwik Offers with discounted prices.

Final Verdict

The Funcl W1 earbuds are not only reasonably affordable but also come with plenty of features. The affordable pricing doesn’t mean that the brand has taken any chances on sound quality. The only issue is the short battery life- offering 4.5 hours of fuel. Also, the connectivity issues have remained in the news for some time which can be solved by factory reset easily. After the last year Funcl A1 release, we expected to get more form W1s but it certainly lacks in battery life. Comparing it to the Apple AirPods or RHA True Connects is not a good option if you keep their prices in mind. But, if you are not shy to drop more cash, then AirPods is a worthy option. But, if you don’t want to go over budget, Funcl W1 is very hard not to recommend.