Understanding the Worldwide Growth of the Mobile Apps Industry

The rise of the mobile apps industry can be closely correlated to sales of smart phones. Both of these factors depend on each other for their own success. Thanks to this positive-sum game, the spread of either of these two technologies has been exponential and global.

Many are now trying to understand how this dynamic came to be. For this, you need to focus on iOS and Android apps rather than the smart devices themselves. This is because while large corporations can easily manufacture increasingly cheaper smart phones, an entire new industry has sprung around mobile apps; something that was not foreseen. Understanding this new trade will show you why it is essential that businesses adopt a mobile app for themselves if they wish to remain relevant in this day and age.

Apps Boost Communications

Making long-distance phone calls using your traditional mobile carrier does not happen anymore. We all simply make use of utility to get in touch with loved ones. These programs enable us to get in touch with distant loved ones in innovative and personal ways that calling simply could not; and that too at a fraction of the cost.

Apps Are Designed To Be Functional

On a macro-level, every app’s objective is to resolve a certain problem. This might be something as simple as give users a calculator for mathematical solutions, or it could be something more complex, like a ride-sharing app for innovative transportation solutions. If the aim of the app is not utilitarian, then it is leisurely; which is a goal in itself. After all, we all need a bit of entertainment in our lives to de-stress from the pressure of life or kill time while we wait in a waiting room. These programs aim to present a solution for everyday problems in a way that is unlike any other.

Apps Offer Revolutionary Solutions

Smartphone apps have changed not only how our society works, but also how we think. Just take a look at a simple example; mobile map apps. Not too long ago, people carried massive physical maps in their cars’ dashboards. These printouts were not always clear and updated, which made them extremely difficult to use. Plus, people did not always have them, and often relied on their memory and sense of direction to travel. This was an impossible for many people, who could not get to any destination without proper guidance.

Mobile maps are now a standard package of every smart phone. People simply whip them out, type in their destination, and see the best route. The map is always updated and often has even the smallest the least noteworthy of routes and businesses marked. The truly ingenious thing about apps, however, is that there is virtually infinite room for improvement.

These same mobile maps now come with live updates where you can see if any roads are closed for construction or routes suffering from a traffic jam. This lets you easily plan the most effective course to your destination; something which the previous physical maps were completely incapable of.

Apps save Time

The concept of time being equivalent to money gained or lost is an old one. But it has taken a new form in the 21st Century. Now, every second is worth billions if not trillions. The dizzying pace of change has made time more important than ever before. As a consequence, it makes sense if an entire industry would rise to help people save time performing menial tasks. This time-saving industry is the mobile app one.

The fact that you can easily access apps on your phone, at all times, automatically saves time. But the functional features they provide will save you a lot of hours as well. A task that would have taken five minutes will now take just one. While that might not sound like a considerable difference on paper, in practise it is ground-breaking.

Apps Are a Delight to Use

Due to the fact that mobile apps are constantly evolving, they always retain their novelty factor. Moreover, vibrant visuals make the user’s experience interesting, even when they are performing the most mundane of tasks. Thanks to this, they are always a treat to use, even if there was no purposeful deliberation to make them fun.
This is besides the fact that you have the option to actually try to make your app fun-to-use by incorporating certain features. There are a number of ways to go about this task, such as including a catalogue of your products, or use a creative theme.

Apps Are a Source of Revenue

In the recent past, apps were a frontier only treaded upon by prodigious entrepreneurs and mega-corporations. Now, even brick-and-mortar corner stores are getting apps developed. This new trend is a consequence of expanding realisation among business owners that apps are actually an excellent way of increasing their profit-margins.
Customers do not need to leave their home, fish out a brochure, or login to an online store. The services they seek are just a tap away on their phone, easily within reach of them at all times. This actually encourages them to use the app more because of the easy accessibility, which automatically leads to higher profits.

Apps Are Affordable To Develop

You might assume that these programs cost an arm and a leg to have developed. But you have to remember the principal quality of all new technology; what costs a fortune at first eventually gets increasingly affordable. After numerous trials and tribulations, the app development industry has now reached a phase where, as a result of intense competition, it is astoundingly cheap to have custom apps developed.

With so many advantages that allow apps to triumph over other mediums, it is unavoidable that they would become so popular. It is important that jump onto this bandwagon before it gets overcrowded, and have an app developed for your business. There are numerous app developers online that will build an extraordinary app for you at an extremely affordable price package. They will also bring their personal expertise to your app and you can solicit their counsel to ensure that you take the right steps. Once it is complete, your business will be able to harness the power of mobile app technology to enhance its profile and increase revenue.