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Ows Laptop Buying Guide | Top things to know

In the earlier stages, laptops were thick and bulky and had major compromises in performance when compared to desktops with only one benefit, it was portable. Today laptops have evolved. Ows laptop are lightweight, easy to carry, and durable that can fulfill all your computing needs.  

They are prevalent in developing nations where people need a laptop that’s sturdy, thin, compact, and has a large battery capacity that can also withstand a few minor drops. 

Made using extremely durable materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and hard plastic. You can easily travel with them all thanks to their rugged build quality and long-lasting battery. If you have the habit of working while traveling ows laptops could be the most rational option for you. 

Besides having all the qualities of a laptop they are best known for the capable hardware that can serve you if you are a student or a working professional.

In this article, you will find the best laptops in the market right now and decide according to your need and budget. 


An ows laptop integrates all the hardware elements and abilities of a desktop, including a processor, motherboard, ram, graphics processing unit, display, battery, speakers, keyboard, and mouse in a compact form factor.

In addition to this, it also comes with a touchscreen display, inbuilt webcams, Bluetooth, and a mic that even expensive desktop setups do not have.  

They are even powered by an internal battery or can run directly using an adapter. They provide backup for hours which desktops on their own cannot. Even with so many capabilities, these laptops are way cheaper than a desktop setup.

The costs of these laptops are even lower for organizations such as One Laptop per Child (OLPC) which provide more features. Charging using sunlight or modular parts which you can swap easily are available. All these factors make these specific laptops very capable machines.

What is the need for an ows laptop?

Ows are all-rounders shining in all aspects. You need them for the following reasons:

1. Build-quality:

The foremost reason for which you will need such a laptop is for the build quality, which most of these laptops come with. Made using materials such as an alloy of metal and aluminum body. You will be fine in case of minor drops and accidental spills on the keyboard or screen. You are spending for the protection.

2. Performance:

Most of these laptops come with great hardware configurations suitable for all kinds of needs. You can work, play games, do some editing or watch movies and series. The performance is always consistent in all situations.  Durability does not necessarily mean slow performance as high performance is always included in these laptops.

3. Portability:

Most laptops are portable but these laptops have a large battery capacity which allows you to even travel with them. The massive batteries included with them can last for hours and you can work on the fly.

4. Software experience:

Most of these laptops come with stock operating systems that do not include bloatware. You get a clean experience which makes them simple to use and increases the performance as well.

4. Design:

The display, keyboard, and trackpad are all very design elements of these laptops. They are not only built well but they look very stylish. Many laptops come with backlit keyboards with soft touch trackpad. They also include amazing displays with 4K UHD displays with a very high refresh rate @240Hz. 

What are the advantages?

1. Portable:

One of the top reasons for buying an ows laptop is the portability. You can basically carry it anywhere from flights to parks to cafes. Best suited for people in the corporate world for working on the go, it also makes a lot of sense for students as well, they might need it to write notes in lectures. Students who are in high school and going to college soon need something they can carry everywhere.

2. Output:

Portability means you can work everywhere even while traveling. This is a big advantage over desktops. You can finish deadlines timely or work extra from the comfort of your bed. This increases your output and you can work more comfortably.

3. Connectivity:

You can always stay connected with your work. For example, if you want to check something you worked on in the office, you will not be able to access it after reaching home if you used a desktop. But with a laptop, you can easily do that and continue your work. You can also check your emails and other social media apps and stay connected. 

4. Dimension:

Laptops are miniature and do not occupy much space when compared to a desktop. PC requires a table with a drawer and different compartments for speakers and ups etc. which can take a lot of space. Laptops have smaller dimensions which are quiet and are low power consumption units. 

5. Complete Package:

A laptop houses everything even the mouse and keyboard in the same body. A laptop includes a CPU, GPU, Ram, Display, webcam, speakers, wifi, and Bluetooth within itself and can be used without connecting any external cables even a power cable.

What are the top picks for these laptops?

1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 2022:

It is the most powerful laptop in this segment with the latest and greatest specifications. The outstanding hardware includes the Ryzen 9 6900HS CPU  which can be paired with an RTX 3080 that too with a MUX switch.

It has a QHD display with a 3ms response time and a 240Hz display which gives you an edge while playing competitive multiplayer games. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 also supports Dolby Vision. 

It has six speakers in total and two of them support noise cancellation using AI. With Type- C charging and a massive 100W battery you can enjoy long sessions of work or play without having to worry about charging.

It has liquid cooling and can be used for hours without it overheating and in places with hot temperatures. 

One more unique thing about it is that it comes with an Xbox game pass so you can never run out of games to play. 

2. Apple Macbook Pro: 

This is the premium choice in this segment. You can feel it even from checking the product out on their website.

Apple is famous for providing a premium experience from ordering to unboxing to actually using the product. 

This is their most powerful laptop yet.  The latest Macbook pro comes with Apple’s first own manufactured M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs. 

Apple Macbook Pro also comes with their signature Liquid Retina XDR display with 3024×1964 native resolution. 

It can come with a 16-core GPU and support multiple displays. It can have up to 64 GB Ram and 17 hours of backup with a 70-watt battery. Apple Macbook Pro also has a fast 250 GB SSD which we can configure up to 8 TB.

Supports Touch Id and has Apple’s signature camera and macOS. 

If your budget permits then Apple Macbook Pro is the premium choice.

3. LG Gram 17:

We perceive LG Gram for its thin and lightweight design. It is a 17-inch display clear by its name and comes with the latest 12th Gen Intel Processor clocked at 3.4 GHz.

The main highlight is its ultra-portability and weight of only 1.35 kg. This is due to the use of a Magnesium Alloy Body. 

You can pair it with Nvidia RTX 2050 or Intel’s Iris Graphics. It has 16GB LPDDR Ram and an NVMe m.2 storage. 

For connectivity, it has the latest WIFI 6E and BlueTooth. It also comes with a backlit keyboard and face-recognizing camera.

4. MI Notebook 14 Horizon: 

It is the best budget laptop in this category which still has some great hardware.

Mi Notebook has an anti-glare screen and weighs 1.35 kg with 10 hours of backup. 

It comes with either Intel Core i7 or i5 10th Generation paired with Nvidia Geforce MX350 which is a 2GB GDDR5 GPU.

Mi Notebook supports a Full HD display with a 1920*1080 resolution and a decent 8GB DDR4 Ram.  

The only downside is it does not come with an inbuilt camera.

5. Asus TUF Dash F15: 

Asus TUF gaming laptops are known for their rugged design and exceptional hardware. 

It comes with an 11th Gen Intel i7 Processor which can boost a 4.4Ghz speed with Nvidia RTX 3070 GDDR6 GPU with a total 8GB VRAM along with ROG Boost. 15.6” Display with a refresh rate of 165Hz that is adaptive.

One month of game pass subscription is available with its purchase. 

It has a very thin chassis which still allows sufficient airflow. It comes with the latest Windows 11 OS with lifetime validity.


Laptops are a perfect balance between portability and performance. A mobile pc or tablet may be portable but not as powerful. On the other hand, a desktop is very powerful and pushes out ultimate performance but it can take a lot of space and it’s not portable at all.  

The above-mentioned examples prove that ows laptop is a jack of all trades and serves you well in all scenarios.  Their build quality and performance are phenomenal. Because of its impressive hardware, a single laptop can perform many activities. 

You can go for a high-performance device or a budget laptop and everything in between. We hope this guide helps you in picking the best laptop from the list above. 


1. What is OWS laptop?

Ans: Ows laptops are versatile machines that are rugged as well as lightweight and are known to serve various purposes. 

2. What is its advantage over other laptops?

Ans: They are built using highly durable materials and minor drops and spills do not damage them easily.

3. Are these laptops for everybody?

Ans: Yes, they have the best configurations which can serve everyone and every purpose.

4. Who manufactures these laptops?

Ans: These laptops are made by all major laptop manufacturers such as Apple, Asus, Lg, MI, etc

5. Are they worth it?

Ans: They are definitely worth it for their universal application. They possess great design and hardware and can serve all purposes at all budgets.

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